Gucci Watch Jewelry Eye-catching Painting Color Of Gucci Vision

The summer is soft and feminine, showing a full and full of breath of life. The glittering light and light shone in the shade and captured the lush fragrance of the flower jungle. All kinds of colorful gestures are embedded in the luxuriant beauty, and the poetic purity is interspersed with the white space of the summer movement, so that the neon colorfulness awakens the sleek fashion. Gucci watch jewelry presents a new summer gift series, infiltrating the meaning of logo elements into a new aesthetic situation, and interpreting unique self-style.

Watch recommendations
Le Marché des Merveilles Secret Watches

The latest 32mm Secret Watch combines a neon look with contemporary style. The red resin case contrasts with the green-red-green striped nylon strap; the bright yellow resin case with the rainbow-colored striped nylon strap creates a radiant summer look. Both models feature a silver mirrored surface, and the nylon strap is adorned with Gucci’s signature “L’ Aveugle Par Amour” (fascinated by love), perfect for any casual or sporty outfit. The other two models show a very high level of craftsmanship. The slightly glittering mother-of-pearl surface is matched with an antique carved silver case, and the case is decorated with engraved tiger head elements. The antique carved silver bracelet is decorated with blue-red-blue or green-red-green striped enamel, realizing a fresh creative mix of materials and textures.

Constance watch

Gucci Watch Jewellery launches Constance series. Five fascinating models in honor of the heroine Constance Chatterley in DH Lawrence’s novel Lady Chatterley’s Lover Independence and passion. The padlock design breaks away from the established rules of traditional watchmaking, giving the watch its unique and unexpected charm. Constance’s case is made of colored Plexiglas with a rotation mode. Its gold U-shaped ring can be attached to a specially designed leather strap or other jewelry, bag or belt-a unique accessory that transforms into an unusually stylish logo element. The new series of watches has three different sizes, colors, materials and designs are diverse and more original.

Recommended jewelry
Icon Collection

Gucci jewelry’s Icon collection features superb craftsmanship, using warm gold tones, floral elements and Italian enamel craftsmanship. The collection draws inspiration from the Renaissance, a period that contributed to the formation of Gucci’s new creative aesthetic. Now the whole series has spawned a series of new works with the theme of delicate flowers. First outfits include exquisite open bracelets, necklaces and rings. On these jewellery, the iconic flower and leaf design of the series is decorated with blue and white enamel, with blue and black enamel as the background. Particularly noteworthy is the embossing and floral decoration around the edges of the rings and bracelets, which are very elegant and chic. Throughout the series, delicate flower and leaf designs are harmoniously intertwined with the well-known “GG” element. Italian master goldsmiths have made these Icon works a reality with extraordinary care and extraordinary craftsmanship, adding a long-lasting charm to this fascinating series.