Month: July 2020

Shang Weisha Jeanrichard ‘king Of Steel Cable’ World Challenger

‘King of Steel Wire’, nine world record holders, Nik Wallenda, JEANRICHARD’s brand ambassador, between Marina Towers in Chicago and Leo Burnett Building in Leo Burnett Building, Cross the skyline of this windy city with amazing heights and extraordinary stability. More than 50’000 viewers and numerous media from all over the world witnessed this historical moment with excitement. Valenda successfully completed the entire journey in 8 and a half minutes and completed the adventure on the steel cable, one of which was even completed with blindfold. JEANRICHARD was inspired by steel cables, and the Terrascope Special Edition watch specially designed by Valenta accompanied him to witness this feat.

‘King of High Altitude Cables’ Nik Wallenda wore a special JEANRICHARD Terra Series Terrascope special edition watch specially designed for him, completing another feat at an amazing height, and thus breaking two world records

The rope used by Nik Wallenda for this challenge is only about 2.5 cm wide. He will start from the 180-meter-high Marina Towers West Building, walk through the 25-meter-long wire rope extending 19 degrees upward, and reach across the Chicago River. The Leo Burnett building opposite, and then immediately returned to the starting point, this round trip set the first world record for this challenge with the largest slope. Then Nik Wallenda set off from the West Tower of Marina Towers again and approached the 165-meter-high East Tower. As this journey was completed with blindfolds, the second world record for this challenge was set. The ‘King of Steel Ropes’ successfully walked an impressive 8 and a half minutes without any safety nets and protective ropes, and Wallenda undoubtedly made history again. I still remember that last year, he also completed the wire rope challenge in the Grand Canyon in the Colorado Grand Canyon wearing the Jeanville Sand Terrascope watch. In a subsequent visit, Nik Wallenda said, ‘I am very happy to work with Jean Weshard again at the Chicago High-Rope Challenge. In order to complete the great feat, excellent craftsmanship and adventurous spirit are necessary conditions. Wesha JEANRICHARD’s common philosophy of life, whether it is high-altitude wire rope performance or watchmaking skills, to achieve success requires great dedication. ‘
JEANRICHARD’s ‘Philosophy of Life’ is to do what you want to do and bring your passion to the fullest. This philosophy of life is accompanied by Nik Wallenda, JEANRICHARD’s partner and brand ambassador, through this exciting and unforgettable journey. The high-altitude wire rope art of the Wallenda family has been passed down for a whole seven generations, and its historical significance is just like Daniel, the founder of JEANRICHARD. Mr. Shan Weisha’s revolutionary contribution to the Swiss watchmaking industry has been passed down since the 17th century and has had an impact on the watchmaking industry.

The Terraback Terrascope watch is engraved with ‘Special Nik Wallenda Edition’ and is equipped with a JR60 automatic movement

JEANRICHARD’s special edition watch designed for Nik Wallenda’s thrilling journey is inspired by Wallenda’s wonderful performance on the wire rope and his true strength and willpower. We can see that the case, decorated with vertical satin, is equipped with an extra bezel, the dot pattern uniquely displays the cross section of the cable, and Valenta ‘acts’ vividly on the gray frosted dial Wire rope walking. The TerraScope Terrascope watch also has the words ‘Special Nik Wallenda Edition’ engraved on the caseback. The black rubber strap is firmly integrated with the stainless steel case to provide maximum comfort for the wrist. degree. Bruno Grande, CEO of JEANRICHARD, said: ‘For us, Nik’s strong values ​​and adventurous spirit fit perfectly with JEANRICHARD’s watchmaking philosophy. We are very pleased to support his extraordinary passion, The challenge was a huge success, and even more exciting was the creation of a world record and the creation of a timer from the ‘King of Steel Ropes’ for fans of special edition watches. ‘