Introduction To The Patek Philippe 5164 Watch

It is now commonplace to shuttle through 24 time zones, and it is the most ideal item to display both the local time and the home time. Patek Philippe launches its first casual-style dual time watch & ndash; model 5164, equipped with two hour hands (indicating local time and home time), day / night indicator and analog date display. The simple surface layout allows The time of the two places is clear at the same time, and at the same time, it has the new 324 SC FUS automatic winding movement, which can be seen through the bottom of the sapphire glass case. Model 5164 has a stainless steel case with a water-resistant depth of 120 meters, a black embossed surface, a gold hour marker and a luminous hour marker, and a ‘Tropical’ composite material strap, showing a unique design and texture. Steel Aquanaut folding buckle Embossed with Patek Philippe’s well-known embossed Carrejoux cross star, it is a symbol of quality. The whole presents a relaxed and elegant lifestyle.

Aquanaut 5164 dual time watch, stainless steel case, diameter 40.8 mm, hours, minutes, dual time, date, second time and day and night display, 324 SC FUS automatic winding movement, waterproof 120 meters, rubber watch band.

Gucci Watch Jewelry Eye-catching Painting Color Of Gucci Vision

The summer is soft and feminine, showing a full and full of breath of life. The glittering light and light shone in the shade and captured the lush fragrance of the flower jungle. All kinds of colorful gestures are embedded in the luxuriant beauty, and the poetic purity is interspersed with the white space of the summer movement, so that the neon colorfulness awakens the sleek fashion. Gucci watch jewelry presents a new summer gift series, infiltrating the meaning of logo elements into a new aesthetic situation, and interpreting unique self-style.

Watch recommendations
Le Marché des Merveilles Secret Watches

The latest 32mm Secret Watch combines a neon look with contemporary style. The red resin case contrasts with the green-red-green striped nylon strap; the bright yellow resin case with the rainbow-colored striped nylon strap creates a radiant summer look. Both models feature a silver mirrored surface, and the nylon strap is adorned with Gucci’s signature “L’ Aveugle Par Amour” (fascinated by love), perfect for any casual or sporty outfit. The other two models show a very high level of craftsmanship. The slightly glittering mother-of-pearl surface is matched with an antique carved silver case, and the case is decorated with engraved tiger head elements. The antique carved silver bracelet is decorated with blue-red-blue or green-red-green striped enamel, realizing a fresh creative mix of materials and textures.

Constance watch

Gucci Watch Jewellery launches Constance series. Five fascinating models in honor of the heroine Constance Chatterley in DH Lawrence’s novel Lady Chatterley’s Lover Independence and passion. The padlock design breaks away from the established rules of traditional watchmaking, giving the watch its unique and unexpected charm. Constance’s case is made of colored Plexiglas with a rotation mode. Its gold U-shaped ring can be attached to a specially designed leather strap or other jewelry, bag or belt-a unique accessory that transforms into an unusually stylish logo element. The new series of watches has three different sizes, colors, materials and designs are diverse and more original.

Recommended jewelry
Icon Collection

Gucci jewelry’s Icon collection features superb craftsmanship, using warm gold tones, floral elements and Italian enamel craftsmanship. The collection draws inspiration from the Renaissance, a period that contributed to the formation of Gucci’s new creative aesthetic. Now the whole series has spawned a series of new works with the theme of delicate flowers. First outfits include exquisite open bracelets, necklaces and rings. On these jewellery, the iconic flower and leaf design of the series is decorated with blue and white enamel, with blue and black enamel as the background. Particularly noteworthy is the embossing and floral decoration around the edges of the rings and bracelets, which are very elegant and chic. Throughout the series, delicate flower and leaf designs are harmoniously intertwined with the well-known “GG” element. Italian master goldsmiths have made these Icon works a reality with extraordinary care and extraordinary craftsmanship, adding a long-lasting charm to this fascinating series.

Bryce’s Latest Ww1 Chronographe Monopoussoir Watch

For Bell & Ross, 2011 was a year of new milestones: the brand re-created the first watch released during the First World War, allowing PW1 and its watch version Vintage Series WW1 have once again become the focus of the industry. Bell & Ross, a master watchmaker who lives with military history, is passionate about aviation and believes that accurate timekeeping is one of the most important navigation tools. This year, the brand once again demonstrated its expertise, creating a unique watch that showcases the integration of aviation history and watchmaking style. The birth of the new Vintage WW1 Chronographe Monopoussoir single-button chronograph watch represents a historic moment, a tribute to history, inheriting the shape and spirit of the first watch on the wrist of the Air Force in the 1920s.
Long-established aerospace instrument
     In the 1920s, at the dawn of military aviation, the advent of timers met the need for flight attendants to calculate flight time. What they wear on their wrists is definitely not just a watch, but the necessary equipment for them to complete their tasks.
Functional complex structure
     The new work accurately reinterprets a major feature of the aviation chronograph of the year: only one timing button makes the operation of timing more convenient, reliable and reliable. The functional and complex structure of the WW1 Chronographe Monopoussoir is the symbol of Bell & Ross watchmaking experts. Just press the timer button on your wrist to calculate the time period. The design of the timing button is perfectly combined with the crown. One-touch control starts, stops the timing and resets to zero, which is accurate.
Clearer dial layout
     In order to meet the wearer’s need for legibility of the flight watch, Bell & Ross modified the mechanical design of the watch to increase the distance between the two timers on the dial. The two timers are aligned with the position of the timing buttons, providing more immediate and immediate legibility. The WW1 Chronographe Monopoussoir single-button chronograph watch and the aviation watch of the 1920s are exactly the same, focusing more on functions and clear display.
One movement, two looks
The WW1 Chronographe Monopoussoir is available in two versions.
Rebirth of Aviation Instruments
     The design of the Vintage WW1 Chronographe Monopoussoir one-button chronograph is loyal to the world’s first watch, and is a noble tribute to the history of military aviation watches by Bell & Ross. Under the premise of not giving in and uncompromising, Bell & Ross has produced a truly classic watch: a classic aviation instrument with a combination of retro, forward-looking and technological features. Technical characteristics
Movement: La Joux-Perret mechanical automatic movement
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, single button timing, dual timers (60 seconds and 30 minutes)
Case: 45mm case, polished steel
Dial: Heritage Model: Dark brown dial, brown snail-shaped chronograph, sand-colored ultra-luminous coated numerals, hour markers and hands
Ivory model: ivory dial, silver white snail timer, blue steel hands
Mirror: Domed anti-reflective sapphire crystal
Water resistance: 100 meters
Strap: calf leather or dark blue crocodile leather
Buckle: polished stainless steel pin buckle

Beijing Watch × Imax Dunkirk Miracle Reappearance

Christopher Nolan, a character almost mythical in the movie world, ‘Stolen Dream Space’, ‘Batman’ trilogy, ‘Interstellar’, every film he shot is Shocking divine work. Not only grabbed the box office, but also scored the IMDB’s film history ranking. This is Nolan, and he will always surprise the world.

On September 1, Nolan’s tenth work ‘Dunkirk’ is about to land in major theaters. This new work has also become one of the most watched movies this year. ‘Dunkirk’ is different from Nolan’s previous works. It has no sci-fi, no brainburn, and no superheroes. Some of it only have a true history and an interpretation of human nature.

The film is about a major military retreat of the British and French forces that took place in the early part of World War II. In the early hours of September 1, 1939, Nazi Germany launched a blitz against Poland, and World War II broke out. In May 1940, German armored forces traversed France and hit the shores of the English Channel. Nearly 400,000 British and French coalition forces were besieged in a small area in northern France, leaving only Dunkirk, a small port with only 10,000 residents, as a retreat at sea. At this time, the British government and navy quickly launched a large number of crew and sailors to mobilize the people to rescue the army. Their plan was to evacuate 30,000 people. However, in the face of the violent bombardment of the sea by the German army, in a week or so, 335,000 people were rescued, creating a miracle in the history of war. The film tells this thrilling battle from three perspectives: land, sea and air.

In order to restore the realism of history, Nolan has been trying to use IMAX cameras to shoot movies to a greater extent to create a more immersive movie viewing experience for the audience. Let the audience have a sense of immersion when watching, and can more fully present a thrilling war epic. In addition to the visual impact and realism, the film soundtrack is also one of the highlights. Still from Hans Zimmer, Nolan’s long-term partner, starting with ‘Batman: Mystery of the Shadow Man’ in 2005, has composed soundtracks for almost all feature films directed by Nolan. The sense of tension, oppression, and suspense in the film are vividly displayed, and the touching soundtrack in the film brings audiences a feast that is beyond imagination and shocking.

This time, Beijing Watch cooperated with IMAX to launch a special “Olive Green” watch for the series of movies. During the Second World War in the film, due to limited aircraft performance and weaponry, air combat was very particular about skills and operational capabilities. The special edition of the Beijing watch re-enactment series is a tribute to the fearless Air Force soldiers. It also has the mysterious action code ‘D301’, which recreates the instruments from the fighter. The large Arabic numerals, the ‘sky pointer’ are all luminous, and can be read clearly in the dimly lit cockpit. The large onion crown allows the Air Force to adjust the time at any time to grasp every minute and every second of the battle. From the dial to the strap, a green military outfit is also a vivid imprint of the soldiers. Green symbolizes vigorous vitality, peace and protection. It is also often regarded as a protective color in the military. It is not only a sacred color, but also represents its brilliant mission.

Beijing Watch invites you to return to history on the big screen of IMAX, experience the epic grand retreat, and experience this thrilling 107 minutes together. While paying tribute to the heroes who defended our country, we also cherish the era of peace now.

D301 Special Edition ‘Olive Green’ Watch

As a professional brand with independent watchmaking capabilities, Beijing Watch focuses on the spirit of craftsmanship and artistic aesthetics, and focuses on the modern expression of oriental aesthetics. It perfectly integrates high-end watchmaking skills with cultural connotations. Beijing Watches respects and cultivates true watchmaking masters, and has largely preserved the essence of hand-made, independently produced flying tourbillon, dual flying tourbillon, dual-axis stereo tourbillon, dual-axis stereo dual tourbillon, tourbillon Q. Seven high-complex movements, such as the long escapement of the double escapement, and the ultra-thin tourbillon. There are too many aesthetics unique to Beijing watches in high-end watchmaking techniques such as, hollowing out, and finishing.

With Pioneer, Beijing Watch is willing to spend several times more time to make a real watch, making your time more precious.

Incomparable Jaeger-lecoultre Reverso Series Watch

Nowadays, more and more people regard watches as one of the indispensable accessories for personal style. However, most people are more enthusiastic about pursuing a unique style, and the more classic a watch, the more likely it is to bump into the watch. The meaning symbol, presumably for you, this watch has been given a very special meaning.
8080 years after the launch of Reverso watches, the new Reverso watches have reached an unprecedented level in the customizable area. The significance of the watch is unprecedented. The reversible case of the original Reverso watch created a perfect environment for craftsmen, whether you want to embellish the back of the case with an initial, name, word, number or a symbol, a picture, a Portraits and other marks, no matter how bold the idea is, the artisans of the Jaeger-LeCoultre workshop will make it a reality, which also makes your Reverso watch have all the elements you can enjoy playing no matter how you flip it. Since the inception of Reverso and the entire brand, Jaeger-LeCoultre considers every watch lover who specializes in Reverso watches as one of the members who continue to write legends for watches.
As long as you are willing, you can also share your inspiration with all Reverso watch enthusiasts through virtual exhibition halls or real exhibitions. In this way, everyone who loves Reverso watches can integrate their stories into the product. The classic legend of the home. From 1931, every Reverso watch is as unbeatable as its wearer!

Freakit Fantastic Customization: Ultimate Personalized Customization Service

Fantasy Transcendence finally came true. UlysseNardin Athens watch presents the new FreakITAPP application, which raises the uniqueness and self-expression of Whimsical Watch to a new level. Unlike other watchmaking brands, UlysseNardin offers a wealth of customization options-not only the case, strap, movement bridge, bezel, ‘grinding’ winding system, locks, side tags , Movement parts, etc., a total of 22 watch parts and movement parts can be customized as required.

Create your own, unique whimsy,
To imagine, design, build, achieve, and be free,
Create what you want.

Perfect 22/22 Whimsical

   The FreakIT app is built into the iPad in the Athens watch store (selected some boutiques and retailers). There are 22 custom-made Transcend custom parts to choose from. The strap material can be crocodile leather or fabric surface. Some colors can be selected from the full spectrum of colors, such as lost blue, midnight black, fanatic red, passion orange and rare rose gold, while strap stitching and oversized safety stitching can be selected from light gun gray or laser white.

   Case locks and side tags can also be laser engraved: it can be your name, signature, code, or love of your life. Just click again and you can place your order directly. After 4 months, your personal custom-made hand-assembled masterpiece will be displayed in front of you.
   “This FreakITapp app takes personal customization to the extreme,” said Patrick Pruniaux, chief executive officer of Ulysse Nardin. “This is unprecedented in the watch industry. At present, the watch industry is far behind the automotive industry in terms of customization services. Brands such as RollsRoyce, Ferrari, and Bentley all provide a full range of customized services for customers. Now, customers of UlysseNardin watch can only create a belonging by simply sliding and clicking in the store. Your own, unique Whimsical Transcend watch, where your personality is fully expressed. Custom service is one of the elements that define high-end luxury goods. Rich and savvy buyers, especially collectors of high-end watches and millennials, are With a real emphasis on emotion and personal expression, FreakIT is meeting that need. ‘
   With FreakIT, UlysseNardin Athens takes customization to a new level-no matter how many customization options you choose, the cost of customization services remains the same, with a uniform pricing of 10,000 Swiss francs and a total watch price of 105,000 Swiss francs.

Personalization options

-Color of rubber bezel coating
-Color of the side rubber coating
-Color of bezel triangle studs
-Engraved lock
-Side cards
Top view
-Minute hand bridge indicator and balance plate
-Superluminova luminous arrow color on the minute hand bridge indicator
-Clockwork box board bridge color
-UlysseNardin logo color on the barrel of the barrel
-Luminous arrow color on clockwork box board bridge
-Color of Minute Banqiao Swivel Cover
-Spring box plate bridge cover color
-Color of the hour wheel
-Color of the clock wheel sports gear
Bottom view
-Winding base (‘grinding machine’ winding system) color
-‘UNgrinder’ logo color
-Color of winding base
-Strap material and color (black alligator leather, blue alligator leather, black fabric surface, blue fabric surface)
-Alligator strap stitching color
-Fabric side strap stitching color
-Color of alligator leather strap with safety stitching
-Color of safety stitch on fabric side

Technical Information

Model 2505-250
Movement UN-250
Function Display hours and minutes through movement
‘Grinder’ automatic winding device with detents and guides
Athens anchored constant swing escapement; 2.5 Hz oscillator
Large-diameter silicon oscillating weight with nickel weight
Silicon self-adjusting micro flakes
Silicon gear transmission gear
Flying Carussell (strip movement): 1 hour and 1 lap
Power reserve 50 hours, constant swing
Case Platinum case with lateral ‘frame’ sidebar covered with rubber
Bezel Titanium material covered with blue rubber, with 3 titanium indicators for easy operation
Can be wound manually by turning the case back
Turn the bezel to adjust the time, with locking device
45 mm diameter
Dial with hour and minute scales
Water resistant to 30 meters
Double-sided curved anti-glare anti-wear sapphire crystal
Case back titanium, 6 screws, admiring the ‘grinding machine’ winding system through the dome crystal glass
Strap in matte crocodile leather or fabric with a titanium folding clasp