Bauber X Fathoms Creates Top Mechanical Diving Watches

Blancpain has released the new X Fathoms (X 噚) in the prestigious Fifty Fathoms (50 顶级) top diving watch series. This X Fathoms inherits the classic characteristics of the Fifty Fathoms watch, which debuted in 1953, and is newly equipped with a superb mechanical sounding function, making it a world-class mechanical diving watch.

   Blancpain X Fathoms top mechanical diving watch has been given many pioneering inventions, including a mechanical depth sounder up to 90 meters deep, which can record the depth of the dive, and a separate 0-15 meters mechanical depth sounder The measurement error is only 30 cm at a depth of 15 meters. In addition, X Fathoms is also the first to carry a 5-minute countdown function for use during decompression stops. Blancpain X Fathoms has therefore become ‘the world’s first’ in many aspects.

   Blancpain X Fathoms’ top mechanical diving watch is equipped with caliber 9918B. The basic movement of this caliber is Caliber 1315 caliber originally produced by Blancpain. It is used on a variety of fifty-inch models and has been rigorously tested. The movement is self-winding and has three built-in double barrels to ensure a power reserve of 5 days. The silicon balance spring of the movement can effectively cancel the magnetic field interference.

   The satin-finished titanium case has a diameter of 55.65 mm and a water-resistant depth of 300 meters. In addition, the watch is also equipped with a helium pressure relief valve for decompression during diving, and uses the classic unidirectional rotating bezel design of the Fifty Fathoms series for nearly 60 years.
   The sounder film is made of amorphous metal. Research and testing led by Blancpain have proved that the elasticity and resistance to permanent deformation of amorphous metal make it an ideal material for making sounding film. Its thickness is only half that of iron film, but its accuracy is relatively improved. At the same time, the long-term stability of the alloy prevents the formation of micro-cracks. However, the nonlinear nature of membrane deformation is still unavoidable. The original solution proposed by Blancpain is to asymmetrically engage the rack and pinion, so that the curve of membrane deformation is linear. Each X Fathoms is individually calibrated to ensure maximum accuracy of the watch’s sounding function.

   Blancpain optimized the dial display function of X Fathoms in a unique way after detailed and in-depth research. The center of the dial is equipped with a depth-detecting pointer, with matt black as the background color to enhance the contrast; at the same time, the three-color fluorescent coating can fully ensure the readability of the pointer under water. It is worth mentioning that the watch is also equipped with a delicate and complicated structured molded rubber strap, which has 14 connection parts, which ensure a perfect fit to the wrist and ensure that water can pass through the watch under any environmental conditions. The pressure film is in contact with the lower part.