Tag Heuer Tag Heuer And Football Match

To celebrate the SuperCup 2015, Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of TAG HEUER and president of LVMH’s watchmaking division, and Jean-Claude Biver, and Christian Seifert, CEO of the German Football League A (referred to as Bundesliga, German: Bundesliga), announced that the two parties have officially opened a partnership. This famous German national competition (including a total of 36 teams in Bundesliga and Bundesliga) will use TAG HEUER as the official timer. TAG HEUER will also become the first official timer and Officially designated watch.

Jean Claude Beaver said: ‘The Bundesliga is one of the most powerful and extensive platforms you can imagine. With sponsorship, we have the opportunity to pursue a different perspective and embrace the infinite possibilities of the future, especially It’s in the digital realm. We’re preparing for the future. ‘

‘We are delighted to discover that TAG HEUER is a partner pursuing high quality and an international perspective, which is a perfect fit for the Bundesliga. In particular, signing a sponsorship can significantly increase the global visibility of both parties. We firmly believe that in the next few years, Both parties will benefit from this partnership, ‘said Christian Seifert, CEO of the Bundesliga.

Consistent with the pioneering spirit of watchmaking, this is a unique and future-oriented cooperation, which offers unlimited new possibilities. From stadium billboards to traditional event broadcast methods, to the Internet and social media … TAG HEUER and Bundesliga will break the boundaries and break the rules, and jointly use a new digital media to create a new brand in the sports field. The world, forging creative and cutting-edge partnerships. Brand philosophy: Do n’t Crack Under Pressure (Do n’t be afraid of challenges, achieve self) will be perfectly integrated at all levels. On August 15, 2015, the start of the new season in the Bundesliga, TAG HEUER will ‘watch the ball’ with fans from 208 countries around the world!