There Are Ups And Downs Bao Li After-sales Service Price List

In the price adjustment on April 1, the Swatch Group made a new classification of each brand’s models. Many of the classifications are different from the previous ones. . As one of the top watch brands of the Swatch Group, Breguet maintains a relatively stable after-sales service price. Only in the several categories of full service, prices have increased, but the increase has basically exceeded 10%. Not low. Look at the comparison before and after the price adjustment.

Original after-sales service price list:

   Here we can’t see any categories with price reductions, but according to the models, we can see that this category was originally classified as Tsar alarm clock / automatic winding + alarm clock / two places. Now it is changed to alarm clock ( Tsar’s trouble watch), the two places are no longer counted, but we have not seen it separately classified. We have reason to believe that it should be classified as a small and complex automatic mechanical watch. The price of full service has dropped a lot, but at present there are not many single and two surfaces of Breguet, and most of them combine other functions and should not be counted in this category. For a large and complex watch such as a classic perpetual calendar chronograph, the full service price has been directly increased from 16,000 yuan to 20,000 yuan. If parts are replaced, the price is a small number, which is why many people do not buy large and complex watches. One of the reasons.