Jacques Reverso Series Questionnaire

Jacques Reverso R & eacute; p & eacute; tition Minutes & agrave; Rideau
18K white gold case, size 55 & times; 35 & times; 12mm, curtain covered with hollow dial, equipped with Jaeger-LeCoultre 944 hand-wound movement, 35-hour power reserve, limited to 75
My biggest regret (not one) during my trip to Geneva was that I couldn’t try this roller shutter minute repeater of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso series. Setting aside the purely technical content such as hammers, gongs and sound quality, I just said that it uses the curtain in front of the case to start the minute repeating idea. It is very difficult to find comparable works in today’s altarpieces, up to 80 Anniversary name.
The curtain of the dial consists of 16 pieces of 18K white gold slats, each of which is 2.34 mm wide, which can slide back and forth like a stage curtain. The small sliding part on the side of the case is used as a switch to control the curtain to open and drive the spring-closing device to play a beautiful time-sounding sound. After the time-sweeping is completed, it is covered again. Because controlling the curtain requires extra power, the design of ‘all-or-nothing’ is adopted, and the time is only reported when the barrel is full of energy to avoid stopping halfway due to exhaustion of power. In addition, the ‘silent’ and ‘separated’ control devices can only activate the curtain without sound or let the curtain slide freely as if the case is turned over.
The poet Xianxian Li Bai once had the ‘beauty roll-up curtain, sitting deep on the moth eyebrow’, presumably the designer of Jaeger-LeCoultre did not have the opportunity to appreciate it, but the angle of art is interlinked, covering a curtain and letting the imagination Infinite, opening half a roller shutter, leaving endless charm.