Mastering The Moment Tasting Radar D-star Quartz Chronograph Watch

时间始终在流逝,而今天为大家介绍的这只石英计时表,你可以准确衡量时间是如何流逝的。 From the classic RADO Rado DiaStar Diamond Star Series watch inspiration, 50 years later, to build a new generation of Rado Rado D-Star Royal Star Series watch again completed a magnificent transformation, Model: 541.0937. 3.011.

 The modern Rado “D-Star” series watches, like their outstanding predecessors, this watch perfectly combines inspirational design and innovative materials: the two generations of this series are the oval-shaped case and innovative materials this common point integration.

 Only radar watch diameter 42 mm, well-known three different Rado has made a significant investment in materials and design innovation, and ultimately, in the building when the Rado D-Star Royal Star Series watch used a total of材质:高科技陶瓷、Ceramos™碳化钛金属陶瓷以及碳渗透不锈钢。而今天的这一只就是碳化钛金属陶瓷。

 Since then Rado DiaStar diamond star hard metal easy to wear watches used by relatively heavy, the latest research and development of titanium carbide ceramics represent watch the inherent modernity and wearer comfort closely. Only watch shines like platinum golden light in the material, waterproof to a depth of 100 meters.

 The crown material is also made of titanium carbide cermet. The most appealing material of this material is that it is possible to wear a watch that is not easy to wear and adapt to the temperature of the human body. This all further enhances the wearer’s comfort.

 The silver-gray dial is embellished with bright gold scales and hands, which make the watch feel very elegant.

Timing function clear presentation on the disk, are 12 hour counter and 10 minute counter, and 60 seconds seconds subdial, four o’clock position further provided window date display.

Strap with titanium carbide ceramic with stainless steel material, to achieve a comfortable adapt to body temperature changes just mentioned above wear, this watch even in winter wear will not be uncomfortable.

Watch equipped with a quartz movement with triple titanium metal clasp with Ceramos ™ titanium carbide ceramic buttons, elegant and generous. Proud history of innovation Rado Rado continues to inspire innovation and ultimate brand breakthrough technology and materials. Through Rado D-Star Royal Star Series watch we can glimpse, materials, and scientific and technological developments unleashed unparalleled design potential.这只腕表在大陆的售价为¥ 15,300,相信喜欢常新或者是钟情材质的朋友们肯定会喜欢上这只腕表。

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