Bvlgari Bvlgari Aurora Lvcea Gives Bright Light To Time

BVLGARI Bulgari inspired by the power of light to create the new Bvlgari Aurora LVCEA ladies watch series. The LVCEA series is a tribute to the sundial. It combines traditional style and modern aesthetics, and combines outstanding performance with creative design. As the embodiment of light, LVCEA is loved by celebrities and watch connoisseurs because of its brilliant style. On different occasions, it reflects their unique personality and charming style, making each moment the best time. From early morning to sunset, LVCEA is suitable for all occasions, making each day full of charming charm, making every style glamorous. The round case, light base, a series of light and shadow and style blending make LVCEA in the feminine beauty, showing a unique personality charm.

  Light has always been the recorder of time. In ancient times, humans invented the sundial in order to calculate time. The solar quadrant was first unearthed in ancient Egypt, and then found in ancient Greece and ancient Rome-they are the cornerstone of the birth of astronomical calendars and clocks. Since then, this primitive mode of recording time has become indispensable in people’s lives, and can be called the ancestor of today’s accurate timepieces. Light is the basis of the biological clock and is inseparable from time. LVCEA is also a tribute to the brand’s glorious history-ancient Roman and Greek traditions gave Bulgari an artistic light. Because of this origin, Bulgari combines the Italian ‘luce’ (meaning ‘light’) with the Latin ‘lux’ (meaning ‘luxury’), which gives the brand new name.

  LVCEA’s shining round case contains the flow of time. The round shape of the case symbolizes unity, implying the continuous cohesion of the past and the present. The contemporary elegant model bred from traditional aesthetics-LVCEA makes classics eternal and continues the beautiful legend of Bulgari. Bulgari, renowned for its fine jewelry, has a brilliant gem embedded in the crown of each LVCEA work. The noble fuchsia gemstones cut on the egg face highlight the bold and distinctive classic charm of Bulgari design. In addition, the gem crown is inlaid with a brilliant diamond, symbolizing the charming charm of women from the inside out.

  The LVCEA watch bracelet is inspired by the Bulgari classic Serpenti collection. The scales on the winding bracelet are replaced with polished metal that showcases the architectural geometric aesthetics. Each bracelet is seamlessly linked together. In Bvlgari’s classic style, the powerful lines of the bracelet perfectly balance the gorgeousness of the round case. These distinct elements are perfectly combined through lines and circles, just like the complex and intricate connotation of contemporary women-full of power, elegance, sensuality and energy.

  There are 13 different models in the LVCEA series: both classic stainless steel and luxurious pavé rose gold. Some models display a precious texture in the brilliance of diamonds, while others are decorated with Roman numerals XII and VI, showing the ancient Roman elements contained in the pure bloodlines of Bulgari. LVCEA presents the perfect fusion of tradition and present, power and sensuality, practicality and preciousness with multiple designs.

  The unique style is always shining: LVCEA emerges from the world, becoming another brilliant gem in the Bvlgari watch series.

  Stars and BVLGARI Bulgari’s indissoluble bond-For decades, BVLGARI Bulgari has been favored by the most elegant celebrities. Bulgari’s work has been glamorous in more than 40 films. At the same time, Bulgari is also a frequent visitor to the Oscars, the Golden Globes, and the red carpets such as the Cannes and Venice Film Festivals. Lai’s fascinating jewellery is dumped.

  The romance between Bulgari and the goddesses began in the golden age of ‘sweet life’ in Italy. With the rise of the Roman film industry in Cinecittà Studios in the 1950s and 1960s, the world has set its sights on this historic city. Rome also became the center of the international culture and design industry. It was then that the world’s superstars opened their inextricable bond with this eternal city and its best jeweler, Bvlgari. Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Ingrid Bergman, Sophia Roland … In the ‘sweet life’ era, Bulgari and the goddesses found each other, and fate has never stopped.

  Peerless fascinators have become increasingly fascinated by Bulgari. Contemporary goddesses are also reluctant to give up their shining ‘second skin’. They love to wear Bulgari works and make each day themselves a striking beauty. landscape. This is also a major source of design inspiration for LVCEA series watches.