New Generation All-around Idol Li Yifeng Becomes Tag Heuer Brand Ambassador

On July 1, 2015, he came from the stage of music. The role he created is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Even though he has enjoyed the favor of millions of fans, he has never slowed down the pace of climbing the peak of his career. He has continued to expand his acting career, and strived to interpret the stage of life. He is a new generation of Li Yifeng from “Peak”, and today he has a new identity-TAG Heuer brand new ambassador.

  In recent years, TAG Heuer has defined the brand connotation with a new vision: inheriting Swiss craftsmanship, drawing inspiration from the pioneering attitude; loving sports, incorporating sportsmanship into the brand’s genes; avant-garde design, a new definition of a stylish lifestyle, and a more complete body Engage in the art and music world. Successively attracted young and powerful stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Cara Delevingne, Jeremy Lin, and Deng Ziqi as brand ambassadors, all of whom interpreted TAG Heuer’s “Fearless Challenges and Achieve Self” with a fearless personality (Don ‘ t Crack under Pressure). Today, Li Yifeng has also become a member of this star-studded family, opening a new era of ‘peak’.

   Li Yifeng made his debut from the mainland’s draft shows. Over the years, he has gradually expanded his performing arts path, published multiple music albums, tried songwriting, appeared in TV dramas, and broke into the big screen. He constantly broke through himself, climbed the peak of his career, and won numerous awards. This year, it was ranked among the top ten in the Forbes China Celebrity List, leading all young artists. Li Yifeng has gained a large number of loyal fans with his unique personal charm and fashion taste, and has become a new generation of high-quality popular idols and a trend-setting style pioneer in the Internet era. After eight years of hard work, he has gradually transformed from a young boy into a charismatic all-round artist. He adheres to his own path, calmly faces every challenge, and uses his own hard work to interpret ‘the fearless challenge, the achievement of self’ The true meaning.

  On July 1, TAG Heuer’s new concept store in Shanghai Ganghui Hanglong Plaza opened. TAG Heuer held a press conference and officially announced that Li Yifeng became the brand ambassador. TAG Heuer Jean Claude Biver, global CEO of TAG Heuer and CEO of France’s watch division, said: ‘Li Yifeng’s influence in the post-90s generation in Greater China is very different. Fan Xiang, his success exemplifies the vitality of young power and unlimited possibilities. We believe that the joining of Li Yifeng will lead TAG Heuer to open up a new generation of courageous and courageous style. ‘Li Yifeng wears the TAG Heuer Carrera card Laila heritage series CALIBRE 1887 chronograph attended the press conference, Carrera Calera 1887’s stylish and simple appearance design complements Li Yifeng’s handsome and cool shape, and the bravery, passion and charm represented by Carrera Calera series more perfectly fit Li Yifeng The charm of the ‘peak’ grid.

  On that day, Li Yifeng visited TAG Heuer’s new concept store on the first floor of Ganghui Plaza. The store brings together a full range of TAG Heuer products. The new store is based on cool black, with warm red, highlighting the avant-garde design style. The image of TAG Heuer’s ambassador NBA star Lin Shuhao and Asian pop star Deng Ziqi in the store’s periphery exudes youthful vigor and vitality, bringing a refreshing shopping experience to consumers.