Beginner’s Guide

Many watches Xiaobai didn’t know how to choose a watch when they just started. In fact, the most important thing is to look at the budget and brand. If it is the first time to buy a watch and the budget is not a lot, I suggest that you can choose from a brand of about 1,000 yuan. Quartz watches and electronic watches are better than others in terms of accuracy, and their design is more in line with the aesthetics of the younger generation. A budget of about one thousand yuan can also satisfy their eagerness to buy watches. What are the watches that meet the above points? We then look down.
Tissot T116.617.36.097.00 watch

Product model: T116.617.36.097.00
Domestic public price: 2700
Watch diameter: 45 mm
Case thickness: 11.02 mm
Movement type: Quartz
Movement model: ETA G10.212
Case material: 316L stainless steel with gray PVD coating
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details:
Domestic public price: 5900
Watch diameter: 38 mm
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: movado / 23718 /
Recommended reason: There is only one dot on the dial, and there is no extra decoration and lines. Movado has always been a unique presence in the watchmaking brand. As long as you see its design, you must be able to tell that this is a Movado design. The combination of pure black and stainless steel makes it more decorative as a watch. However, watches are no longer limited to the function of watching time. It is most important to choose a watch that suits you according to your needs.

Summary: Do you have a heart-conscious choice of watches with different styles of around RMB 1,000? If you are a white watch, what are the watch options you are considering and hesitating? May wish to communicate and discuss in the comments, and express your doubts.