Movado’s New Art Experience ‘imagine Movado’ Digital Art Event Held In Hong Kong

On June 5, 2015, Movado, a famous Swiss watch brand, started a unique artistic journey in Hong Kong. Movado watches have been established for more than 130 years and always adhere to their own The pursuit of watch making is flashy and actively promotes the development of contemporary art. On the same day, Movado became associated with art again, and the event with the theme of digital art ‘Movado Be Inspired’ brought a different experience to everyone.

  The venue of the event was selected at the famous W Hotel in Hong Kong. On the day, the executives of the Movado brand and many guests and media friends attended the event together. Julian Addison (third from right), President of Movado Group Asia Pacific, and Ms. Chen Huizhen, Vice President of Movado Brand Asia Pacific. (Second from right) Take a photo with the guests.

  On the day of the event, Movado exhibited three precious watches from its brand history. The picture above shows the “Time / 5” watch specially designed by Movado for 1987 by Pop Art Master Andy Warhol. A bracelet is a separate watch, which is equivalent to a 5 time zone watch, limited to 250 pieces, and its unique design is eye-catching.

  In 1992, Movado invited the artist ‘Bill Time’ watch created by Max Beale, with bright colors and bracelets integrated into one. The simple modernist aesthetics, the rich heritage of watchmaking skills and the origins behind the brand and the art form the Movado brand’s charm.

  The picture above is the most precious watch on display that day, which is also the origin of the Movado brand’s design DNA. It was designed by Bauhaus artist Nathan George Howett and became a sensation upon launch. A single polka-dot dial with a very modern design is known as a model of modernist design in the 20th century. This dial design was included in the Permanent Design Collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1960, becoming the first dial in history to receive this award, and has the reputation of a ‘Museum Dial’. Today, Movado watches have been adopted by more than 20 watches around the world. The collection of museums has established the status of Movado watches as a way of elevating design and watchmaking to an artistic level.

  Movado combined modern technology with traditional art that evening. Guests used the ipad built-in ‘Yixiang Movado’ application on the spot to create their own style of works with their own ingenuity or personality inspiration, and displayed them in the form of fluorescent image display. On the screen wall, at the same time, users can also enter the App Store and search for ‘yixiang Movado’ to download the APP and create their own works on the phone.

  On the day of the event, the international supermodel Qin Shupei wore a Movado watch to present the experience of wearing a simple and stylish Movado watch.

Hong Kong singer Wu Ruoxi came to the scene with her own artwork.

Taiwan famous singer Yang Zongwei.

Yang Zongwei showcases his creative works created through ‘Imagination Movado’.

Summary: The international supermodel Qin Shupei experienced the artistic creation of ‘Imagination Movado’ at the event. The interactive device in the venue echoes the iPad with the built-in ‘Imagination Movado’ application, and guests can create their own works on the spot on the iPad. Movado, who has always been promoting art and culture, takes into account that most people cannot go to the venue to set up online sections. From June 5th to August 31st, 2015, all brands that love art can participate in ‘Art Want The ‘Movado’ online creation contest has the opportunity to win other prizes such as a trip to a European museum for two.
Yixiang Movado download method: App store search ‘yixiang Movado’