The Promise Of The Prom Dior Viii Grand Bal Series

The Dior VIII Grand Bal series of high-end watches perfectly combines exquisite technology and excellent design, which is not only the crystallization of watchmaking technology, but also the decoration embellished with Hao wrist.
 The Dior VIII Grand Bal series, born in 2011, was inspired by Mr. Dior’s love for gorgeous dances. It is equipped with a ‘Dior inverse’ movement. A practical pendulum is placed on the dial to reproduce the dance dresses.
Dior VIII Grand Bal Collection ‘Plissé’
 This special edition works with diamond-studded jade as the dial, white mother-of-pearl practical oscillating weight, set with beautiful diamonds, is a classic masterpiece of fashion and charm. She is like a perfect woman, dressed in a flawless black high-tech precision ceramic coat, showing her graceful gestures in her hands, and showing off at night.