What Watch Did You Wear In The Movie The Call?

A few days ago, the movie ‘Call’ was released. I think most of my friends may have known for a long time that this domestically produced movie is the ‘Perfect Stranger’ adapted from 16 years. The original movie tells of three couples at various stages of marriage and a otaku, and seven people gather for dinner. The hostess proposed to make a decision to decide that everyone would share the contents of every phone call, every text message, and email that night. As a result, many secrets were no longer secrets, and their relationship began to fluctuate. After its release, ‘Perfect Stranger’ won the Italian David Award for best film and best screenwriter in one fell swoop. It scored 8.6 in Douban movies and ranked 190 in TOP 250. It can be said that it is a very good movie, so after watching the original version, I have no intention to watch the domestic remake. But last week I was bored, so I went to the cinema to pass the time. According to the tradition of this public account, there is another article ‘What watch is worn in the movie?’ ‘. The working woman ‘Han Xiao’ played by Ma Li made her first appearance in the movie, although the watch has not been given close-ups in the movie. But because the watch it wears is very classic, it can still quickly identify the Reverso series from the Jaeger-LeCoultre brand. At the same time, through the proportional relationship between the watch case and the wrist, it can be determined that this is a ladies long Reverso. In addition, in some fast-flashing lenses, you can also recognize that Mary’s Reverso is a folding buckle, and it is still new. Because in 2017, Jaeger-LeCoultre began to replace the folding buckle of the center-embossed Logo version. Its design inspiration comes from the ‘escape fork’ in the mechanical movement, as well as the first letter ‘JL’ of the two predecessor brand trademarks of JAEGER-LECOULTRE. What watch does Qiao Shan wear in the play? This is undoubtedly a sub-question. The highly recognizable octagonal case, rubber strap, and black crown at 10 o’clock all prove that it is from the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak offshore series 15703. Although the official size data is only 42 mm, due to the shell design, the actual object will appear larger, which is very suitable for watch wearers with larger wrist sizes. At the same time, Wu Xiaojiang played by Qiao Shan is set as a private enterprise boss in the play. The economic strength can fully afford this watch. At the Baselworld 2016, Tudor introduced the new Black Bay Bronze. The biggest feature is the use of a bronze case. Because the chemical properties of metallic copper are unstable, when the bronze case is worn, it will have different oxidative discolorations due to the wearer’s habits and environment. This is a product defect that was criticized by watchmakers, but it is highly sought after because it will bring different experiences to consumers. At the same time, this bronze watch uses a brown-yellow outer ring and a leather strap, which is very retro and can highlight the difference of the wearer. In the play, Jia Di, played by Da Dawei, is an 18-line literary and art worker with a perfect temperament! ‘Meng Mengyao’ who came from part-time as a model plays Jia Di’s fiancée, rich and wayward girl, full of fantasy and romantic love, while also maintaining the versatility of her personality, it is not as simple as it looks. In the play, she wore a quartz watch from Gucci with a green and red striped strap with a rectangular transparent plastic case. This is a complete fashion watch, which exists to match clothes. To be honest, the domestic remake of ‘The Call’ is not as exciting as the original movie ‘Perfect Stranger’. However, the director is still very clever. He knows that as a remake film, it is difficult to reach the original level, let alone the original level is extremely high. Therefore, the level of thought was reduced, and the details of the story were localized and funny. So, if you just need a movie to pass the time on the weekend, check out this ‘Insane Call’! —END —