Fine Watchmaking And High Aesthetics Baselworld 2016 New Collection Of Chanel Watches

This year’s BASELWORLD, Chanel watches will not be disappointing as in previous years, and still maintain a good state of pushing new and innovative. In addition to the classic J 12 series launched a number of new works, ‘MADEMOISELLE PRIVÉ’ high-end jewellery watch series unique unique master craftsmanship new products will not be less, the recent hot BOY · FRIEND series of new products give fashion ladies more options. But this year’s Chanel’s biggest highlight is not here, but the launch of the first self-made calibre men’s complication watch-the Monsieur series hour-hopping watch, which combines the minute retrograde function and the hour-hopping function, which is particularly attractive Attention.
Monsieur Hour Watch
   In 2016, Chanel launched the first MONSIEUR DE CHANEL complication watch with its own movement. The Monsieur series watch is specially made for men. Its movement is a new creation of Chanel, representing the new strength of Chanel watchmaking.

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  In 2000, the J12 watch pioneered the bold use of high-tech precision ceramics, and since then high-tech precision ceramics have become a precious watchmaking material. The first J12 was born with a shining black space. In 2003, a pure white flawless J12 white watch was launched. ’12’ soon became one of Chanel’s lucky numbers. In 2011, Chanel adhered to the spirit of consistent bold innovation, launched the J12 Chromatic Titanium Ceramic Watch, whose strap showed a special luster that was changing. Today, 15 years after the introduction of the J12 watch, Chanel continues to introduce new, matte designs, limited editions, and even the world’s unique collection of watches as a tribute to this classic watch.

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  At this year’s BASELWORLD, Chanel BOY · FRIEND series watches once again launched a number of handsome and neutral ladies’ watches. The octagonal dial design of the BOY · FRIEND series is inspired by the iconic PREMIÈRE watch, paying tribute to the classic legendary shape of the N ° 5 perfume bottle cap and the outline of Paris Fontaine.

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PRIVÉ Collection
   BASELWORLD 2016 Chanel has once again launched five MADEMOISELLE PRIVÉ COROMANDEL engraved gold bird models with the “MADEMOISELLE PRIVÉ” jewelry watch series. Each is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, art and complex watchmaking.

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   The Première floating tourbillon jewellery watch has long been known in the world. The floating tourbillon watch is shaped by camellia and uses the supreme bridge design, and its movement is displayed with extremely exquisite hollowwork. This exceptional movement is the result of a collaboration between Chanel and Swiss watchmaker Renaud & Papi (part of APRP SA). ? Première floating tourbillon watch is a classic for women with advanced complications.

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   Chanel is proud to present the new jewellery watch series LES ÉTERNELLES DE CHANEL, which is the brand’s second year of presenting this series of works. In 2016, Chanel Fine Jewelry Design Studio paid tribute to the brand’s classic logo diamond pattern. The diamonds are arranged in a rhombus shape, reflecting each other with rare jewels, magnificently flashing, highlighting the essence of Chanel’s haute couture fashion. Four unique jewellery watches are set with delicate jewels in soft colors, like diamond-shaped sides, carefully hiding the precious dial.

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Zenith Zenith And Land Rover Jointly Launch A Defy Classic Range Rover Special Edition Watch

Over the past three years, Zenith has worked closely with Land Rover. In 2017, the two parties jointly launched the Chronomaster El Primero Range Rover Special Edition watch, paying tribute to the Range Rover models. Today, the new car comes together with a new watch. The new generation Range Rover Evoque and Zenith DEFY Classic series are re-combined. A chic and iconic sports watch emerges.

The new Land Rover Range Rover Aurora is specially designed to fuse urban life and rural holiday styles. Based on the original luxury charm that has been preserved for a long time, it has a targeted evolution of its clear appearance. The most compact Land Rover Range Rover exhibits a modern and enduring design style. This modified design focuses on simplicity, placing the Aurora model at the top of the market segment again.

Interpretation of extraordinary creativity above tradition
According to Gerry McGovern, Chief Land Rover Designer:

‘A major element of the new Land Rover Range Rover Aurora is both reachable and reachable. The new Zenith Defy Classic Range Rover watch marks a milestone in collaborative watch design, creating the ideal timepiece while also moving forward to Zenith A tribute to Land Rover’s cooperation. ‘

As the newest member of the collaborative watch series, the Defy Classic Range Rover Special Edition watch stands out with its unique design, showing the development of this series of modern and graphic interpretations. At the same time, the watch has a similar temperament to the Land Rover Range Rover Aurora, and its exquisite proportion of 41 mm case gives it a full neutral charm.

Defy Classic Range Rover Special Edition is limited to 200 pieces. It was developed in close cooperation with the design and technical engineering team, combining its own streamlined appearance and some classic elements drawn from the cooperation model. For example, the turquoise blue seconds hand and balance wheel, which are inspired by the steering wheel and seat of the Aurora model, also evoke the color impression of this British-made car series.

The design of the hollow dial of this delicate timepiece is inspired by the sculptural sense of the Aurora wheel, while the quilted pattern interior of this premium sports utility vehicle uses the ‘diamond’ pattern and the watch’s rubber strap Design elements echo. Zenith re-improves its Defy Classic series for the first time, powered by a new Elite skeletonized movement, exuding unique charm through creative design.

Zenith Global CEO Julien Tornare said:
‘If Zenith was a car, it would definitely be a Land Rover Range Rover! Both are considered iconic brands in their respective fields. Both share the same values ​​and some key features, including charm, superb technology and superior performance. Both are based on tradition and are committed to innovation. Defy and Land Rover Range R are both desirable luxury brands and pioneering cornerstones of their respective industries. They also draw inspiration from the past and firmly look to the future. Resonance.


Limited edition of 200 pieces
Price RMB 54,500

Technical Information
Model: 95.9001.670 / 77.R791

New Elite skeleton movement
New 41mm matte titanium case
Silicon escapement wheel and fork
Special ‘Land Rover Wheels’ dial

Elite670SK automatic movement
Diameter: 11½ legal minutes (diameter: 25.60 mm)
Movement thickness: 3.88 mm
Number of components: 187
Number of jewels: 27
Vibration frequency: 28800 vibrations / hour (4 Hz)
Power reserve: at least 48 hours
Fine decoration: special balance wheel with satin-finished finish

Middle hour and minute display
Center second hand
Date display at 6 o’clock

Case, dial and hands
Diameter: 41 mm
Happy diameter: 32.5 mm
Thickness: 10.75 mm
Table glass: curved double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal glass
Case back: transparent sapphire crystal glass
Material: Frosted titanium
Waterproof depth: 10ATM (100 meters)
Dial: Open dial with special ‘Land Rover Range Rover wheels’ design
Hour-hour scale: rhodium-plated, faceted, super-LumiNova® SLNC
Hands: rhodium-plated, faceted, covered with Super-LumiNova® SLNC1

Band and buckle
Special black rubber strap
Titanium folding clasp

New Watch Rebuilt From Old Movement First Omega Omega Watch

OMEGA has reintroduced a real technology of the past for the latest works. The ‘Original Limited Edition of the Omega Watch’ is a magnificent new series consisting of only 18 watches-each equipped with an original 1913 Chro chronograph movement from 1913. This precious movement was expertly refurbished by an expert in the Omega Tourbillon factory using a special process to revive it for use in these new limited edition models.

Omega is based on the original 19-inch Chro chronograph movement from 1913. After careful restoration and refurbishment by watchmakers, it is loaded into the new work ‘First Omega Watch Limited Edition’.

3018 is a single-handle winding chronograph movement with a Breguet hairspring and a bimetal balance. It was carefully restored by the Omega Tourbillon Workshop. 18K gold-plated motherboard and bridge with grained decoration

‘First Omega Watch Limited Edition’ was launched on July 2 at the ‘Museum Night’ brand in Switzerland. Guests can not only listen to the opinions of several very professional speakers at the scene, but also be the first to bet on new models.

Omega President and CEO Raynald Aeschlimann said: ‘I have never seen anything like this in all the years I have served the company. These movements have a 105-year history and it is now more certain that their story will Continuing. While sharing this result, we are proud of our extraordinary skills in refurbishment and craftsmanship. ‘

In 1913, Omega became one of the world’s earliest watchmakers, and the acclaimed 1.8-inch Chro chronograph movement was an integral part of that achievement. In today’s Eucalyptus, the Omega Museum plays an important role in retrospecting the historical heritage of the brand’s treasure trove, providing 18 original 1.8-inch Chro chronograph movements. The experts of the Omega Tourbillon Workshop carefully repaired these precious movements through special special procedures, injected new vitality, and named it the new Omega Caliber 3018.

This distinctive timepiece has a diameter of 47 mm and a brown strap with white gold studs. White enamel plate with 1913 original design popular with soldiers, with hollow Arabic numerals and blue ‘Empire’ hands

In terms of the design of this 47.5 mm watch, Omega is based on the shape of a 1913 Omega watch with classic details such as a rivet leather strap and a white enamel dial with blue ‘Empire’ hands With openwork arabic numbers. This design was a favorite of soldiers during World War I. Especially the easy-to-read faceplate design and the 15-minute time plate are particularly attractive to pilots. These are ideal for the most challenging tasks, so many watches are Delivered to the Royal Flying Corps, the most famous wartime pilot and soldier in history.

Each chronograph comes with a handmade leather case with two extra straps: a gold Novonappa leather strap and a burgundy leather strap. There are also unique Strap changer, magnifier and travel case

This classic design also uses modern materials such as 18K white gold case and 18K patented Sedna ™ gold crown and push handles, and is equipped with a flip-type case back that can be opened to reveal the refurbished movement behind the sapphire crystal.

First Omega Limited Edition

White gold material / 3018 manual winding movement / hour, minute, small seconds display / chronograph function / sapphire crystal mirror / water-resistant 30 meters / diameter 47mm / limited 18 pieces

Wphh 2019 Ushering In A New Era Of Franck Muller

As a well-known master in the complex arts of Grandes, Franck Muller welcomed more than 2,500 guests for the 29th WPHH at the Geneva Manor in Watchland Center. This week, in our eager anticipation, the brand has ushered in the opportunity to showcase its two new buildings, which will provide a separate venue for all its watchmakers, as well as new clocks, including Innovative and atypical Remember series.

   From January 14th to 18th, in the center of Genthod, the beautiful Watchland overlooks Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc, and welcomes more than 2,500 guests to the 29th World Haute Horlogerie. Watch and clock industry elites gather here to visit two newly built buildings. This is where Franck Muller was founded for almost 30 years. This project can now provide 450 artisans and employees with a separate venue to handle each stage of watch production. The two new buildings and an additional building area of ​​16,000 square meters highlight the unique characteristics of Watchland. They have Swiss-specific architectural features and vividly demonstrate the success of MaisonFranckMuller. Vartan Sirmakes, CEO of the watch brand, said, ‘It’s a pleasure to welcome so many people to this special place to share our passion with us.’

   The 2,500 guests participating in the event were able to stroll through this beautiful garden and have the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with brand watchmakers with rich expertise in the two new buildings. As a result, FranckMuller showed off several new collections for 2019, including VanguardCrazyHours ™, Vanguard ™ LadySkeleton, Vanguard ™ Racing, Vanguard ™ YachtingAnchorSkeleton, and Skafander. Not to mention a new series featuring an avant-garde interpretation of time, called Remember.

Zenith Taiwan’s Largest Flagship Pavilion Taoyuan Unveiled

Taoyuan Yongxin Flagship Pavilion meticulously inherits and creates a fine cultural palace

 Breaking through the traditional watch store business model, it was founded in 1979, Yongxin Watch Co., Ltd., and cooperated with Oriental Watch Co., the first watch retailer listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, to serve local sentiments in Hong Kong, combine Hong Kong’s new thinking on management, The SAR has opened the Yongxin Watches Flagship Pavilion to provide you with an extraordinary feast of high-end watches and clocks.

Top taste Taoyuan bright fragrance

 Mr. Lai Jianfa, General Manager of Yongxin Watch & Clock, based on deep cultivation of more than 20 years of high-quality watch service experience in the Tianmu area of ​​Taipei. He has been planning a high-level plan for up to 2 years. Branches, in cooperation with 14 major internationally renowned brands, present the top-quality timepiece experience in the Taoyuan area with uniquely designed cabinetry art.

 The Taoyuan Flagship Pavilion covers an area of ​​600 square meters and costs nearly 60 million yuan. With a sophisticated line layout and spacious and high-rise decoration design, it creates a more comfortable shopping space. It is a 10-minute drive from the Nanliao Interchange and brings Taipei and In the Taoyuan Metropolitan area, the exchange between high-end boutique watches and clocks is located opposite the Taoyuan Exhibition Center of the Zhongzheng Arts and Cultural Zone. In the elegant and luxurious service, it adds an elegant cultural atmosphere. The flagship second pavilion is mainly based on Zenith, the watch and jewelry branch of the LV Group, the world’s largest boutique group. It is on the side with TAG Heuer within the group, as well as CARL F. BUCHERER and Longines LONGINES.

 When 100% Swiss-made mechanical watch brand Zenith, Shine unveiled the largest new concept counter in Taiwan, adding glory to the top watch manufacturing industry.

 The Taoyuan Flagship Pavilion covers an area of ​​600 square meters and costs nearly 60 million yuan. With a sophisticated line layout and spacious and high-rise decoration design, it creates a more comfortable shopping space.

Enter the world of Zenith

 Zenith is located in Taoyuan Yongxin Watches Hall 2. The image wall on the left side of the door shows the latest brand image models of the season – ACADEMY advanced complex watch series Christophe Colomb Hurricane Columbus Hurricane Sesame Chain Complex Watch, and EL PRIMERO 36,000 rpm high-frequency series Stratos Flyback Striking 10th 1/10 Flyback Chronograph Felix Commemorative Edition; glass curtain design and special high size, soft and soft overall architectural elegance, bright appearance, true Infused with shocking new vitality.

 Push the door to enter the world of Zenith-here is low-key and restrained, but also blends high-quality materials with superb skills and precision, elegant standards. The display cabinets, counters and display areas in the store are designed with horizontal and vertical linear glass cabinets; Wenge Wood is the main wood, the deep chestnut color represents the brand’s color tone, and the bright milky white leather VIP sofa area complements each other. The counter has the only seating area in Taiwan that has a Zeni VIP VIP reception area. It covers an area of ​​15 pings. It is also an image counter for Zenith’s new concept.

 In Taoyuan Yongxin Watch Zenith new concept store, customers can appreciate, try on and buy all Zenith products: not only high-quality women’s watches (such as Zenith luxury jewelry mechanical watches – Heritage Heritage Star Open women’s watch), there are also elegant men’s watch series (such as the El Primero 36,000 high vibration series chronograph tourbillon complex models), or sports watches full of charm Collections (such as the first watch that surpassed the speed of sound – El Primero 36,000 rpm series – Stratos Flyback Striking 10th 1/10 Flyback Chronograph Watch Felix Commemorative Edition), many wonderful experiences await watch fans.

 The model showcases the Heritage Open Star Women’s Watch.

 El Primero 36,000 RPM Tourbillon Chronograph Tourbillon Complication Watch (18K Rose Gold), priced at NT $ 2,254,000.

 Heritage Heritage Open Star Women’s Watch (18K Rose Gold), priced at NT $ 790,000.

Richard Mill Rm53-01-fluo Hip Hop X2018sihh

This year’s Richard Mille 53-01 is the highlight of RM, customized according to the idea of ​​famous polo player Pablo Mac Donough. The RM53-01 is a wonderful combination of Pablo’s favorite watches, RM27-01 and RM012, which have been unanimously appreciated by teachers. This watch is limited to 30 pieces and sells for RMB 6.09 million. The back of the case reveals the entire fishing system in front of the player at a glance. This institution is an exclusive custom patent commissioned by Richard Mill to APRP Workshop. The entire watch is light and comfortable on the wrist.

Richard Mills RM53-01
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Patek Philippe Anniversary Revised Evolution-return From Luxury To Nautilus Ref. 5711

Increase precious metal models, return to distinguished positioning
2006 is the 30th anniversary of the launch of the Nautilus series of Patek Philippe’s PATEK PHILIPPE. At the celebration party in Geneva, Patek Philippe announced that all Nautilus models on the line will be discontinued and replaced with a series of new models, including the junior date 571 / 1A The junior date female watch 5800 / 1A, the moon phase moving reserve 5712 / 1A, and the new complex automatic chronograph 5980 / 1A equipped for the first time.

In the new generation of Nautilus, in addition to the tasks of the stainless steel watch, in addition to the basic stainless steel chain belt section, a precious metal and crocodile belt section have also been added.

Among them, 5711 is the most basic style of Nautilus online. In addition to the stainless steel models that inherited the spirit of the series ancestral sports watch, three additional precious metal styles were introduced at the time. After all, the purpose of breaking the era and advocating sportsmanship has been met. Therefore, stainless steel After the value of the watch can also be ranked in the high-end watch has been widely recognized by the market, followed by the return to the luxury texture and extraordinary taste of the high-end watch, and Patek Philippe’s strong gentry positioning. Therefore, in 2006, 5711J in gold and silver, 5711R in rose gold, 5711G in white and gray, and 5711 / 11A in gray and blue with stainless steel were released simultaneously. Among them, the precious metal model with crocodile belt presented a more complete gentleman style. In 2015, for the first time, Patek Philippe launched the 5711 / 1R-001 full rose watch, the case and the bracelet are all rose gold, the stable feel when worn, will make the precious texture unique to Nautilus more vivid.

The 30th anniversary change focuses on the fine-tuning and upgrading of details, including a three-piece structured case and a transparent bottom cover, and the overall lines have become softer

Revised focus to enhance the value of gameplay
Under the leadership of then-President Phillippe Stern and Vice President Thierry Stern, Nautilus’ restructuring plan was prepared for four years, not only from the perspective of the operator, but also from the role of a watch wearer and watch enthusiast Reflection: What is the perfect Nautilus? As for Patek Philippe, Nautilus belongs to its late-maturing style. Looking back at the brand’s forward-looking vision in 1969, it has observed changes in lifestyles driven by the trend of the times. In the 1960s, formal, thin, round-shell precious metal watches were still the mainstream of gentry. In the era, the appearance of Nautilus did arouse a lot of bad voices. However, the market trend is irreversible. Due to the increase in outdoor activities, customers began to demand for stainless steel sports watches, and finally proved that Patek Philippe’s strategy of arguing against the public and not fearing to deviate from the mainstream is correct. Therefore, how to make the best fine-tuning of this series that is full of time significance and welcomed by the market absolutely needs to be carefully considered, and Patek Philippe’s final conclusion is not how to make Nautilus a new weather, but how Make Nautilus more refined.

In 2006, the Patek Philippe plant announced the revision of Nautilus. Phillippe Stern, the then president, still made the opening speech as the host on the day.

From the 3-head to the 5-head, 5711 and 3711 seem to have little difference in design. They are still the octagonal case, a pair of side shoulders, and a cross-relief face plate that collectors are not familiar with. The focus is mainly on the upgrade of the case structure and details. First, the model replaced the previous two-piece structure with a new three-layer case structure of the bezel, case and case back, and the water-resistant depth remains at 120 meters. Second, the details of the appearance lines have been increased a lot. For the round design, for example, the shoulder guards on both sides of the case were originally designed straight, but the current style obviously has a curved arc, and the chain belt also changes the straight and straight chain link line to a slightly arc. Turning to the case back, the original metal solid case back was changed to a sapphire crystal transparent case back. The internal 315 SC automatic movement (the 324 SC was changed after 2009) is clearly visible and adds to the appreciation.

The most significant difference between the revised 5711 and the first generation is the use of a transparent bottom cover. The initial built-in is also equipped with a 315 SC automatic winding movement. Since 2009, the current 5711 online models have all been changed to 324 SC movements. ** *

It Is A Dry Duck In The Admiral, And It Is Also Covered With ‘navigation International Signal’

When it comes to Kunlun watches, most people may think of the iconic bubble series, or the Golden Bridge. These are indeed more iconic products, but they are relatively ‘near’ in their product brochures. If we move forward a bit, say, going back to the 1960s, then we are talking about the Admiral series. As its name suggests, this product line is particularly affected by water, boats and navigation, with different sizes and different options for complex functions. From the name, we are used to calling this watch Admiral Legend 42. But if you look at the name on the dial called ‘Admiral’s Cup’, this problem, it seems that the two names are used by the manufacturers, these two names are the same watch. So if you see the Admiral’s Cup, this is the Admiral Legend 42 and not any other watch. The 42 that appears is well understood, which is the 42 mm diameter of the watch. However, to see this size, you have developed some kind of golden eyes-the shape of the case is a twelve variants. In addition to visually distinguishing it from other watches, it also lays the foundation for the dial. On the dial of the Kunlun Admiral Legend 42 you can see that the mast (yacht term) is on your wrist, and the shape of the signal flag constitutes the scale. This is far from being a stupid way of simply adding color and nautical qualities to a watch. Every flag is exquisite, these things are actually referring to the ‘International Signal Regulations’ and using flags to refer to numbers. When indicating single digits, this approach is very straightforward. When dealing with double digits, the signal flag is divided into two to obtain the two digits referred to. Although I’m not a seafarer, I like these things because it’s an interesting way of blending themes and catching the hearts of those who understand the meaning of ‘hidden behind flat graphics’. It looks like the patterns and colors on the Admiral Legend 42 dial can make this watch dazzling, but it is more coordinated. In fact, in addition to the bottom color of the dial, there are only four colors-red, blue, yellow and black. These colors are used in small amounts to brighten up everything else-corners, round grooves, and similar things. There are a lot of things on the dial, but they are not cluttered or difficult to read (even if the pointer is some kind of flag). The movement carried by this watch is a movement Corum called CO395, which is based on the ETA 2895 movement, with some additional polished decorations. Considering the solid ETA base, you can still guess that its reliability, accuracy and maintenance are not a problem. For the Admiral Legend 42 watch with the theme of water sports, the design of the strap is actually very appropriate and has a close relationship with the lugs. Also known as ‘Admiral’, I was surprised when I turned the watch over. The marked waterproof level is only 50 meters. What spray is blossoming, it has nothing to do with that. Old Deng said: I really appreciate the use of the flags of the International Signal Code, which is very fascinating. However, it is a pity that the water-resistant level is 50 meters. In my conception, such a sporty watch must be able to be safely launched. But if you’re a dry duck, you can get an electric shock when you touch the water, but you also like a sport watch that is interesting and interesting. This should be a good dish.

The Beauty Of Decoding Time Iwc Iwc 2017 Da Vinci Series Touring Exhibition Shanghai Kai Curtain

Shanghai, July 4, 2017-Swiss watchmaker IWC Schaffhausen is renowned worldwide for its innovative spirit and original technology, and has presented many classic watches in the past 150 years Watch with superb watchmaking skills. Today, IWC’s 2017 Da Vinci Series Touring Exhibition opened in Shanghai. Many classic timepieces appeared in the Shinsegae Daimaru Department Store, exposing pure beauty, and dedicating a perfect visual feast to many watch lovers .

 The exhibition hall is based on the Da Vinci series, with a simple and elegant overall style. Stepping into the exhibition hall, the three-dimensional ‘Flower of Life’ bloomed beautifully in the elegant space, becoming the visual center of the entire exhibition hall. The surrounding table showcases a number of classic masterpieces of the new Da Vinci series and other series. The elegant and quiet atmosphere complements the exquisite watches, allowing guests to enjoy the treasures of timepieces and decode the beauty of time.

 Since its inception in 1969, IWC Express has become a classic collection that combines the brand’s fine watchmaking craftsmanship, infinite creativity and extraordinary aesthetic essence. In 2017, IWC’s newly released Da Vinci series watch reinterprets the iconic round design of the 1980s, combining classic elements with modern simplicity and style, and providing more choices for women. Among them, IWC’s new Da Vinci series of four precious timepieces-Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Chronograph, Da Vinci Automatic 36, Da Vinci Moon Phase Automatic 36 and Da Vinci Automatic ——A vivid interpretation of the aesthetic essence of the Da Vinci series.

 IWC expresses the Vinci Perpetual Calendar Chronograph (model: IW392101) is a model of the brand’s fine watchmaking technology. Equipped with the brand’s new self-made 89630 movement, this watch is the first to integrate the dual chronograph dial and the moon phase profit and loss display in the same small dial, which has both elegant and balanced aesthetics and precise and complicated functions. The 18K red gold case with the dark brown Santoni crocodile leather strap is elegant and graceful. It is the love of high-end personalities and watch collectors with unique taste.

 IWC Express Vinci Automatic 36 (model: IW458312) and IWC Express Vinci Moon Phase Automatic 36 (model: IW459307) are designed for elegant ladies. The 36mm slim dial highlights the harmony and beauty between the square inches. The bottom of both watches is engraved with the ‘Flower of Life’ pattern. This geometric shape with multiple overlapping rings reflects Da Vinci’s unremitting pursuit of aesthetics and mathematical rules of proportion. It is also an important part of the new Da Vinci series watches. One of the aesthetic elements.

 The three-hand IWC watch with deep simplicity and charm is a 40 mm case with a diameter of 40 mm. It is equipped with Arabic numerals and willow-shaped hands, which is simple and elegant. Thanks to the removable lugs, the watch fits perfectly to the thinner wrists and is extremely attractive to both men and women. This elegant watch has a silver-plated dial and a black alligator strap.

2014 Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Exhibition Is About To Open

The 24th Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Exhibition will be held in Geneva, Switzerland from January 20th to 24th, 2014. Sixteen fine watch brands will come together to present new works to watchmaking professionals. Such a watch feast is not to be missed.

 Geneva, December 6, 2013-Geneva International Haute Horlogerie has become an annual event for the watchmaking industry. This highly influential international exhibition is exclusive and private. It is only open to professionals in the watchmaking industry. It is the vane of the future trend of fine watchmaking.

 This year’s show is still located at the Palexpo Convention and Exhibition Center next to Geneva Airport. The exhibition environment is elegant and comfortable.
Covering an area of ​​30,000 square meters, nearly 13,000 visitors are expected to attend the exhibition. The 16 watchmaking brand exhibitors will combine cutting-edge innovation and ingenious craftsmanship in a noble and elegant way, showing the century-old exquisite craftsmanship of fine watchmaking. The cutting-edge technology in exquisite timepieces and the master craftsmanship complement each other, making the precious watchmaking treasures for centuries.

 In order to highlight the cultural and historical role of fine watchmaking, this year’s Geneva International Haute Horlogerie exhibition also for the first time has an exhibition entitled ‘L’horlogerie, fille de l’astronomie’ (clock, son of astronomy), to pay tribute to the vast universe, The watchmakers of all ages were inspired by the vast starry sky and cleverly incorporated astronomical functions into their timepieces.

In addition, as a special partner of the exhibition, TPG-Transports Publics Genevois will also provide convenient and exclusive transportation services for the exhibition guests.

The Geneva International Haute Horlogerie 2014 will undoubtedly present dreamy haute horlogeries with clever ideas.
Geneva International Haute Horlogerie 2014-Geneva For more details visit
Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Exhibition (Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie)
January 20-24, 2014-Palexpo Convention and Exhibition Center-Geneva Media Contact: Agnès le Mé[email protected]

Exhibitors: A. Lange & Söhne, Audemars Piguet, Baume &
Mercier, Cartier, Greubel Forsey, IWC, IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Montblanc, Officine Panerai, Parmigiani Parmigiani Fleurier, Piaget, Ralph Lauren, Richard Mille, Roger Dubuis, Vacheron Constantin, Van Cleef & Arpels.

Pavilion Map

1 cloakroom
2 Transportation service desk & book a transportation
3 Newsstand
4 Registry
5 infirmary
6 TNT / Swiss Post
7 Business Center
8 Exhibitor Services
9 meeting room front desk
10 bookstore
11 Help Desk & Concierge
12 Swiss Foundation for Fine Watchmaking
13 ‘Children of Astronomy: Watchmaking’ Exhibition
14 Journalist Club
15 Photo Studios 1 – 4
16 Depository
meeting room
A Balancier meeting room
B saphir meeting room
C émeraude meeting room
D quantième meeting room
E rubis meeting room
F spirale meeting room
G Conférence meeting room
H tourbillon meeting room
I Cabochon meeting room
J Couronne meeting room
K Chronographe meeting room
L Genève Meeting Room