Patek Philippe Anniversary Revised Evolution-return From Luxury To Nautilus Ref. 5711

Increase precious metal models, return to distinguished positioning
2006 is the 30th anniversary of the launch of the Nautilus series of Patek Philippe’s PATEK PHILIPPE. At the celebration party in Geneva, Patek Philippe announced that all Nautilus models on the line will be discontinued and replaced with a series of new models, including the junior date 571 / 1A The junior date female watch 5800 / 1A, the moon phase moving reserve 5712 / 1A, and the new complex automatic chronograph 5980 / 1A equipped for the first time.

In the new generation of Nautilus, in addition to the tasks of the stainless steel watch, in addition to the basic stainless steel chain belt section, a precious metal and crocodile belt section have also been added.

Among them, 5711 is the most basic style of Nautilus online. In addition to the stainless steel models that inherited the spirit of the series ancestral sports watch, three additional precious metal styles were introduced at the time. After all, the purpose of breaking the era and advocating sportsmanship has been met. Therefore, stainless steel After the value of the watch can also be ranked in the high-end watch has been widely recognized by the market, followed by the return to the luxury texture and extraordinary taste of the high-end watch, and Patek Philippe’s strong gentry positioning. Therefore, in 2006, 5711J in gold and silver, 5711R in rose gold, 5711G in white and gray, and 5711 / 11A in gray and blue with stainless steel were released simultaneously. Among them, the precious metal model with crocodile belt presented a more complete gentleman style. In 2015, for the first time, Patek Philippe launched the 5711 / 1R-001 full rose watch, the case and the bracelet are all rose gold, the stable feel when worn, will make the precious texture unique to Nautilus more vivid.

The 30th anniversary change focuses on the fine-tuning and upgrading of details, including a three-piece structured case and a transparent bottom cover, and the overall lines have become softer

Revised focus to enhance the value of gameplay
Under the leadership of then-President Phillippe Stern and Vice President Thierry Stern, Nautilus’ restructuring plan was prepared for four years, not only from the perspective of the operator, but also from the role of a watch wearer and watch enthusiast Reflection: What is the perfect Nautilus? As for Patek Philippe, Nautilus belongs to its late-maturing style. Looking back at the brand’s forward-looking vision in 1969, it has observed changes in lifestyles driven by the trend of the times. In the 1960s, formal, thin, round-shell precious metal watches were still the mainstream of gentry. In the era, the appearance of Nautilus did arouse a lot of bad voices. However, the market trend is irreversible. Due to the increase in outdoor activities, customers began to demand for stainless steel sports watches, and finally proved that Patek Philippe’s strategy of arguing against the public and not fearing to deviate from the mainstream is correct. Therefore, how to make the best fine-tuning of this series that is full of time significance and welcomed by the market absolutely needs to be carefully considered, and Patek Philippe’s final conclusion is not how to make Nautilus a new weather, but how Make Nautilus more refined.

In 2006, the Patek Philippe plant announced the revision of Nautilus. Phillippe Stern, the then president, still made the opening speech as the host on the day.

From the 3-head to the 5-head, 5711 and 3711 seem to have little difference in design. They are still the octagonal case, a pair of side shoulders, and a cross-relief face plate that collectors are not familiar with. The focus is mainly on the upgrade of the case structure and details. First, the model replaced the previous two-piece structure with a new three-layer case structure of the bezel, case and case back, and the water-resistant depth remains at 120 meters. Second, the details of the appearance lines have been increased a lot. For the round design, for example, the shoulder guards on both sides of the case were originally designed straight, but the current style obviously has a curved arc, and the chain belt also changes the straight and straight chain link line to a slightly arc. Turning to the case back, the original metal solid case back was changed to a sapphire crystal transparent case back. The internal 315 SC automatic movement (the 324 SC was changed after 2009) is clearly visible and adds to the appreciation.

The most significant difference between the revised 5711 and the first generation is the use of a transparent bottom cover. The initial built-in is also equipped with a 315 SC automatic winding movement. Since 2009, the current 5711 online models have all been changed to 324 SC movements. ** *