Bronze Pilot Watch You Have Been Waiting For So Long, Finally Here

Everyone knows that a while ago, the rabbit led the three or five rabbit fans to Oris Oris and smashed the restaurant (oh no, look at the watch). At that time, the new goods came to China and Oris office The pile was full, and a group of hungry guys were happy, and they looked around one by one, almost forgetting that they came for 65. So when they heard that this year’s new Big Crown Bronze Edition (36mm) had just arrived, they couldn’t control it, and even cheated and asked for a look. In desperation, the staff had no choice but to find the first batch of 5 pieces that arrived in China from numerous boxes. Rabbit powder M did not particularly say that it immediately decided to take away a piece, so it officially became the first owner of this year’s Oris new large crown bronze watch. After the rabbit powder M got started, he developed a new livelihood skill to match the bronze case and sew new straps of various colors. Of course, this is the last word. Speaking of Oris Oris Big Crown watch, this is actually a pilot watch, from its birth in 1938 to today, has been the 80th anniversary. So this time, it came back with a strong attitude. The bronze light green face we just saw is just one of them. Let’s take a look at the past of the Oris Grand Crown first, because it is indeed one of the most famous models of Oris. Oris was born in 1904 and began manufacturing aviation watches in the 1910s. In the Oris Museum, the earliest aviation timepiece was a pocket watch in honour of the pioneering flight of the French Channel pioneer Louis Blériot in 1909. Then in 1917, Oris introduced the first aviation watch, and the timing protection device on the side of the case was a characteristic design of aviation watches of that era. In 1938, the large crown came out, defining the tone behind Oris watches. For example, it is equipped with a large crown that seemed exaggerated at the time (of course it is more common now), which is convenient for pilots to wear leather gloves. In addition, the pointer calendar display method will also become one of Oris’s iconic features in the future. Later, due to the impact of World War II, many watch brands made various military machinery during that period, and the production of civilian watches fell sharply (in fact, demand also fell sharply). At that time, Oris was busy making alarm clocks, and the output was not small. Now these clocks can be found in some second-hand watch shops in Europe. In fact, until the end of the quartz wave, Oris also left the big group to re-independence in 1982, and decided to make mechanical watches again. The big crown also ushered in the most brilliant period. Although there is no exact data, the analysis of Pride Time, that period, the sales of large crowns accounted for more than half of Oris. The big crown watch from the 1980s to the 1990s and until around 2000, the big crown watch was the most important model of Oris. The big crown watch in this period has a very large stock. But trends always change with the preferences and habits of each generation. From the perspective of today’s market, Oris diving watches are now the number one player. The large crown has indeed declined in the past 10 years, and no new products have been seen in the past 5 years. Although the times will change the status of a thing, it will always go through its heyday or downturn, but the classics never really disappear. At the moment of reappearance, it still had light. In fact, this year’s new big crown analog date watch has a total of 3 face colors, which are blue, gray-black, and light green. There are two sizes of 40mm and 36mm. band. Among them, the bronze model with light green, and only 36mm size, the other are steel models. Oukas product design engineer Lukas Bühlmann talked about the overall upgrade of the ‘big crown’ brand symbol this year. He chose two sizes so that both men and women can wear it. Whether it is the coin-shaped bezel, the pointer calendar display, or the iconic large crown, it is inherited from the original flavor. But this is not a simple re-enactment. Everyone naturally feels comparing historical models with new models. For example, this seemingly strange but intriguing color comes from Le Corbusier’s architectural color set. Lukas Bühlmann hopes that this color makes people feel fresh but historical. Both pieces have a large 40mm crown. In addition, the contour of the watch is more streamlined and the lugs are thinner. However, the biggest change is in the table mirror. The previous big crowns were acrylic table mirrors. This year’s new model uses sapphire bubble mirrors for the first time in this series. Looks more minimalistic and modern. The 36mm green version of steel looks more elegant when it comes to table glass. Acrylic materials that have risen since the 1940s are prone to scratches, but because they are less fragile than glass, they have entered the historical stage. And because of the pressing process used for acrylic table mirrors, the raw materials can be arbitrarily stamped after heating, and then the curved acrylic table mirrors are also called ‘bubble mirrors’. After the 1970s, sapphire replaced acrylic, but the process also increased the difficulty, so Oris did not use the sapphire bubble mirror on the large crown until this year. In fact, when the Basel Rabbit first saw the new big crown product this year, it did n’t make much sense to match the light green plate copper watch (I personally like the blue-faced steel model), but it is said that the scene has responded well, and the watches that have recently arrived Because the number is really small, it is still a tempo of rushing out. Strictly speaking, the big crown, from the current point of view, should be a vintage watch enthusiast who wants to buy a collection of watches, which is not a popular model, but this does not prevent Oris from wishing to reproduce it . Business can move with the times, but classics cannot be forgotten. Seeing an interaction between Oris before and Amsterdam Coffee House Lot Sixty One, the old-fashioned coffee house believes in sticking to many years of traditional craftsmanship, relying on the sense of smell but not excluding machines. As an independent watchmaking company, Oris has never forgotten innovation outside of the tradition. The rise in recent years is also the best return given by the market. Watches are just like text, whether passion or love is at a glance. Finally, I can’t help putting a spy photo on you, and a new crown and new watch will appear in mid-November. What’s the difference? In fact, this picture has explained everything, look forward to it. 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