Amazing Time Instar Amastacia Star Flower Series Women’s Watch

Elegant and exquisite women’s watches without losing practicality have become an indispensable accessory for urban women. A beautiful watch will accompany the ‘her’ in your heart to spend every minute, remember every happy moment.
Elf Flower
Swiss Innag Amastacia Star Flower Series Women’s Watch

Amastacia (Amastacia) means the flower of the star, and is the head of the surname of the elves in Nordic legends. Based on this beautiful and dreamy name, Innag, Switzerland, for the first time, launched the Amastacia star flower series women’s watch, which is as delicate and delicate as a fairy. In addition to adhering to Inag’s fine craftsmanship and excellent mechanical watch movement quality, the Star Flower series has the most dexterous 21.5mm body in the world’s women’s mechanical watches. The bezel dotted with glittering crystals makes the wearer fly as if in the vast universe of stars and seas; the vortex pattern in the middle of the dial is like the elves spinning and dancing happily among the interstellar flowers, exuding the moonlike elegance and soft light, naturally Exuding the unique temperament of crystal clearness and wisdom. The stainless steel rose gold and stainless steel strap has a dual-track design, which is comfortable for ironing, while creating a soft mid-band rigidity that highlights women’s outstanding achievements.
Whether paired with daily commute clothes or casual clothes, the Inner Star Flower Watch can show the elegance and wisdom of women and the vivid image. Like Yang Mi, the new spokesperson for Innager, she has a sweet and lively appearance, and is diligent and dedicated in the face of work, always exuding unique charm. In the new Innager commercial series, Yang Mi, dressed in a soft gauze gown, wearing an Innag star flower watch, dancing in the Prague Palace Garden, immersed in floral fragrance and breeze time, truly interpreting the spirit of the elves. Flower connotation. This also makes the Ininger Star Flower Women’s Watch extremely popular.
Flower of Liberty
Jaeger-LeCoultre Grande Reverso 1931 Rouge large red dial flip watch

Red is the color of Christmas flowers, red is the color of joy, and red is the color of freedom. At the end of 2012, Jaeger-LeCoultre celebrated Christmas with a fire-like enthusiasm and launched the Grande Reverso 1931 Rouge large red dial flip watch again. The Reverso watch series has been enthusiastically sought after since its birth. Many artists and elites have chosen the red dial. This large red dial flip watch reinterprets the red dial of the 1930s, in order to pay tribute to the unruly people of that era, inheriting its stylish and firm free style. It is equipped with a Jaeger-LeCoultre 822 manual-winding movement. The case is atmospheric and slim, and it combines passion, classicism and creativity. Just like the models of the 1930s, while expressing original elegance and expressing a firm and free style.
Elegant Flower
Prestige Ling Ni series 10090 women’s watch

名 Swiss Baume & Mercier’s Lingni series always has perfect curved lines, and is equipped with a unique number engraved bezel and interchangeable strap design, which shows elegance and feminine charm. Since its birth in 1987, the Ling Ni series has been one of the brand’s must-have models. In the autumn and winter of this season, the celebrity inherits the charming temperament originally designed by the Ling Ni series, and has launched 3 beautiful and elegant classic watches, showing nobility and elegance. The new surprise comes from the first two models of 18K red gold launched by the Lingni series. The weight of the red gold of the Ling Ni series 10090 model is about 24 grams. The timepiece shines brightly and exudes noble temperament. The watch’s brown sun-satin-finished dial is set with 12 diamonds, paired with a charming brown strap. Wearing it to the dance party is enough to immerse yourself in the harmonious atmosphere of amber. At 12 o’clock midnight, it will bring you a shock like never before!