It Is A Dry Duck In The Admiral, And It Is Also Covered With ‘navigation International Signal’

When it comes to Kunlun watches, most people may think of the iconic bubble series, or the Golden Bridge. These are indeed more iconic products, but they are relatively ‘near’ in their product brochures. If we move forward a bit, say, going back to the 1960s, then we are talking about the Admiral series. As its name suggests, this product line is particularly affected by water, boats and navigation, with different sizes and different options for complex functions. From the name, we are used to calling this watch Admiral Legend 42. But if you look at the name on the dial called ‘Admiral’s Cup’, this problem, it seems that the two names are used by the manufacturers, these two names are the same watch. So if you see the Admiral’s Cup, this is the Admiral Legend 42 and not any other watch. The 42 that appears is well understood, which is the 42 mm diameter of the watch. However, to see this size, you have developed some kind of golden eyes-the shape of the case is a twelve variants. In addition to visually distinguishing it from other watches, it also lays the foundation for the dial. On the dial of the Kunlun Admiral Legend 42 you can see that the mast (yacht term) is on your wrist, and the shape of the signal flag constitutes the scale. This is far from being a stupid way of simply adding color and nautical qualities to a watch. Every flag is exquisite, these things are actually referring to the ‘International Signal Regulations’ and using flags to refer to numbers. When indicating single digits, this approach is very straightforward. When dealing with double digits, the signal flag is divided into two to obtain the two digits referred to. Although I’m not a seafarer, I like these things because it’s an interesting way of blending themes and catching the hearts of those who understand the meaning of ‘hidden behind flat graphics’. It looks like the patterns and colors on the Admiral Legend 42 dial can make this watch dazzling, but it is more coordinated. In fact, in addition to the bottom color of the dial, there are only four colors-red, blue, yellow and black. These colors are used in small amounts to brighten up everything else-corners, round grooves, and similar things. There are a lot of things on the dial, but they are not cluttered or difficult to read (even if the pointer is some kind of flag). The movement carried by this watch is a movement Corum called CO395, which is based on the ETA 2895 movement, with some additional polished decorations. Considering the solid ETA base, you can still guess that its reliability, accuracy and maintenance are not a problem. For the Admiral Legend 42 watch with the theme of water sports, the design of the strap is actually very appropriate and has a close relationship with the lugs. Also known as ‘Admiral’, I was surprised when I turned the watch over. The marked waterproof level is only 50 meters. What spray is blossoming, it has nothing to do with that. Old Deng said: I really appreciate the use of the flags of the International Signal Code, which is very fascinating. However, it is a pity that the water-resistant level is 50 meters. In my conception, such a sporty watch must be able to be safely launched. But if you’re a dry duck, you can get an electric shock when you touch the water, but you also like a sport watch that is interesting and interesting. This should be a good dish.