Suspicious Is The Moon And The Moon Is The Love Between The Wrists.

The sun and the moon change, the moon is missing, and the annual Mid-Autumn Festival comes again as promised. A bright moon in the twilight, carrying countless beautiful and touching myths and legends from ancient times to the present, entrusting people to pray for reunion and acacia care, adding a bit of poetry and painting to the world. Swiss Mido Berencelli Collection multi-functional moon phase watch, exuding soft light and shadows at your wrist, ingeniously engraving the gloomy and clear, and collects every round of language for you. On this full moon night, Swiss Mido draws inspiration and power from tradition, selects BARONCELLI series of multifunctional chronograph moon phase watches, adhering to the exquisite craftsmanship to accept the natural and elegant moonlight, and recommends COMMANDER commander. The limited-edition multi-function chronograph watch brings together reunions and shares moments of affection.
The beauty of the moon, the mystery of the time
   The sun rises and the moon is constant, that quiet and elegant moonlight is the source of inspiration for countless ancient and modern Chinese and foreign literati, and is a beautiful vision of ‘I hope people will last for a long time, and we will live together for thousands of miles.’ The country is nostalgic, and it is also the pursuit of the realm of ‘Matsuzuki in the moon and high in the spring’. This mysterious planet, which orbits around us all the time, leads people to explore its curiosity, but the more we observe it, the more elusive it is. The Mido Berencelli series multi-function chronograph moon phase watch accurately stores the changes of the sun and the moon, adhering to the spirit of courage to explore the secret place of the galaxy, the full moon is a loss, the lunar moon is the eclipse. Accessible dial. Every mellow tick that passed is full of the happy reunion of this festive season and the thoughts and concerns.

Swiss Mido watch BARONCELLI Collection limited edition multifunctional moon phase watch [Model: M86073M142]

   Inspired by the French Rennes Opera House, the Mido Berencelli series multifunctional chronograph moon phase watch inherits the retro and elegant design concept of the French Rennes Opera House. At the same time, it perfectly integrates the sense of artistic design and adopts a unique and elegant appearance design and precision. The unmistakable timing technology and the calm and extraordinary temperament allow you to experience the magical phantom of Xingyuejiao in all directions. The PVD rose gold-plated case of the Belem Celli series multi-function chronograph moon phase watch is like shining bright moonlight, and the carefully polished hands walk on the dial like a meteor to catch the moon. A black calfskin leather strap with a rolled crocodile pattern and a gold-plated folding buckle of PVD blends cutting-edge technology in a classic shape, showing the ancient and long-lasting collision with modern technology. Double-sided anti-glare coated sapphire glass with date circle on the inner and outer edges of the dial. The date can be easily read through the long arrow of the central arrow, making the timing and readings more clear. The 6 o’clock position of this watch is equipped with an hour chronograph circle and a gorgeous moon phase circle, which brings the minute and second mood of the moon to life. In this time-honored traditional festival, you and your family will enjoy the moon and the moon in the holiness and sanctity on the day of reunion.
Moonlight, classic reappearance
   A thousand miles of Acacia sent by the moon, the love between the wrists reunite. The love for loved ones is getting deeper and deeper with the passage and accumulation of time; just as the world building is famous after years of baptism, it becomes more solemn and solemn. On the occasion of the reunion, the Mido Commander’s limited edition multi-function chronograph watch blends motion and beauty to create a legend. It not only stops at the pursuit of precise chronographs, but also follows the multiple times that are closely related to people. Let you not miss a minute and a second of the family season. The combination of multi-function chronograph and long power reserve makes the commander series multi-function chronograph watch fully upgraded. Facing the erosion and polishing of time, the love is unchanged forever.

Swiss Mido Commander Series Multifunction Chronograph [Model: M0164141106100]

   Mid-autumn festival moon, a total of chants of the moon. Swiss Mido sincerely dedicates its limited series of multi-function chronograph watches to the reunion of Mid-Autumn Festival. Inspired by the Eiffel Tower, this watch uses extraordinary watchmaking technology to combine extraordinary dynamics and toughness and transparency, while drawing the essence of the Eiffel Tower. The anthracite lacquer smooth polished dial, combined with the anthracite gray vortex chronograph dial, embraces its powerful architectural style and structural beauty. With superb and excellent watchmaking technology, the 316L stainless steel case is polished with mercerizing, and the bezel is polished. The resolute shape is matched with the exquisite design, which is like the caring care of relatives. The sapphire glass with anti-glare coating on both sides, the wide dial ensures clear readings. The commander series limited edition multi-function chronograph watch has a pure and immaculate gloss, which contains the profound meaning of Chinese classics. It tells a strong acacia, and wishes to meet together and reunite in full moon.