Tough Men’s Style Three Handsome Men’s Mechanical Watches Recommended

In the war era, they bravely resisted the war and killed the enemy bravely; in the peace era, they defended the country and maintained peace. It is also a festival for countless ambitious men with patriotic feelings in their hearts. The Watch House below recommends several tough men’s watches for you, hoping to help friends who like them.

  Commander Mido

Comment on this watch: This commander series men’s watch adds more changes and attempts to the details. The 40mm dial is simple and atmospheric. The round stainless steel case with a smooth polished bezel and leather strap Rigid and soft; the hour and minute hands are treated with white Super-LumiNova®, which makes the readings clear and convenient even at night.

  Equipped with ETA advanced automatic mechanical movement to ensure accurate travel time; 40mm dial, simple atmosphere; recessed handlebar, 50 meters waterproof, added practical functions, more than 38 hours of power reserve, allowing you to be ready at any time, ensuring More stable performance.

Basic Information
Model: M016.430.36.061.02
Brand: Mido
Series: Commander
Style: Automatic, 40 mm, men
Material: stainless steel gold-plated
RMB: ¥ 7,500
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Comment on the watch: The design of this watch is inspired by the vast ocean, allowing the wearer to enjoy the adventure. The 42mm black dial shows the man’s domineering and demeanor. The case made of stainless steel is smooth, sturdy and durable. The T-second hand and 12-hour scale are displayed in dark blue luminous coating, which is accurate and clear when reading underwater.

  Silver stainless steel bracelet with folding clasp. Equipped with ETA2824-2 movement, the internal polishing is exquisite, highlighting the brand’s carefulness and skill, and the waterproof depth is 300 meters.

Basic Information
Model: T066.407.11.057.00
Brand: Tissot
Series: T-Sport
Style: Automatic, 42 mm, men
Material: stainless steel
RMB: ¥ 6,400
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Comment on the watch: The diameter of the Beijing mechanical engraved enamel manual mechanical watch is 38 mm, and the moderate size sets off the outline of the male wrist. The dial is made of silver engraving with enamel. This process uses silver as the sole. Based on the traditional manufacturing process, it uses modern innovative technology and materials to outline the sun’s radial pattern. To ensure the purity and longer-lasting vitality of the enamel material. Beijing’s classic LOGO is displayed at twelve o’clock, which immediately evoked the patriotic feelings of the soldiers on this special festival.

 The onion-shaped crown is located at three points on the case. The black leather strap with pin buckle is easy to use and naturally close to the man’s wrist. In addition, this watch is equipped with a B18-60 manual winding mechanical movement developed by Beijing Watch Factory, with a power reserve of 42 hours.

Basic Information
Model: BF015201353S
Brand: Beijing
Series: Enamel Watches
Style: Manual Machinery, 38mm, Men
Material: Stainless steel
For more watch details, please click: bjwaf / 34421 /

Summary: Time is flowing. Although the watch cannot lock the time, it can accompany you to witness the time. The above three men’s watches have their own characteristics, which can highlight the men’s style on any occasion. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

Best Partner Big Sports Watch Designed For Sports

Perfect, excellent and high-quality works reflect the dual value of time and movement, and each continues to inspire and influence each other. The Olympic slogan ‘Higher, Faster, Stronger’ will also be interpreted at the Beijing Olympic Games.
The grandeur of the large dial
In the twentieth century, the small dial has always been at the forefront of the trend. Although it is slightly difficult to read the time, its exquisiteness and compactness still make it a favorite of many people. The first to try to break through the traditional design was Panerai. They introduced a simple model with a diameter of 44 mm. When this watch came out, it was immediately sought after by many male and female watch fans. In fact, since the 1930s, Panerai has produced watches for the Italian Navy, Luminor flyback chronographs, Luminor chase chronographs, Radiomir eighth-second chronographs and Luminor Arktos dual-time watches, etc. The design of the large case, the simple dial surface and the complicated mechanical functions are all applied to form a sharp contrast with the small dial in the early years. In fact, Panerai’s launch of new design is still second, and more importantly, it has affected a considerable part of the brand’s product design and consumer purchase orientation. In addition, in the 1970s, alloys and titanium began to be active in the production of sports watches. Combining the characteristics of luxury metals, each brand also changed.

Panerai luminor rowing chronograph
表 Watches of that era were more or less influenced by Panerai. Audemars Piguet’s two watches after Royal Oak, Ladies Royal Oak and Royal Oak Offshore represent two different styles, one is a diamond sparkling jewellery sports watch, and the other adds more sports to Royal Oak Elements, but what they have in common is that the dimensions are much larger than people are accustomed to. Subsequently, Baume & Mercier released the Leviera XXL chronograph. As the name suggests, the watch retains the characteristics of its outer ring while maintaining the largest size. In addition, Girard Perregaux, Montblanc, TAG Heuer and many other brands also introduced large-scale sports watches in this period.
Combining traditional style with a spirit of innovation, Jaeger-LeCoultre launched the Master Compressor Extreme World Chronograph series and the MemovoxPolaris series in 1958 and 1965, respectively. The design and function of chronographs are popular with athletes, and they can display time in 24 time zones around the world.
Car engine opens a whole new world for watchmakers
Other watch factories have begun to cooperate with sports brands in other fields. The cooperation between Jaeger-LeCoultre and Aston Martin started as follows: the design of the Memovox Polaris watch appeared on the dashboard of AstonMartin in 1965; the Jaeger-LeCoultre released the Amvox 1 Alarm watch with the DB9 model in 1966; the same year, in After the success of the Amvox1R Alarm watch, it turned to the Le Mans 24-hour rally in France; the following year, the Amvox 2 chronograph, a functional watch designed for racers, was released. Sports cars and watches are combined in this way.

Speed ​​running
The Paramount Square Agusta of 尚 威沙 is in cooperation with the motorcycle manufacturer M.V. Agusta. You know, they still hold the record of the largest number of world champions.
Parmigiani uses its expertise and know-how in the manufacture of mechanical watches to produce Bugatti Type 370 watches. It uses unusual splints, gears and transmissions, and the lateral mechanical transmission when the watch is wound, just like a car engine.
人类 Since the Industrial Revolution, human beings are like clockwork, and countless technologies and inventions have emerged.
At the same time, many sports are also branded with industrialization. Tennis, equestrian, rowing, and shooting have all changed due to the advent of advanced technology.
Growing timing tools
末 At the end of the 19th century, the movement was a pastime of the nobility, and women were not allowed to participate. As a result, wealthy young men enjoy horseback riding, tennis, golf, boating, yachting and fencing. In order to encourage the spirit of struggle and sports, Mr. Coubertin proposed to organize a worldwide sports meeting to regain the Olympic spirit of ancient Greece. However, at that time only 245 male athletes participated in the Athens Olympic Games; four years later, the Paris Olympics, 22 women joined the athletes; in the 1928 Amsterdam Olympics, 10% of the athletes were women; in the 2004 Athens Olympics, This number accounts for 40%.

The 65th Anniversary of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Collection in 1996
Different from patriarch over women in sports, the female watch is the first to be valued in the world of watches. Perhaps this is because watches were originally made as jewelry. At that time, the watch worn on the wrist was a status symbol. Whether the dial was oval, rectangular or square, pointed or rounded, the only thing in common was a jewellery watch with gold texture and diamonds.
12On December 17, 1903, the White Brothers used a ‘chronograph’ on their first flight, and its strap could be worn on their knees so that pilots could see it at a glance. This practical design was quite rare at the time.
Designed for sports

Long live sportsmanship
Until 1929, the shock-resistant sapphire crystal mirror was set, and since then the watch has the ability to resist ordinary shocks in daily sports. Subsequently, watchmakers and jewellers from Audemars Piguet, Cartier and Ruibao designed small mirror-shaped aperture dials for sports. Dunhill designed a chainless pocket watch out of its love of golf. The window cover is applied to the case to maximize the resistance to vibration and pressure, and at the same time, it has an elegant opening and closing. The same innovation is the Reverso flip watch produced by Jaeger-LeCoultre in 1931, which was produced at the request of British Polo, the official Indian sport. While adapting to the sport of polo matches, the elegant flip form makes gentlemen love it.

What Do The Queens Love, Do You Really Know?

I don’t know when ‘March 8th Women’s Day’ was packaged as ‘Queen’s Day’ by e-commerce. On the one hand, it can be seen that the status of women’s consumer groups has gradually risen. On the other hand, it is actually just a change of sales methods for merchants. What do the ‘queens’ love? Do you really know?
Princess Diana-Cartier Tank Series

Movement type: Quartz
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: x 28.45 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: Cal.537DRL1
Case material: 18k rose gold with coin trim on the outer edge; bezel and dial flange set with 128 diamonds (approx. 0.77 g)
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details:
Recommended reason: Name a series of watches after the queen. I think the Queen of Naples series must be the most famous. Napoleon’s younger sister, Caroline Murat (Queen Naples), had a brilliant sound and she had a deep connection with Breguet. In 1810, the Queen of Naples customized a complicated watch to Master Breguet, which must meet her needs for beauty, nobility and basic reading time. Two years later, Breguet delivered this watch to the Queen of Naples. This watch also became the original prototype of the Queen of Naples series.
Queen of Britain-Jaeger-LeCoultre watch series

Movement type: manual mechanical
Movement model: Cal.101
Case material: 18k white gold
Watch details: The rest can also be a trip, a delicious dinner.

Celebrities Gather At The 80th Anniversary Celebration Party Of Jizu Network Legend Watch

Mr. Jrme Lambert, Global President of Jaeger-LeCoultre, and Catherine Deneuve, Diane Kruger, Joshua Jackson, Ke More than 800 internationally renowned movie stars including Reeve Owen, Adrien Brody, and more, the VIP guests and friends of Jaeger-LeCoultre gathered together.
起 From left Catherine Deneuve, Cliff Irving, Jaeger-LeCoultre Global President Mr. Lamborgh
On this unforgettable bright night, many celebrities shared the story of their and Reverso flip watches:
Ather Catherine Deneuve wore a Jaeger-LeCoultre watch while serving as a judge at the Venice International Film Festival. Diane Kruger shows everyone the Jaeger-LeCoultre Grande Reverso Lady Ultra Thin engraved with her initials.
Cliff Owen said: Watchmaking has always been a passionate cause. Jaeger-LeCoultre watchmaking craftsmanship and long history are fascinating. It’s hard to imagine the Reverso watch series being 80 years old. In the past 80 years, it has been constantly innovating and is a model for the watchmaking industry. Clare Milford Haven: The British polo champion and journalist, she chose to wear the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Squadra Lady Duetto double-sided flip watch to attend the event that night.
She said: Since becoming Jaeger-LeCoultre brand ambassador six years ago, I have established a close relationship with the Reverso flip series. I think it is just a perfect watch. It combines classics and innovation, strength and beauty, and has a deep connection with polo. No watch can fit into my daily life like it does.
From left, Adrian Brody, Diane Kruger, Cliff Owen
Du Eduardo Novillo Astrada: Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso is a synonym for polo. I think it is more representative of polo than any watch. I am lucky to have the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Squadra watch, which reminds me not to be late! Moreover, I very much agree with Jaeger-LeCoultre’s brand philosophy: cooperation, passion, elegance, and most importantly, a warm feeling of home.
Giovanni Soldini shared his incredible adventures with everyone. The Italian captain rescued his French rival, Isabelle Autissier, from the overturned yacht in the 1999 Single Alone Global Yacht Race.
后 After this incident, Giovanni Sodini jumped to the top of the yachting competitions. His Jaeger-LeCoultre Grande Reverso Ultra-Thin watch is engraved with the route map of this competition. The diamond above it shows the location of the heroic rescue action on the high seas of the South Pacific on February 16.
Live artists gathered
Finally, Janek Deleskiewicz, Jaeger-LeCoultre’s 15-year-old art and design director responsible for the Reverso series, showed his personal watch model: For a designer, the Reverso watch It is the most inspiring. Its rectangular dial can inspire a designer to innovate one, two, or even three mini game theaters. The Reverso flip series is unique, but rich and diverse. It is this unique and diverse duality that makes people love it at first sight.

Romantic Transformation Tasting Hamilton Khaki Pioneer Women’s Watch

Hamilton assisted the US Navy in the development of navigational instruments during World War II. The most famous of these was the Hamilton Marine Precision Chronograph. At the 44th Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show 2016, Hamilton launched the new Khaki Navy Pioneer Women’s Watch, the official model H78205553, which is the icing on the cake of the Khaki Navy series, and also injected a touch of feminine charm into the roots and history of this series.
Watch real shot show:

 Watch details real shot display:

   The stainless steel case has a diameter of 36 mm, comes with a rosy PVD coating, with a bezel, an anti-glare coated sapphire mirror, and is water-resistant to 100 meters.

   The outer layer features a finely serrated bezel with Paris studs.

   The dial is pearlescent silver with rose gold-plated hands. The hour hand is pear-shaped and the second hand has a counterweight.

   Equipped with H-10 automatic mechanical movement, the power reserve can reach 80 hours. Through the hollow bottom cover, you can admire the movement of the movement and its beautifully polished circular patterns.

   It has a light brown leather strap with a pin buckle. The strap is secured with the iconic bracket lugs and feels smooth on the wrist.

   Khaki Navy Pioneer Women’s Watch exudes a unique femininity and eye-catching retro charm. Its structure is refined and refined, and it naturally takes a place in Hamilton’s time-honored classic models.
   The above is the information related to the 2016 Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show prepared by the staff in front of the Watch House. We will continue to provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports for everyone in the future. Everyone pays attention.
2016 Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show Special Report

Louis Vuitton Launches Tambour Moon Mysterious Flying Tourbillon Watch

Louis Vuitton launches the new Tambour Moon mysterious flying tourbillon watch, opening a new chapter in the brand’s fine watchmaking adventure. Following the minute repeater watch, skeleton tourbillon Geneva imprint watch and Spin Time watch, the Tambour Moon mysterious flying tourbillon watch further demonstrates Louis Vuitton’s superb watchmaking skills.

   By changing the principle of the mysterious movement, adopting a linear layout, combined with the flying tourbillon escapement, the Tambour Moon mysterious flying tourbillon watch marks a decisive step for Louis Vuitton to the wonderful world of fine watchmaking. The mysterious movement was developed in the 19th century, and traditionally makes the movement seem to be suspended. The use of ingenious crystal wafer mechanism makes this charming visual illusion possible, and the commonly used material has now become sapphire crystal.

   With a linear layout, the coaxial dual barrel is hidden under the Monogram Flower at 12 o’clock, and the central gear carrying the hour and minute hands and the tourbillon frame at 6 o’clock seem to float in the air. The winding crown is not connected to the double barrel. The flying tourbillon frame rotates once every 60 seconds and is decorated with a hollow Monogram Flower, which further enhances the watch’s ethereal and light texture.

   The 45mm diameter Tambour Moon concave platinum case is equipped with a LV 110 manual winding movement with a modern design and a power reserve of up to 8 days. The watch is equipped with a black alligator strap. The Tambour Moon mysterious flying tourbillon watch is developed and manufactured by the workshop of La Fabrique du Temps of Louis Vuitton, and provides customized services for watch lovers: the back of the tourbillon frame can be engraved with the customer’s initials.

Bright’ Real Style Rado Swiss Radar Collaborates With British Designer Bethan Gray To Launch The True Thinline Limited Edition Rivet Limited Edition Watch

For a long time, RADO has maintained close communication with well-known designers around the world, and has continued to carry out in-depth cooperation. As a leading brand on the international design stage, RADO continues to bring watch designs with forward-looking design concepts, unique perspectives and distinctive styles through cooperation with designers. This time, RADO Swiss Rado watches focus on the TrueThinline series, together with the acclaimed British designer BethanGray, add luxury materials and charming design elements to Rado’s thinnest models.

RADO TrueThinline Limited Edition Rivet Limited Edition Watch

   Bethan Gray’s designs are known for their bold textures, sharp patterns and sophisticated materials, a style that has earned her global acclaim, including the ‘Best British Designer’ of 2013/2014 Award (BestBritishDesigner). In collaboration with BethanGray, RADO combines its appreciation of materials and subtlety in detail into the breakthrough design of the TrueThinline series.
Charm of black and gold

RADO TrueThinline Limited Edition Rivet Limited Edition Watch

   The TrueThinline limited edition rivet limited edition bowl watch is inspired by BethanGray’s home and fabric design. The finely inlaid dial glitters with silver-gray luster, which is in line with BethanGray’s unique work style. echo. The gold logo of the RADO Swiss Rado watch is placed directly inside the sapphire glass through metal processing, creating a sense of lightness and space suspended above the dial.

RADO TrueThinline Limited Edition Rivet Limited Edition Watch

   The design of the strap continues the strong contrast of this sharp contrast, and the textured black textured leather complements the golden rivets. The all-in-one case is made of black matte high-tech ceramics, and the dial’s inner ring and crown are decorated with gold elements, which completes the aesthetic implication of the latest collaboration model of this RADO.

RADO TrueThinline Limited Edition Rivet Limited Edition Watch

   As a ‘Material Master’, Rado not only ensures that the TrueThinline Limited Edition Rivet Limited Edition watch has a very aesthetic design, but also gives the watch excellent wearing comfort by virtue of its excellent control over the material. At the same time, this latest masterpiece also retains the acclaimed lightness, wear resistance and hypoallergenic properties of the RADO TrueThinline series.

Co-designer of RADO TrueThinline True Thin Thinline Rivet Limited Edition Co-designer-British designer BethanGray

   ‘I appreciate the strong visual impact of this watch.’ Said Mr. Matthias Breschan, RADO global CEO, ‘The TrueThinline limited edition watch is luxurious and dazzling. Ji Zhenpin. BethanGray’s use of materials and patterns is highly consistent with the design concept of the RADO TrueThinline series. ‘

RADO TrueThinline Limited Edition Rivet Limited Edition Watch

   This watch combines subtle texture patterns, gold details and slim lines, an important feature of the minimalist style advocated by RADO. The new design style and material elements are expected. Fearless years of baptism, shine forever. The RADO TrueThinline is a limited edition of 1,001 watches. In mainland China, this new creative timepiece is only available exclusively at the official flagship store of Tmall RADO.

Comfortable And Harmonious Baselworld 2016 Glashütte Original Pavilion List

From March 17th to March 24th, the 44th Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show (Baselworld) kicked off in the MesseBasel exhibition hall. At this exhibition, we will see brand-new products from many well-known watch brands. Before making an in-depth visit, let’s take a look at the halls of each brand. Let’s follow the footsteps of the Watch House and enjoy the new look of the original Glashütte brand in the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show.

   The first thing that caught our eyes was the original Glashütte Pavilion. The exhibition hall adopts an open design, and the brand logo is presented with a low-key and restraint.

   The entrance of the exhibition hall is greeted with silk flowers in full bloom, which is comfortable and calm and refreshing.

   There is an information desk in the center, where professional watchmakers are stationed to answer questions for visitors.

   The ceiling is decorated with a giant movement model pattern, and the gem setting is dotted with soft lighting, which not only shows the brand’s exquisite craftsmanship, but also shows the unique ingenuity of the exhibition hall designer.

   The corner of the pavilion presents the brand’s first biography ‘Impression’ with a digital screen, and watch showcases on both sides provide visitors with an interactive experience.

   The whole is decorated in black and white tones, with sharp contrast and elegance and harmony, which makes people feel like a spring breeze and indulge in it.
Summary: Baselworld 2016 will present us with a beautiful and unique visual feast. We look forward to the report group in front of the Watch House to bring us more exciting content. For more details, please click the watch house Basel live event:

Roger Dubuis Four Themes Series 2012 Best Watches Of Geneva Grand Watches Awards Finalist

In April 2012, Roger Dubuis successively held media appreciation conferences in Shanghai, Harbin, Dalian, and Beijing to appreciate the latest SIHH watch series in 2012. Roger Dubuis has been at the forefront of modern fine watchmaking since 1995. Its bold and 21st-century pieces carry the brand’s exquisite craftsmanship and extraordinary mechanical technology. The watch series draws inspiration from the four themed worlds of ‘Player’, ‘Warrior’ and the latest ‘Adventurer’ and ‘Peerless Masterpiece’, showing rich design concepts and sophisticated mechanical structures, opening the brand new in 2012 Chapter. Pulsion Titanium Skeleton Tourbillon
Adventurer’s Spirit: Build Power in Action
Roger Dubuis’ new Pulsion series skeletonized tourbillon watch is light, agile and beautiful. The unique sapphire crystal design makes it unique. The fixed mirror extends all the way to the side of the case and acts as a bezel. Under the mirror is engraved with luminous digital time markers. The 44mm diameter titanium case of this extraordinary masterpiece houses a skeleton differential flying tourbillon movement. The titanium skeleton tourbillon watch features a polished and satin-finished black rubber strap with a titanium and stainless steel folding clasp.
Pricing: RMB 89
 La Monégasque Tourbillon
Player World: Born for Adventure
This new La Monégasque flying tourbillon watch combines exquisiteness and beauty. It is limited to 188 pieces worldwide and uses the most iconic advanced watchmaking complication: the flying tourbillon, which is called the top mechanical technology The pinnacle. The silver satin-finished sun-dappled disc at the center of the dial features a power reserve indicator window that contrasts with the rose gold flying tourbillon, while the white transfer hour markers decorated with black edges and the black Roger Dubuis logo and warp The rhodium-plated face plate decorated with polished sanding contrasts sharply.
Pricing: RMB 1,010,000
 Excalibur King rose gold self-winding watch
Warrior Spirit: The Art of Fighting
Roger Dubuis’ new Excalibur King series is an ode to strength and aesthetics. The shape is vibrant, with sharp edges, and the design reflects a sense of strength. The 42 mm diameter rose gold case complements the satin-finished geometric dial with sunburst and contrasts with the long Roman numerals. The new series of watches has removed the crown protection, which is more light and symmetrical; but it retains the sharp beveled edges and lines, showing a strong and powerful style. The grooved bezel is still a classic feature of this series, with a more refined design and the ‘princely’ hour and minute hands.
Pricing: RMB 183,000
 Velvet Peerless High Jewellery Rose Gold Watch
Peerless World: Elegant Charm, Peerless Style
The Velvet collection draws inspiration from the world of peerless celebrities, and is the focus of Roger Dubuis’ creation for the 2012 Geneva International Horological Fair. Velvet self-winding watch with pink gold and diamonds, 36 mm case diameter, geometric double-layer dial with signature convex round crystal mirror and diamond-studded strap; long Roman numerals are cleverly arranged and arranged between Between the outer round shape and the inner barrel-shaped case, it gives a new and unique visual beauty. The Velvet watch is both a reliable timepiece and exquisite jewellery. The bezel is set with 66 diamonds (approximately 1.33 carats) and it shines with the strap set with 196 diamonds (approximately 1.65 carats). The special square lugs on the top and bottom of the case are also inlaid with diamonds, forming a natural transition between the case and the strap. At the same time, it is reminiscent of the brand’s unique Sancha lug design, which is exquisite and exquisite.
Pricing: RMB 389,000

Iwc Idol Ambassador Supermodel Karolina Kurkova Explains ‘fearless Beauty’

July 21, 2016, Shanghai—Swiss watchmaker Schaffhausen IWC IWC brand ambassador supermodel Karolina Kurkova visited the Nanjing West Road flagship store in Shanghai to interpret ‘Bold & ‘Beautiful’ femininity. For a long time, IWC has led the trend with its unique style. In the women’s world, it also praises a detached courage and wisdom. At the event, Karolina Kurkova wore a Portofino series watch, exuding an independent and elegant femininity.

   IWC gives each woman its own attitude and does not follow the trend; they are not defined, confident and independent, blooming their own wonderfulness; they do not envy the beauty of the individual, but also hope to create more beauty and wisdom for the world. The contrast between IWC’s simple design and decisive temperament creates a different kind of conflict and beauty. In the world of IWC, women can perform unique and free and feminine, and release the charm of independence and confidence.

   This time, as the brand ambassador of IWC, supermodel Karolina Kurkova visited the flagship store on Nanjing West Road in Shanghai to perfectly show the ‘fearless beauty’ of IWC’s female image. Karolina was born in Eastern Europe. When she came to New York at the age of 15, she quickly gained a place in the modeling industry. At the end of the 1990s, decadence style prevailed in the entire fashion world, but Karolina jumped into people’s attention with an image different from the mainstream. She was unique and aggressive, becoming one of the hottest supermodels at the time. Nowadays, her life is focused on happy family and charity activities. She continues to inherit the love and beauty she has harvested, and has become an inspiration muse for many creators.

   Karolina’s insistence on her own style coincides with IWC’s pursuit of the highest state of fine watchmaking art, so that she can insist on herself in the ever-changing fashion trend. The best fashion always inherits the classic charm. IWC adheres to this philosophy, combining precise performance and unique appearance design, continuously creating watches with lasting value, continuing the spirit of classic watchmaking.
Portofino Automatic 37 (Model: IW458109)

   The diameter of the case is 37mm, and the bezel is set with 12 diamonds. The selected diamonds are of the highest clarity and sparkle, giving the watch a luxurious temperament, but the entire watch is still simple and bright. The carefully crafted mirror-polished case has a shiny surface, and a red alligator leather strap shows noble temperament. The popular three-hand watch is a perfect match for the slender wrist, combined with diamond embellishment, dazzling and glorious.
Portofino Moon Phase Automatic Watch 37 (Model: IW459007)

   The 37mm diameter case is understated and luxurious, which coincides with the style of this highly regarded watch family. The design of the moon phase display is very classic: the moon sometimes flashes in the clouds, sometimes suspended under the starry night sky. The mother-of-pearl dial, set with 12 diamonds, shines softly, and the green alligator strap makes the watch more attractive, while highlighting the simple design of the dial.