[Count Of Piaget Starlight] December Star Wear Information

In the winter season, Piaget jewellery and watches transform into the warm light in the snow and ice, reflecting the star-studded star pose, and heading to the beautiful winter festival.
幂 Yang Mi wore a long black dress with Piaget High Jewellery to attend the 17th China Film Awards. Limelight Garden Party necklaces surround the neck like vines, blooming magnificent flowers, and Limelight Rose Passion earrings, such as roses blooming in winter, outline touching faces and show charming charm.

幂 Yang Mi wore Piaget high jewellery and appeared at the 2018 Jiaren Chinese Style Annual Super Ceremony. Limelight Jazz Party high-jewelry earrings, such as bright dancing notes, play a light and shadow movement; Jardin Secret Engagement high-jewellery rings, such as the light of a secret garden, are fascinating.

幂 Yang Mi wore Piaget high jewelry to attend the 15th MAHB Mr. Annual Ceremony and won the ‘Most Popular Female Artist of the Year’ award. Sunny Sideof Life high-end jewelry necklaces and earrings are paired with a flowing gauze skirt, which shows a fashionable attitude in colorful and releases a bright atmosphere.

幂 Yang Mi attended the 5th China TV Good Actor Awards Ceremony and won two awards, including ‘Excellent Actor Award’ and ‘Emerald Actress’. Piaget Elegance white gold diamond ring and earrings embellish the sophisticated suit shape, elegant interpretation of the charm of modern women.

Yang Mi was wearing a white dress and wearing Piaget jewelry. Rose earrings swayed gently in the breeze, reflecting the gentle and sweet charm; Possession rings and bracelets slowly turned to add a touch of bright and fresh.

Wu Tangwei appeared on the red carpet of the 17th China Film Awards in a yellow dress and long skirt with Piaget Rose gold earrings. The diamond rose shines with a charming smile, and the gentle pearls set off the graceful temperament.

Chen Shu, dressed in an elegant lace dress with Piaget jewellery and watches, attended the 2018 Phoenix Alliance Actors Alliance Charity Ceremony and was awarded the ‘Top Ten Charity People of the Year’. Possession white gold diamond earrings and rings embellish the graceful figure. The Limelight watch reflects the noble temperament and explores the road of public welfare with its own light.

数 Chen Shuyi appeared in the light blue gauze skirt with Piaget Piaget jewelry at the 2018 National Drama Festival. Diamond roses and embroidered skirts complement each other to release an elegant light; pure pearls embellish the ears, and the gentle light touches the face, exuding a soft temperament.

Qin Hailu appeared on the red carpet with intellectual elegance. Wearing Piaget Sunlight Journey’s high jewelry earrings, she was bright and moving, radiating starlight with a smile; Piaget’s diamond rose was dazzling, showing her charming charm with her hands.

晨 Yao Chen wore Piaget jewelry to attend the 3rd Macau International Film Festival and Awards Ceremony. Wearing a purple slim suit, she appeared with Piaget’s platinum and diamond jewellery at the scene, sharing ‘Focus Filmmaker’ ‘s understanding of the script and characters. Rose earrings and rings are elegant and bright when talking happily, and possession rings shed light in thinking and playing.
Later, she appeared in a red dress and appeared on the red carpet before the movie ‘Find You’, bright and bright. The earl rose bloomed gently in her ears, releasing a feminine atmosphere. The possession red chalcedony ring and the rose gold diamond ring were stacked for even more modern taste.

晨 Yao Chen dressed up intellectually with Piaget’s jewellery on the Red Carpet Awards. The earl rose bloomed calmly in the fingers and ears, exuding gentle charm in dignity.

He Suiyi embroidered skirt and Piaget jewellery attended the 2018 China Fashion Style China Super Annual Ceremony, defining fashion with an independent attitude. Limelight Rose Passion high jewellery earrings shine in wavy curls, reflecting a white face, highlighting charming charm; white gold diamond roses are softly blooming between your fingers, adding a feminine look to the cool glamour.

Cai Xukun wore Piaget Polos S watch and Possession jewelry to attend the event. A stainless steel watch with an embroidered suit interprets the unique style of fashion; white gold diamond rings and necklaces embellish the outfit to release the new dazzling light of the trend.

Peng Yuchang’s black suit and Piaget Altiplano watch appeared on the Red Carpet Awards. The ultra-thin watch with diamonds on the wrist flashes in a low-key manner, just like he is constantly working hard, and the humility blooms.

Peng Yuchang appeared in 2019 Iqiyi Screaming Night and won the Screen Break Artist Award of the Year. Wearing a Piaget Polo S watch and Possession ring, in his humble low-key, he showed a freshman’s attitude that was brave to break the routine, showing his fearless determination to constantly break through himself.

沁 Li Qin’s polka dot dress appeared on the red carpet with Piaget jewelry. Possession earrings are swaying and brightening eyes; Possession bracelets are creatively stacked to show unique tastes; wearing the same series of rings between your fingers adds a sweet flavor.

学 Chen Xuedong attended the Huabiao Award with handsome appearance. Wear the classic rose gold Altiplano watch to show the elegant charm of the man; with the onyx Possession necklace, the interpretation of personality and style

Wang Yiyi wore Piaget watches and jewelry to attend the event. The Polo S dark blue leather watch with Possession white gold ring is both elegant and dynamic, showing the unique personality of a young gentleman.