Gucci China’s First Watch Boutique Settles In Shanghai

On August 1, 2008, GUCCI, the famous international brand, opened the first page of its first watch boutique in China on the first floor of the busiest Jiuhai Parkson Plaza in Shanghai. To celebrate the completion of the new store, GUCCI specially held an opening reception in the store. Ms. Huang Yi, a well-known film and television star, specially brought this year’s latest CHIODO 18K yellow gold diamond watch to attend the event. This watch has a beautiful case and bracelet, adding a jewel-like extraordinary texture to its appearance. Precious materials and luxurious decoration, angular shape design, embellished with bright diamonds, even more eye-catching and noble. In addition, Ms. Shi Zhouliang and Mr. Ji Huanbo, top domestic models, displayed a variety of watch series such as CHIODO, PANTHEON, TWIRL and I-GUCCI in the shop, bringing the latest international watches to Shanghai, a city of fashion. Trend information.
当天 Guests gathered on the day of the event, while the VIPs appreciated the various Gucci watches that debuted in China, and felt the thoughtful VIP personal service. GUCCI even offers guests champagne, cocktails prepared for this event and carefully selected refined pastries, which show the luxury and fashion of GUCCI. The new GUCCI watch boutique has an area of ​​more than 40 square meters. The design and decoration fully match the stylish and elegant style of the GUCCI brand. Ingenious display methods, displaying the most complete GUCCI watches, allowing customers to carefully watch and choose in a comfortable and quiet environment. Swiss-made GUCCI watches, adhering to the brand’s unique fashion style and superior image, focusing on unique design and outstanding quality, have always been loved by leaders of the trend. GUCCI, which represents the essence of modern Italian style. In addition to its high-quality brand-name products, the sales staff have received professional product knowledge training. They have the most detailed information for each GUCCI watch, and provide thoughtful consultation and sales to distinguished customers service.