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Hermes Opens Two New Plants In France To Expand Production Capacity

French luxury brand Hermès is working to build a new factory to expand production, but the location is still only in France. On Tuesday, the company said it would open two leather goods manufacturing factories in eastern France, which would create 400 jobs for the local area.

 Hermès opens two new plants in France to expand production capacity

 Sales are rising steadily, and finally it is necessary to expand production capacity in order to improve the long-term shortage of supplies. According to data released by Hermès in the first quarter of 2013, except for leather goods, horses, watches and tableware, sales of all product categories of Hermès achieved strong double-digit growth. Calculated at a constant exchange rate, Hermès revenues increased by 12.8% to 856.8 million euros from 776.9 million euros in the same period of 2012, an increase of 11% higher than market participants expected. The company’s retail channel sales increased by 13.6%, and the wholesale channel sales increased by 9.9%.

 And Hermes ‘dazzling performance dwarfs the luxury empire LVMH Group, which may be one of the reasons why LVMH has racked its brains to acquire Hermes’ equity.

 BNP Paribas analyst Luca Solca said, ‘Hermes’s good performance indicates that it restricts Hermès’ own manufacturing capacity.’

 Therefore, for the purpose of expanding production capacity and enhancing its own competitiveness, the Hermès new plant plan is a natural success.

 The new factory locations selected by Hermès this time are Héricourt and Montbéliart, respectively. The new factory will be completed and put into operation in 2015 or 2016.

 Both factories are located within 20 kilometers of Hermès’ existing factory in Seloncourt and will focus on manufacturing leather products. In Hermes leather goods factory, a product from the model to the final finished product is completed by only one craftsman, which is a tradition that Hermès has continued for many years. Each craftsman has his own set of tools that he never shares with other craftsmen and carries with him until they retire.

Rado Radar Launches A True Stopwatch-news Rado

True series of Rado radar watch is a very high-tech ceramic series. This year’s BaselWorld Basel world, Rado radar watch has added a stopwatch to this series, which is the only one A titanium gold watch.
The titanium-colored Rado True Chronograph is the first special matt finish. This material absorbs light, making the entire watch a gray-brown hue, giving a warm feeling. Under the domed sapphire crystal, the galvanized dial reinforces the pure theme of this watch. This stopwatch has three windows and the date is displayed at four o’clock. These three delicate discs complement the dial’s shape. In addition, the round push handle maintains the persistence and purity of Rado’s radar-like design. This stopwatch is also available in polished version.
Source: Europa Star April-May 2009 Magazine Issue

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Fine Watchmaking And High Aesthetics Baselworld 2016 New Collection Of Chanel Watches

This year’s BASELWORLD, Chanel watches will not be disappointing as in previous years, and still maintain a good state of pushing new and innovative. In addition to the classic J 12 series launched a number of new works, ‘MADEMOISELLE PRIVÉ’ high-end jewellery watch series unique unique master craftsmanship new products will not be less, the recent hot BOY · FRIEND series of new products give fashion ladies more options. But this year’s Chanel’s biggest highlight is not here, but the launch of the first self-made calibre men’s complication watch-the Monsieur series hour-hopping watch, which combines the minute retrograde function and the hour-hopping function, which is particularly attractive Attention.
Monsieur Hour Watch
   In 2016, Chanel launched the first MONSIEUR DE CHANEL complication watch with its own movement. The Monsieur series watch is specially made for men. Its movement is a new creation of Chanel, representing the new strength of Chanel watchmaking.

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  In 2000, the J12 watch pioneered the bold use of high-tech precision ceramics, and since then high-tech precision ceramics have become a precious watchmaking material. The first J12 was born with a shining black space. In 2003, a pure white flawless J12 white watch was launched. ’12’ soon became one of Chanel’s lucky numbers. In 2011, Chanel adhered to the spirit of consistent bold innovation, launched the J12 Chromatic Titanium Ceramic Watch, whose strap showed a special luster that was changing. Today, 15 years after the introduction of the J12 watch, Chanel continues to introduce new, matte designs, limited editions, and even the world’s unique collection of watches as a tribute to this classic watch.

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  At this year’s BASELWORLD, Chanel BOY · FRIEND series watches once again launched a number of handsome and neutral ladies’ watches. The octagonal dial design of the BOY · FRIEND series is inspired by the iconic PREMIÈRE watch, paying tribute to the classic legendary shape of the N ° 5 perfume bottle cap and the outline of Paris Fontaine.

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PRIVÉ Collection
   BASELWORLD 2016 Chanel has once again launched five MADEMOISELLE PRIVÉ COROMANDEL engraved gold bird models with the “MADEMOISELLE PRIVÉ” jewelry watch series. Each is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, art and complex watchmaking.

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   The Première floating tourbillon jewellery watch has long been known in the world. The floating tourbillon watch is shaped by camellia and uses the supreme bridge design, and its movement is displayed with extremely exquisite hollowwork. This exceptional movement is the result of a collaboration between Chanel and Swiss watchmaker Renaud & Papi (part of APRP SA). ? Première floating tourbillon watch is a classic for women with advanced complications.

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   Chanel is proud to present the new jewellery watch series LES ÉTERNELLES DE CHANEL, which is the brand’s second year of presenting this series of works. In 2016, Chanel Fine Jewelry Design Studio paid tribute to the brand’s classic logo diamond pattern. The diamonds are arranged in a rhombus shape, reflecting each other with rare jewels, magnificently flashing, highlighting the essence of Chanel’s haute couture fashion. Four unique jewellery watches are set with delicate jewels in soft colors, like diamond-shaped sides, carefully hiding the precious dial.

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Zenith Zenith And Land Rover Jointly Launch A Defy Classic Range Rover Special Edition Watch

Over the past three years, Zenith has worked closely with Land Rover. In 2017, the two parties jointly launched the Chronomaster El Primero Range Rover Special Edition watch, paying tribute to the Range Rover models. Today, the new car comes together with a new watch. The new generation Range Rover Evoque and Zenith DEFY Classic series are re-combined. A chic and iconic sports watch emerges.

The new Land Rover Range Rover Aurora is specially designed to fuse urban life and rural holiday styles. Based on the original luxury charm that has been preserved for a long time, it has a targeted evolution of its clear appearance. The most compact Land Rover Range Rover exhibits a modern and enduring design style. This modified design focuses on simplicity, placing the Aurora model at the top of the market segment again.

Interpretation of extraordinary creativity above tradition
According to Gerry McGovern, Chief Land Rover Designer:

‘A major element of the new Land Rover Range Rover Aurora is both reachable and reachable. The new Zenith Defy Classic Range Rover watch marks a milestone in collaborative watch design, creating the ideal timepiece while also moving forward to Zenith A tribute to Land Rover’s cooperation. ‘

As the newest member of the collaborative watch series, the Defy Classic Range Rover Special Edition watch stands out with its unique design, showing the development of this series of modern and graphic interpretations. At the same time, the watch has a similar temperament to the Land Rover Range Rover Aurora, and its exquisite proportion of 41 mm case gives it a full neutral charm.

Defy Classic Range Rover Special Edition is limited to 200 pieces. It was developed in close cooperation with the design and technical engineering team, combining its own streamlined appearance and some classic elements drawn from the cooperation model. For example, the turquoise blue seconds hand and balance wheel, which are inspired by the steering wheel and seat of the Aurora model, also evoke the color impression of this British-made car series.

The design of the hollow dial of this delicate timepiece is inspired by the sculptural sense of the Aurora wheel, while the quilted pattern interior of this premium sports utility vehicle uses the ‘diamond’ pattern and the watch’s rubber strap Design elements echo. Zenith re-improves its Defy Classic series for the first time, powered by a new Elite skeletonized movement, exuding unique charm through creative design.

Zenith Global CEO Julien Tornare said:
‘If Zenith was a car, it would definitely be a Land Rover Range Rover! Both are considered iconic brands in their respective fields. Both share the same values ​​and some key features, including charm, superb technology and superior performance. Both are based on tradition and are committed to innovation. Defy and Land Rover Range R are both desirable luxury brands and pioneering cornerstones of their respective industries. They also draw inspiration from the past and firmly look to the future. Resonance.


Limited edition of 200 pieces
Price RMB 54,500

Technical Information
Model: 95.9001.670 / 77.R791

New Elite skeleton movement
New 41mm matte titanium case
Silicon escapement wheel and fork
Special ‘Land Rover Wheels’ dial

Elite670SK automatic movement
Diameter: 11½ legal minutes (diameter: 25.60 mm)
Movement thickness: 3.88 mm
Number of components: 187
Number of jewels: 27
Vibration frequency: 28800 vibrations / hour (4 Hz)
Power reserve: at least 48 hours
Fine decoration: special balance wheel with satin-finished finish

Middle hour and minute display
Center second hand
Date display at 6 o’clock

Case, dial and hands
Diameter: 41 mm
Happy diameter: 32.5 mm
Thickness: 10.75 mm
Table glass: curved double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal glass
Case back: transparent sapphire crystal glass
Material: Frosted titanium
Waterproof depth: 10ATM (100 meters)
Dial: Open dial with special ‘Land Rover Range Rover wheels’ design
Hour-hour scale: rhodium-plated, faceted, super-LumiNova® SLNC
Hands: rhodium-plated, faceted, covered with Super-LumiNova® SLNC1

Band and buckle
Special black rubber strap
Titanium folding clasp

New Watch Rebuilt From Old Movement First Omega Omega Watch

OMEGA has reintroduced a real technology of the past for the latest works. The ‘Original Limited Edition of the Omega Watch’ is a magnificent new series consisting of only 18 watches-each equipped with an original 1913 Chro chronograph movement from 1913. This precious movement was expertly refurbished by an expert in the Omega Tourbillon factory using a special process to revive it for use in these new limited edition models.

Omega is based on the original 19-inch Chro chronograph movement from 1913. After careful restoration and refurbishment by watchmakers, it is loaded into the new work ‘First Omega Watch Limited Edition’.

3018 is a single-handle winding chronograph movement with a Breguet hairspring and a bimetal balance. It was carefully restored by the Omega Tourbillon Workshop. 18K gold-plated motherboard and bridge with grained decoration

‘First Omega Watch Limited Edition’ was launched on July 2 at the ‘Museum Night’ brand in Switzerland. Guests can not only listen to the opinions of several very professional speakers at the scene, but also be the first to bet on new models.

Omega President and CEO Raynald Aeschlimann said: ‘I have never seen anything like this in all the years I have served the company. These movements have a 105-year history and it is now more certain that their story will Continuing. While sharing this result, we are proud of our extraordinary skills in refurbishment and craftsmanship. ‘

In 1913, Omega became one of the world’s earliest watchmakers, and the acclaimed 1.8-inch Chro chronograph movement was an integral part of that achievement. In today’s Eucalyptus, the Omega Museum plays an important role in retrospecting the historical heritage of the brand’s treasure trove, providing 18 original 1.8-inch Chro chronograph movements. The experts of the Omega Tourbillon Workshop carefully repaired these precious movements through special special procedures, injected new vitality, and named it the new Omega Caliber 3018.

This distinctive timepiece has a diameter of 47 mm and a brown strap with white gold studs. White enamel plate with 1913 original design popular with soldiers, with hollow Arabic numerals and blue ‘Empire’ hands

In terms of the design of this 47.5 mm watch, Omega is based on the shape of a 1913 Omega watch with classic details such as a rivet leather strap and a white enamel dial with blue ‘Empire’ hands With openwork arabic numbers. This design was a favorite of soldiers during World War I. Especially the easy-to-read faceplate design and the 15-minute time plate are particularly attractive to pilots. These are ideal for the most challenging tasks, so many watches are Delivered to the Royal Flying Corps, the most famous wartime pilot and soldier in history.

Each chronograph comes with a handmade leather case with two extra straps: a gold Novonappa leather strap and a burgundy leather strap. There are also unique Strap changer, magnifier and travel case

This classic design also uses modern materials such as 18K white gold case and 18K patented Sedna ™ gold crown and push handles, and is equipped with a flip-type case back that can be opened to reveal the refurbished movement behind the sapphire crystal.

First Omega Limited Edition

White gold material / 3018 manual winding movement / hour, minute, small seconds display / chronograph function / sapphire crystal mirror / water-resistant 30 meters / diameter 47mm / limited 18 pieces