What Kind Of Watch Is More Suitable For Thanksgiving

Near the end of the month, when the heavy snowfall in Beijing, the ancients said ‘Ruixue Zhaofeng Year’, it seems to be an auspicious scene, and welcomes an upcoming international traditional festival-Thanksgiving. In the West, Thanksgiving is an important holiday. People often put a lot of delicious food at home to celebrate this holiday. It is often also the day when family members reunite. In different countries, the days of Thanksgiving are not uniform. The United States is the fourth Thursday in November, President Lincoln has decided, and Canada is the second Monday in October.
    The meaning of Thanksgiving is also different. This holiday in the United States is traditionally a memory of Puritan immigrants (named when they moved to the United Kingdom) from Plymouth (now Massachusetts) and emigrated to the Americas. At that time, these Puritans were resisted by the British and the church and moved After arriving in the Americas and conflicting with the Native Americans, they finally reached a cooperation and settled down. After that, according to religious practices, rituals were used to thank God, and to thank Indians for their help, Thanksgiving was born. Thanksgiving in Canada has no religious meaning, it is a pure celebration of gratitude and gratitude.

American Thanksgiving Day Parade

   Although China does not have the tradition of Thanksgiving, with good wishes, people who know how to be grateful will also be full of longing for such a festival. Some people have proposed the establishment of Thanksgiving in China, but they have not received the final support because Without cultural and historical foundations, traditional festivals are still difficult to take root. Compared to Double 11, 11, 618, 1212, and so on, which are fabricated for business reasons, Thanksgiving is more worthy of promotion.
Thanksgiving Day
   Thanksgiving in the United States originated in the 1720s. The first Thanksgiving was on Thursday, November 1621. Puritans invited Indians to celebrate with them. Men went out for hunting, and women made home fruits, pumpkins, and corn. In the church, they religiously thanked God for giving them a good year. At the same time, they held a bonfire dinner to entertain Indians. Games, competitions, singing and dancing continued for three days. Since then, Thanksgiving has such a tradition. In addition to reunion, enjoying rich cuisine, and a variety of entertainment, to this day, Americans still maintain this tradition.

   Dinner is the most important part, and turkey is a must-have. In early November 2013, a very interesting movie ‘Turkey Story’ was released in the United States (the domestic release is already in early 2014). It was released before Thanksgiving. It is about a turkey who does not succumb to being captive. In order to eat its destiny on Thanksgiving, I encouraged everyone to flee. In the end, the misfortune was pardoned by the president and became the luckiest turkey in history. Then he was selected by a big turkey who came to the modern time machine to convince him. Become a fighting chicken in turkey, return to the first Thanksgiving in the United States, destroy the dinner, try to eliminate the turkey from the menu of thanksgiving dinner, and change the tragic fate of the turkey family by protecting the family members from being Grab it so that humans cannot eat turkey on Thanksgiving and there is no tradition of eating turkey. The story is interesting and lively, and it fully expresses Thanksgiving, turkey, origin, traditional celebrations and so on. But this is just a fictional and interesting story, let everyone have a deeper understanding of the background of Thanksgiving Day, and will also be deeply rooted in the traditional interpretation of eating turkey. Every year on Thanksgiving, American families still use turkey as their main dish, plus some pumpkin pie, sweet potato, red berry moss, etc., the family is happy together.

Turkey Story

Turkey Story vs. North American Colonists

    Thanksgiving in the United States generally runs from Thursday to Sunday. People shop, participate in activities, outings, and even large-scale celebration parades, parties, and so on. No matter whether they are men, women or children, they all have their favorite way of celebrating. Of course, as a holiday of thanksgiving, people are also the most tolerant on this day. The restaurant owner rarely abandons tramps, many spontaneous people are doing good deeds, thank God, thank the people around them, and the church will prepare some activities. Can celebrate together.

Thanksgiving and watches
    Thanksgiving is mainly popular in some countries such as the United States, Canada, Greece, etc. Switzerland also has Thanksgiving, called the Thanksgiving Day in the Alps. The church participates and takes the lead. The surrounding villages and other regions participate in the worship of God, and there are other activities and celebrations. ceremony. For Swiss, the impact of Thanksgiving is not so far-reaching. Therefore, the watch industry, which is one of the pillar industries in Switzerland and focuses on the decoration of culture and art, rarely puts Thanksgiving into their attention. There are exceptions, such as Jaeger-LeCoultre.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Thanksgiving Watch

   In 2014, Jaeger-LeCoultre released a Reverso watch for Thanksgiving, ‘Happy Thanksgiving!’ Plus two ‘snowflake’, expressing the theme of Thanksgiving beautifully and concisely.
   But there are very few watches with this theme, and maybe Jaeger-LeCoultre’s is the only one. If you expand the scope, Kunlun’s Indian head gold coin watch, used as a Thanksgiving theme watch, must also be very interesting.

Kunlun Indian Head Gold Coin Watch

   Kunlun is the first brand to make gold coin watches. Since Kunlun set off this trend, Rolex, Movado, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Piaget and many other brands have followed up. In the end, the only one that dominated the market was Kunlun. Other brands did not take long. Just give up. The 10-dollar gold coin of the Indian head began production in 1907 until 1916, and then resumed production in 1933. Kunlun mostly used the gold coins of 1909 and 1910 to produce watches, which were relatively rare in the antique watch market. If you can wear such a watch, a Thanksgiving will be an aftertaste and enjoyment.

Swatch 2015 Fall Winter Collection

    Of course, looking for something new in autumn and winter, stylish and fun, the watch you want to wear is also a good choice. Winter is the most fearful of dullness. In a festive atmosphere like Thanksgiving, more colors and more personality are more suitable. Already. Swatch’s new autumn / winter 2015 collection is surrounded by fashionable elements. It does n’t need too much embellishment. It can be full of trendy temperament at any time. Whether it is a gift or worn by yourself at the celebration time, It is a good style.
    Although we do not have Thanksgiving, we can at least be grateful. While we are enjoying ourselves, it is enough to not forget to thank the people who have helped us. May this Thanksgiving be a blessing to you, and I thank you for it.