Hublot New Skull Bang Watch-news Hublot

A humorous and playful black atmosphere, this rebellious watch seems to remind us not to put too much pressure on ourselves. This amazing watch, any rock star wearing it will not look out of place, whether on stage or anywhere in the city.

Hublot is an eye-catching luxury watch that perfectly combines two seemingly impossible elements. On the one hand, it is an elegant rebellious spirit, and on the other, it reminds us of the fragility and shortness of life. To grasp the depth of each moment …
The entire Skull Bang watch is extremely black. The simple skull pattern on the all-black ceramic dial shows the source of inspiration for the watch. It is full of a cold atmosphere and also makes the watch a high collection. Value, this watch is limited to 100 pieces and numbered worldwide. Hublot designed this watch in order to commemorate the long-term cooperation between the well-known watch collector Laurent Picciotto, who has a close relationship with the Hublot brand. Laurent Picciotto is a legendary leader in the watch industry. It was in 2007 that he opened Hublot’s first physical boutique in the world at 271 Rue Saint HonorĂ© in Paris. The new Skull Bang watch will be in the The store is on sale.