Breitling Jet Team Releases New Watches In Beijing

On the same day, at the Breitling flagship store in Beijing’s Fangcao Grassland, pilots of the Breitling Jet Team, who will soon participate in the Moscow Air Show, released a new Avengers series watch with better robustness and shock resistance. The Breitling Jet Team has just completed its ‘Dragon China’ journey for almost a year. In October 2012, the fleet took off from the base in Dijon, France, across Eurasia. After 8 days, it stopped at 12 stops and flew over 13,000 kilometers to reach Zhuhai, China and perform at the Zhuhai Air Show. From February to May 2013, the fleet set off from Zhuhai to start an Asian tour, successively flying over important cities and landmarks in the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea and Japan. From August 16th to 18th, 2013, they finished the farewell Asian finale performance at Xinjiang Karamay Air Tourism Festival.