The Extraordinary Creations Of Montblanc Silhouette Ladies Diamond Watches

Montblanc Silhouette Women’s Elegant Diamond Watch not only sets new star diamonds in a brand-new way, but also shows the extraordinary achievements of the brand in making luxurious women’s jewelry watches.

 Montblanc Silhouette Women’s Elegant Diamond Watch

 The beauty of this new silhouette diamond watch is the unique Montblanc star diamond: the patented 43-face cut star diamond is a treasure made by the factory combining precision calculations and the experience of top gemstone craftsmen, showing the perfect hexagonal star The glorious appearance and glimmering brilliance are undoubtedly the most gorgeous incarnations of the Montblanc star logo.

 The mother-of-pearl dial is centered on a 0.1088-carat star-shaped diamond. The wave-like star pattern is set from 482 Top Wesselton diamonds (1.824 carats) and extends outwards to an 18K white gold The case and strap are both thoughtful and pleasing; a star-shaped diamond in the crown weighs 0.055 carats.

 First-class jewellery craftsmanship and innovative decorative ideas can be included. Each diamond is carefully selected by experts, and the quality, color, cut and volume must be uniform. It takes a lot of effort to select a batch of diamonds of the same quality; only Only in this way can we highlight the brilliance of Montblanc’s star-shaped diamonds and the charm of highlighting the elegant diamonds of women’s silhouettes!

 Montblanc Silhouette Elegant Etoile Secrète Women’s Diamond Watch

Light of Craft

 The Profile Lady Elegance is the head of the Montblanc women’s watch family. The new Montblanc Profile Lady Elegance Etoile Secrète wears a gorgeous and extraordinary outerwear for the subtle and understated silhouette series: rose gold The diamonds inlaid on the case and dial are shaped like the first snow on the mountain, and like a comet dragging the elegant stardust, a Montblanc star diamond sparkles among the stars. The poetic dream-like picture leads to infinite imagination; however The strong emotion contained in it is believed that only the Yi people wearing this watch can sense it.

Limited treasures

 This diamond watch is limited to 10 pieces, all from the hands of master jewellery craftsmen. It has infinite creativity and exquisite handicrafts, showing the light of jewelry craftsmanship. The glittering diamond slides from the left bezel to the right bezel. The extremely difficult mother-of-pearl dial setting with diamonds creates a charming effect. The top Wesselton diamonds are dazzling. The contrast with the lustrous mother-of-pearl is pleasing. . At 12 o’clock, a patented 43-face Montblanc star diamond stands out. A pair of golden hands driven by a high-quality quartz movement dance on the dial. With a white silk satin strap and 18K rose gold pin buckle, it is luxurious and infinite.

Montblanc Silhouette Elegant Ladies’ Arched Gem Watch Collection

 The Montblanc Profile Lady Elegance Cabochon Collection’s new design is born from the brand’s latest Montblanc Star Cabochon Jewellery Collection. The most prominent feature is the classic rectangular shape. The silhouette case and the inlaid round gemstones are perfectly integrated. The numbers across the dial and bezel are inlaid with 45 arched white agates, which are extremely beautiful.

 The bright white mother-of-pearl case brings out the pure beauty of white agate gemstones; inlaid gems on the fragile mother-of-pearl is a challenge to the craftsmanship and concentration of jewelry craftsmen. The risk of obsolescence.

 The off-white or black smooth calfskin strap is in harmony with the subtle dial tone; the Montblanc star logo inlaid on the crown is exquisitely crafted, and the subtlety shows the perfect handwork and quality of the brand; the case is waterproof to about 30 meters With elegant folding buckle, it is comfortable to wear on the wrist; the watch is equipped with Swiss top quartz movement, and the quality performance is beyond doubt.

 The silhouette elegant women’s round arch gemstone watch series exudes a unique elegance and graceful beauty. It combines precise timepieces and gorgeous wrist ornaments, which complements the star arched gemstone women’s jewelry series.