Saying Goodbye To Expensive And Traditional These Watches Not Only Attract You Price

‘Poor play with cars, rich play with watches’, if there is no provenance, the number of young people who are struggling in the struggle will be blocked from the palace of watches and clocks. Does the love of mechanical watches have to have a deep economic foundation? Is it necessary to spend 10,000 yuan to enjoy the accurate travel time of the observatory? Is it necessary for racing watches to be fitted with expensive mechanical chronograph movements? Does the luminous light of the pilot’s watch only be illuminated by the light source? Today, we are going the other way, introducing a few models that are inexpensive, durable, reliable, and fashionable, so that young friends can bid farewell to those ruthless and old-fashioned pure mechanical technologies and become real in their own world Watch collectors.


Away from the hands, the dial without enamel is as wonderful
 I do not know when to start, the hands have become the only way to indicate time on the clock, I do not know when to start, the ancient and complicated technique of enamel has become the only way for top clocks to display colorful elements. Now, a cutting-edge brand from Switzerland has broken it all. ‘SevenFriday’ means ‘every day is Friday’, which reflects the brand founder Da niel Niederer’s longing for and pursuit of free attitude and freehand life. In 2012, he inspired this old black-and-white picture tube TV set in his home, inspired by the low-cost Japanese Citizen Miyota movement, and created this amazing watch. Because the square case with a diameter of 47 mm is very large, and the dial indicates the time with digital discs, it is very novel. Seven Friday has been popular in Europe and America since its launch. A Seven Friday wears on the wrist and has the same eye-catching colors and face as hundreds of thousands of Hublot and millions of Richard Miller. The price is less than 10,000 yuan, is it a good deal?


Touch technology, subverting the ‘big four’ top watch category
 In the field of traditional mechanical watchmaking, there are four top craftsmanships, namely double-tracking needle, perpetual calendar, three questions and tourbillon. Among them, the double tracking hand solves the problem of chronograph multiple times, the perpetual calendar solves the problem of adjusting the calendar in February of the following year, the three questions solve the problem of knowing the time at night when there is no electric light, and the tourbillon solves the problem caused by gravity. The problem of travel time deviation.
 One of these four functions will come out casually. Every hundreds of parts will consume countless man-hours of the watchmaker. If several major functions are combined together, this watch must be at the level of one million yuan. Until later the Japanese invented a multifunctional electronic watch, which solved all the above problems with a night crystal screen, but it was also plagued by problems of cheapness and unclear reading. In 1999, Tissot launched the T-Touch watch, which has both the pointer of a traditional watch and the LCD screen of an electronic watch. More amazingly, its function switching is accomplished by touching a specific functional area of ​​the screen with a finger. The touch-screen mobile phone that is still popular today has only begun to be popular ten years later. It can be seen how advanced Touch was then. After more than ten years of development, today’s T-Touch has evolved the Expert mountaineering series that measures altitude, the Pilot flight series that measures air pressure, the World Time Zone Switching Navigator travel series, the SEA-Touch diving series, and the Racing- Touch racing series, SailingTouch sailing series with speed and countdown and Classic Classic series of formal dress, no matter which sport you love, you will find the Touch that suits you here. If you really love the watch, let those delicate machinery Watch away from the field.

VAGARY racing watch

Long live quartz, wear a car dashboard on your wrist
 Many friends in Kaide cars will see the word VDO on the instrument panel, which is the German company’s specialized manufacturing instrumentation division. The Italian-made cars go up to Ferrari and Lamborghini, down to Fiat and Lancia, and the Veglia logo is mostly seen on the dashboard. This factory founded in 1896 is the earliest professional instrument panel manufacturer in Italy. In the late last century, they began to try to produce VAGARY quartz chronograph watches. They were later acquired by the movement supplier, Citizen Japan, and became its specialized company. Sports fashion watch brand.
 VAGARY’s watches are very cheap, most of them are concentrated under 1,000 yuan, but the identity of the car instrument manufacturer makes its disc design very unique, filled with the taste of racing everywhere. It used the various quartz movements of the parent company Citizen to the extreme, and achieved outstanding product features with outstanding design, bold color matching, unexpected pointer layout, angular case, and clear time indications. It’s loved by young people.


One movement, subverting hundreds of years of mechanical watch technology
 In many people’s eyes, Swatch is a fashion brand that manufactures quartz watches with colorful plastic cases, but this brand is a landmark for the Swiss watch industry. Without it, hundreds of Swiss mechanical watch brands have long been regarded as Japanese quartz. The watch rushed up and down. Today, Swatch is digging the graves of the traditional watchmaking industry with the latest mechanical movement.
 The strange name of SISTEM51 comes from the fact that it has only 51 parts on its body. This is more complicated than a Swiss mechanical watch with hundreds of parts. And such a small number of parts brings extremely low assembly costs and high reliability. The entire SISTEM51 movement has only one screw, which is used to fix the movement and the case, which puts forward extremely high requirements for pure mechanical assembly. Its number of parts is not large, users do not need to wash and maintain their mechanical watches every few years; it is equipped with a calendar and a second hand, in line with the mainstream mechanical watch habits; it is ultra-long time, Full string can run for more than 90 hours; it is anti-magnetic and shock-proof, because the movement is made of non-magnetic nickel-silver alloy, and the case is evacuated; it is extremely accurate, and the plastic spraying process minimizes wear and tear , Laser calibration makes it maintenance-free for life; it is avant-garde, more transparent parts and transparent case can give designers the greatest imagination; the finished watch assembled with SISTEM51 is only priced at more than 1,000 Yuan, this will undoubtedly bring a new round of reshuffle to the global low-end watch market.


Battlefield fluorescence, self-illuminating outdoor sharp weapon of inert gas
 In 1999, the pilot of the U.S. stealth fighter F-117 that carried out late-night bombing missions proposed to the Department of Defense because the long-term strategic bombing mission requires a long time span and requires the wearing of a luminous watch that can emit light by itself. When the company started product development, they filled a special luminous gas containing inert gas ‘氚’ into a tiny glass tube, sealed it with a laser, and placed it on the scale of each watch to prevent radiation from leaking. In this case, it produces a high-brightness night light source that can last for 25 years.
 As we all know, the luminous scale of the watch was first applied to the military, because most paints that emit light at night are radioactive, a large dose will have adverse effects on the human body, and a small dose will not last long and the luminous performance is not ideal. The appearance of Lemino has brought about a revolution in the luminous watch industry. Because it does not contain radioactivity, ordinary people can also wear it daily. In the Hollywood modern war movie, the Ray-Mordo luminous watch followed the footsteps of American soldiers and traveled the world, becoming the most recognizable military watch, and also received hundreds of thousands of sales each year in the civilian market. In addition to self-illuminating dials, most military watches of Remino use a stable quartz movement and a light-weight black resin case, coupled with durable canvas and natural rubber straps, which are ideal for outdoor sports.

Beidou Satellite Watch

Satellite time, the most accurate time from the stars
 Friends who have been to Japan used to admire Casio’s radio-controlled timepieces. It is the most direct portrayal of Japanese punctuality and meticulous attitude. Radio-controlled watches correct time by receiving information from several astronomical observatories set up in different regions of the world. Difficulties in receiving waves occur at different times. The satellite clock completely eliminates this embarrassing situation. It uses the satellite network woven from outer space to provide the most accurate time in the time zone.
 In 2011, with the successful operation of China’s self-developed Beidou global positioning system, our own satellite watch was also born in a military industrial enterprise in Sichuan. This is the world’s first pointer satellite watch. Compared with foreign civilian products, Beidou has absolute technical advantages: first, it can display the latitude and longitude of the location, which greatly expands the use range; second, it has a charging function, which solves the problem The disadvantages of the satellite watch’s high power consumption and frequent battery replacement; once again, it strictly complies with military standards from the beginning, and has excellent waterproof and field performance; finally, it also has weather forecast, altitude, barometer, guide , Data recording, map code display, world time, alarm and many other functions. It can be said that Beidou satellite watches are one of the most accurate wristwatches in the world today, but the price is less than one-third of similar products of Japanese Seiko. This is for young people who love domestic products, especially those who love outdoor sports. , Undoubtedly has great appeal.