Orion Quiet And Precise

There is only such a watch in my mind. Maybe I can only describe her with simplicity. I use the most basic hand-winding movement and leather strap without excessive modification, and even omit the numbers. Scale, who would she be?

 After studying various brands and models, I discovered NOMOS and identified her as the watch in my mind. From knowing to knowing, from knowing to falling for it, I did not give myself many reasons. When I browsed the NOMOS website, I was pleasantly surprised to find that this is a series of typical Bauhaus-style works. It is difficult to describe or describe in too many languages. My understanding is that too many modifications may not be the true meaning of Bauhaus. It is amazing to interpret each series. With a tiny space on the wrist, NOMOS can play the Bauhaus element to the fullest. Maybe you will never like NOMOS, maybe you will not be able to extricate yourself because NOMOS is so pure.

 The curve of ORION is the inspiration of the NOMOS-ORION series. The elegant curve and exquisite craftsmanship made the ORION series. The 309 became my final choice. I think it is because of the small three-pin. The first thing she saw was Quiet, I barely notice her running, looking away, time seems to be still for her. It is placed in the palm of the hand. The entire dial is designed with small three-pins. The slender blue-steel hands with wicker-shaped gold scales look extraordinary, and the back is polished with a fine alpha (alpha) movement. The current comprehensive error of visual inspection +5 seconds / day ( Many friends’Xiao Nuo is more accurate), NOMOS ‘adjustment is once again convincing, and secondly, the horse leather strap is light and comfortable to wear, suitable for all seasons.