Rolex China Sea Regatta 2018 The China Sea Regatta Ends In The Picturesque Subic Bay

The last regatta for the 2018 Rolex China Sea Regatta has arrived in Subic Bay this morning. There are 29 regattas in this event, with 265 participants from 22 countries and regions.
   MOD70BeauGeste of Karl Kwok, with a top speed of 37 knots, completed the race in 38 hours, 30 minutes and 7 seconds, and successfully broke the multi-hull record set by 18 years ago with a difference of 9 hours, 31 minutes and 40 seconds.
   The wind and direction of this event is different from previous years, but the challenge is still what the participants expect to get in the offshore race. Group 0 of the IRC race faced less-than-ideal weather conditions later in the race, but the wind strengthened in the later stages, allowing the other races to sail to the Philippines at a faster speed.
   The overall winner of the IRC competition came from the first group of the IRC competition, FredKinmonth and NickBurns’ GTS43MandrakeIII (Hong Kong), followed by the 42Custom Sea Wolf (Hong Kong / Mainland China) of YYYan and YFLiuKer. She also belonged to the first group of the IRC competition.

  IRC competition championship IRCOVERALLWIN (IRC1) -MANDRAKEIII © RolexDanielForster

42Custom Sea Wolf IRC 2ND OVERALL (IRC 1)-SEAWOLF © RolexDaniel Forster

   When Tiger Seam’s TigerMok won the second place in the game, he said: ‘This is probably the Seawolf’s second or third major offshore race. I am very happy to see her progress and I look forward to Unleash your potential in the competition. All team members have done a great job! I hope we can be a role model for other mainland Chinese shipowners. I hope they can participate in more offshore sailing races of the same type together, and they can also take this Opportunities to strengthen team training, navigational knowledge and experience to a level where they can participate in the World Championships. ‘
   The 3rd place in the game was the TP52 Standard Insurance Centennial from ErnestoEchauz in the Philippines. ErnestoEchauz said after the game: ‘We have completed a very good game and the process is very smooth. Including the events we have participated in before, this is the best It’s easy, no problem. Also, this game is very meaningful to us because we have been sailing together for up to 10 years. ‘

The third place in the audience is the IRC contest 0 group IRC3RDOVERALL (IRC0) -STANDRADINSURANCECENTENNIAL © RolexDanielForster

   Father and son duo Philippe and ComosGrelon arrived at Tbs-Aya last night, summing up the game with 15th place in the game and 2nd place in the 2 IRC competitions, just behind GlennSmith’s GrandSoleil45Blackjack. After crossing the line, they said: ‘We just want to enjoy it and be able to complete the race. I mean, it is not difficult to complete the race because the weather is good for us. I think our maximum wind speed is only 30 knots, and They control the regatta at the same time, but they need a little more technology. At the same time, you need to understand everything the other party does, and you need to trust each other. The advantage is that we already have many experiences of sailing together, and we also know each other very well, and we will not dispute. This is very good. As everyone expected, we had a very peaceful voyage. ‘Philippe said:’ You say this, I agree! I say that, you are fine. I prefer the two to participate together Because we know each other well and there is no problem. ‘
   The IRC Advanced Leisure Boat Championship was won by PeterCremer’s Warwick75Shahtoosh. The overall ranking of the audience jumped from 13th in 2016 to 5th this year. The IRC recreational boat championship was won by the JeanneauSitka for the first time participating in the Rolex China Sea Regatta MichaelAshbrook.
   The award ceremony took place on-site, and the official award ceremony will be held at the Hong Kong Yacht Club in April.
   The next Rolex China Sea Regatta will be held on April 8, 2020. I look forward to seeing you again.
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