Beijing Watch × Imax Dunkirk Miracle Reappearance

Christopher Nolan, a character almost mythical in the movie world, ‘Stolen Dream Space’, ‘Batman’ trilogy, ‘Interstellar’, every film he shot is Shocking divine work. Not only grabbed the box office, but also scored the IMDB’s film history ranking. This is Nolan, and he will always surprise the world.

On September 1, Nolan’s tenth work ‘Dunkirk’ is about to land in major theaters. This new work has also become one of the most watched movies this year. ‘Dunkirk’ is different from Nolan’s previous works. It has no sci-fi, no brainburn, and no superheroes. Some of it only have a true history and an interpretation of human nature.

The film is about a major military retreat of the British and French forces that took place in the early part of World War II. In the early hours of September 1, 1939, Nazi Germany launched a blitz against Poland, and World War II broke out. In May 1940, German armored forces traversed France and hit the shores of the English Channel. Nearly 400,000 British and French coalition forces were besieged in a small area in northern France, leaving only Dunkirk, a small port with only 10,000 residents, as a retreat at sea. At this time, the British government and navy quickly launched a large number of crew and sailors to mobilize the people to rescue the army. Their plan was to evacuate 30,000 people. However, in the face of the violent bombardment of the sea by the German army, in a week or so, 335,000 people were rescued, creating a miracle in the history of war. The film tells this thrilling battle from three perspectives: land, sea and air.

In order to restore the realism of history, Nolan has been trying to use IMAX cameras to shoot movies to a greater extent to create a more immersive movie viewing experience for the audience. Let the audience have a sense of immersion when watching, and can more fully present a thrilling war epic. In addition to the visual impact and realism, the film soundtrack is also one of the highlights. Still from Hans Zimmer, Nolan’s long-term partner, starting with ‘Batman: Mystery of the Shadow Man’ in 2005, has composed soundtracks for almost all feature films directed by Nolan. The sense of tension, oppression, and suspense in the film are vividly displayed, and the touching soundtrack in the film brings audiences a feast that is beyond imagination and shocking.

This time, Beijing Watch cooperated with IMAX to launch a special “Olive Green” watch for the series of movies. During the Second World War in the film, due to limited aircraft performance and weaponry, air combat was very particular about skills and operational capabilities. The special edition of the Beijing watch re-enactment series is a tribute to the fearless Air Force soldiers. It also has the mysterious action code ‘D301’, which recreates the instruments from the fighter. The large Arabic numerals, the ‘sky pointer’ are all luminous, and can be read clearly in the dimly lit cockpit. The large onion crown allows the Air Force to adjust the time at any time to grasp every minute and every second of the battle. From the dial to the strap, a green military outfit is also a vivid imprint of the soldiers. Green symbolizes vigorous vitality, peace and protection. It is also often regarded as a protective color in the military. It is not only a sacred color, but also represents its brilliant mission.

Beijing Watch invites you to return to history on the big screen of IMAX, experience the epic grand retreat, and experience this thrilling 107 minutes together. While paying tribute to the heroes who defended our country, we also cherish the era of peace now.

D301 Special Edition ‘Olive Green’ Watch

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