Freakit Fantastic Customization: Ultimate Personalized Customization Service

Fantasy Transcendence finally came true. UlysseNardin Athens watch presents the new FreakITAPP application, which raises the uniqueness and self-expression of Whimsical Watch to a new level. Unlike other watchmaking brands, UlysseNardin offers a wealth of customization options-not only the case, strap, movement bridge, bezel, ‘grinding’ winding system, locks, side tags , Movement parts, etc., a total of 22 watch parts and movement parts can be customized as required.

Create your own, unique whimsy,
To imagine, design, build, achieve, and be free,
Create what you want.

Perfect 22/22 Whimsical

   The FreakIT app is built into the iPad in the Athens watch store (selected some boutiques and retailers). There are 22 custom-made Transcend custom parts to choose from. The strap material can be crocodile leather or fabric surface. Some colors can be selected from the full spectrum of colors, such as lost blue, midnight black, fanatic red, passion orange and rare rose gold, while strap stitching and oversized safety stitching can be selected from light gun gray or laser white.

   Case locks and side tags can also be laser engraved: it can be your name, signature, code, or love of your life. Just click again and you can place your order directly. After 4 months, your personal custom-made hand-assembled masterpiece will be displayed in front of you.
   “This FreakITapp app takes personal customization to the extreme,” said Patrick Pruniaux, chief executive officer of Ulysse Nardin. “This is unprecedented in the watch industry. At present, the watch industry is far behind the automotive industry in terms of customization services. Brands such as RollsRoyce, Ferrari, and Bentley all provide a full range of customized services for customers. Now, customers of UlysseNardin watch can only create a belonging by simply sliding and clicking in the store. Your own, unique Whimsical Transcend watch, where your personality is fully expressed. Custom service is one of the elements that define high-end luxury goods. Rich and savvy buyers, especially collectors of high-end watches and millennials, are With a real emphasis on emotion and personal expression, FreakIT is meeting that need. ‘
   With FreakIT, UlysseNardin Athens takes customization to a new level-no matter how many customization options you choose, the cost of customization services remains the same, with a uniform pricing of 10,000 Swiss francs and a total watch price of 105,000 Swiss francs.

Personalization options

-Color of rubber bezel coating
-Color of the side rubber coating
-Color of bezel triangle studs
-Engraved lock
-Side cards
Top view
-Minute hand bridge indicator and balance plate
-Superluminova luminous arrow color on the minute hand bridge indicator
-Clockwork box board bridge color
-UlysseNardin logo color on the barrel of the barrel
-Luminous arrow color on clockwork box board bridge
-Color of Minute Banqiao Swivel Cover
-Spring box plate bridge cover color
-Color of the hour wheel
-Color of the clock wheel sports gear
Bottom view
-Winding base (‘grinding machine’ winding system) color
-‘UNgrinder’ logo color
-Color of winding base
-Strap material and color (black alligator leather, blue alligator leather, black fabric surface, blue fabric surface)
-Alligator strap stitching color
-Fabric side strap stitching color
-Color of alligator leather strap with safety stitching
-Color of safety stitch on fabric side

Technical Information

Model 2505-250
Movement UN-250
Function Display hours and minutes through movement
‘Grinder’ automatic winding device with detents and guides
Athens anchored constant swing escapement; 2.5 Hz oscillator
Large-diameter silicon oscillating weight with nickel weight
Silicon self-adjusting micro flakes
Silicon gear transmission gear
Flying Carussell (strip movement): 1 hour and 1 lap
Power reserve 50 hours, constant swing
Case Platinum case with lateral ‘frame’ sidebar covered with rubber
Bezel Titanium material covered with blue rubber, with 3 titanium indicators for easy operation
Can be wound manually by turning the case back
Turn the bezel to adjust the time, with locking device
45 mm diameter
Dial with hour and minute scales
Water resistant to 30 meters
Double-sided curved anti-glare anti-wear sapphire crystal
Case back titanium, 6 screws, admiring the ‘grinding machine’ winding system through the dome crystal glass
Strap in matte crocodile leather or fabric with a titanium folding clasp