Fashion And Luxury Watches Make You A Princess In A Second

Each girl has a princess dream, put on a gorgeous dress, with a beautiful crown, and dance with her beloved prince in the garden full of flowers. Dreams come true no longer difficult, Xiao Bian teaches you to become a princess in a second.
The most important thing to be a princess is to have a sense of luxury. This feeling is from the inside out. Luxurious gowns or exaggerated headgear can not always be worn only those luxury watches with a handed down story, but always wear on the wrist, highlighting the princess fan.
变 Become a Love Princess Paris Grand Mercure Belle Jewelry Watch in a Second
French luxury brand Paris Grand Mercure MATZO PARIS represents the trend of top luxury in the European high society, and has a long history of royal family.
BELLE is the nickname of Princess BELLE in the story of ‘Beauty and the Beast’. The Paris Grand Mercure MATZO PARIS BELLE watch originated from the Louis XV period and was inspired by the love between the famous lady of Beaumont and her mysterious lover story.
The Grand Mercure Paris MATZO PARIS uses a special concentric coaxial movement to interpret the perfect connotation of love and moon. 58 VVS-grade diamonds and rare white mother-of-pearl in the Mediterranean play the Paris Grand Mercure MATZO PARIS BELLE jewellery watch for women who are looking forward to their loyal love according to the family’s dust-tight drawings. The gem is inlaid with a crown, and the case is designed with the classic Grand Drum case of the Grand Mercure Paris MAZ PARSI. The precision inlaid circular calendar window records each day that lovers love. The coaxial dual-rotating sun and moon dial represents the sun and the moon. Consistent vows. This watch gives the girl the most sincere love charm and turns the girl who owns her into the happiest love princess in love.
变 Change to Dance Princess White DIOR VIII for a second
设计 Each design of the Dior VIII white ceramic series includes 28 sizes, 33 and 38mm. There are 12 models in total, bringing you a more considerate small size option for your slim wrist. And equipped with quartz or automatic movement and white ceramic or snowflake diamond bezel. Restore the noble dream moments in women’s hearts. The round case is equipped with a streamlined bezel, and the transparent sapphire crystal caseback is restrained but not dazzled. The detailed and elegant lines are addictive. Every minute and every second is like Dior’s suits make you immersed in the exquisite beauty of advanced custom craftsmanship.
The crystal-encrusted design looks like stars and snowflakes. The white mother-of-pearl dial glows with the silk luster of Dior’s small dress, and the snowflakes and diamonds are like the pearl trim on the layered skirt, which is noble and young. The highly polished steel case outlines the beautiful outline, the lugs are rounded, and the simple moments are perfectly arranged on the silver-white dial, and the center of the dial is set with sparkling diamonds. The white lacquered oscillating weight, just like the waltz rotation, the swing of the oscillating weight on the dial is reminiscent of an embroidered petticoat, a lace corolla or a pleated skirt with diamonds. The hour, minute and second hands are cut with beveled diamonds to capture the flowing light and shadow of the building during quiet travel. Equipped with excellent quartz or automatic movement makes this watch more professional value beyond the avant-garde fashion. Let all the new age women who are obsessed with the gorgeous design of Dior but cannot let go of the pursuit of professional movements go crazy. White DIOR VIII lets you dance like a woman wearing a Dior haute couture gown
变 Second moment become confident Princess Chanel White J12
White J12 always shows a confident charm. White high-tech fine ceramics emphasize the design and construction of the J12 watch, exuding a common luster from the inside out. White camellia is Ms. Chanel’s favorite. J12 is like a white and beautiful camellia, showing Chanel’s unique style.
The reason why the white J12 watch can lead the trend is not only the perfect appearance design, but also thanks to its unique precision material white high-tech precision ceramics. This is Chanel’s unique and innovative watchmaking material. Chanel uses high-tech precision ceramics with high hardness, not easy to be scratched and difficult to oxidize, plus diamond powder polishing to make ceramics shine like metal, so that the watch will never fade and wear easily. The temperature can be adjusted according to the human body temperature, and it is extremely comfortable to wear. During the processing, Chanel’s watchmakers carefully formulated special powders and pigments to create a pure white unique to J12. Various fine and difficult craftsmanship has created the legend of white classic watch of J12. Also created the noble temperament of girls’ confidence.