Every Year Chanel Has A Hard-to-find Limited Edition. What New Things Have Come Out This Year?

Every year Chanel launches several unique timepieces, which will become the most eye-catching scenery at the Basel Watch Fair. These works are unique in both craftsmanship and design, and they have become the focus of discussion.
   Last year was a lion, and this year became a toad?

Chronosphère clock created by Chanel in collaboration with Swiss watchmaker L’ Epée

The Chanel Monsieur de Chanel pocket watch style released at Baselworld 2018 can be disassembled and converted into a clock. The base is equipped with a sculpture of a lion and uses the Calibre 2.2.

   Ms. Chanel is a Leo, and male lions appear very frequently in Chanel’s work. Chanel’s male lion is a little bit British and has its own queen flavor. At Baselworld 2018, Chanel exhibited a clock and a pocket watch with double-conversion clockwork. The black male lion became an important support for the base of the clock, showing a post-modern Baroque style, and a dark low-key luxury produced a mysterious appeal.

Left: CHANEL PREMIÈRE MIDNIGHT IN VENDÔME clock with ring, total diamond weight approximately 56.43 carats
Right: CHANEL PREMIÈRE MIDNIGHT IN VENDÔ ME18K yellow gold ring watch, total diamond weight is about 1.06 carats


  This year, Chanel broke the norm and incorporated the oriental image of toad into watch design. If the lion represents the sun, the toad is often given the meaning of the ‘moon’ in Eastern and Western myths, and in China, it is a beautiful symbol of ‘fortune’. The 18K yellow gold toad on this clock is set with 2 topaz and 812 brilliant-cut diamonds, the ring is set with 1 yellow sapphire, 46 brilliant-cut diamonds, 2 baguette-cut diamonds and onyx, base Covered with ebony boards and obsidian blocks and surrounded by 18K yellow gold, it is surrounded by 236 brilliant-cut diamonds for luxury. This is priced at 1.2 million Euros, and I guess it will be bought by some families or entrepreneurs as the treasure of the town.
   Is it jewelry or a watch?

Left: CHANEL PREMIÈRE MIDNIGHT IN VENDÔME bracelet watch, total diamond weight is about 3.53 carats
Right: CHANEL PREMIÈRE MIDNIGHT IN VENDÔME necklace watch, total diamond weight is about 2.53 carats

   Although these two are a bracelet watch and a necklace watch, the chain part also uses 18K yellow gold with Japanese pearls, faceted onyx beads and square totems with bright-cut diamonds, which are also provided at the same time. The role of decoration.

  Exquisite oriental screen


   In addition, Chanel also launched the unique MADEMOISELLE PRIVÉ table clock last year. The exquisite table clock dial highlights Chanel’s proud carving process. Its precision manual winding fine watchmaking mechanical movement is created by Chanel Creative Studio and designed by Swiss watchmaker L’ Epée. The skilled watchmaker hollowed out the movement part carefully, changing the light and shadow, presenting the delicate finishing beauty.

Left: CHANEL MADEMOISELLE PRIVÉ watch, 18K gold case, snowflake-inlaid diamond, onyx dial, 18K gold bird and mother-of-pearl micro-engraving pattern
Right: CHANEL MADEMOISELLE PRIVÉ watch, 18K gold case, snowflake inlaid diamonds, onyx dial decorated with 18K gold and mother-of-pearl micro-carved pattern

Chanel MADEMOISELLE PRIVÉ necklace watch COROMANDEL oriental screen dial, quartz movement, total diamond weight approximately 7.62 carats

  Chanel’s carved gold oriental screen design inspired by oriental screens is the embodiment of elegance and beauty. Snowflake-inlaid diamonds give the dial its misty beauty, and each watch condenses a different kind of feeling on the wrist and witnesses the passing of time.
   Jewelled wristband

CHANEL CODE COCO watch, 18K white gold case, bezel and rotating lock, case set with 7 baguette-cut diamonds, bezel set with 30 baguette-cut diamonds, 27 princess-cut rubies, rotating The lock is set with 15 baguette-cut diamonds, the dial is set with 60 brilliant-cut diamonds and 1 princess-cut diamond, and the strap is set with 322 baguette-cut rubies

   CODE COCO has always been one of the most popular styles for women in the Chanel watch series, and young girls have interpreted it. At this year’s Basel watch exhibition, Chanel launched a unique model with whole body inlaid with rubies and diamonds. This watch blurs the boundary between watches and jewelry, adding charm to women.

CHANEL J12 watch, dial, case, bezel, strap, crown set with a total of 794 diamonds, black balance set with 52 baguette-cut diamonds

   Of all the unique watches, this diamond-studded J12 watch is the most eye-catching. No matter what angle it is, it is bound to become the focus of the crowd, making it unforgettable at a glance. This watch sells for 1.1 million Euros and hope to see someone wearing it soon!
   At this year’s Basel Watch Fair, Chanel launched a number of beautiful watch works, combining superb craftsmanship and rich imagination, and next year it will give what watch design, no one can imagine.