Month: May 2019

Louis Vuitton Launches Tambour Moon Mysterious Flying Tourbillon Watch

Louis Vuitton launches the new Tambour Moon mysterious flying tourbillon watch, opening a new chapter in the brand’s fine watchmaking adventure. Following the minute repeater watch, skeleton tourbillon Geneva imprint watch and Spin Time watch, the Tambour Moon mysterious flying tourbillon watch further demonstrates Louis Vuitton’s superb watchmaking skills.

   By changing the principle of the mysterious movement, adopting a linear layout, combined with the flying tourbillon escapement, the Tambour Moon mysterious flying tourbillon watch marks a decisive step for Louis Vuitton to the wonderful world of fine watchmaking. The mysterious movement was developed in the 19th century, and traditionally makes the movement seem to be suspended. The use of ingenious crystal wafer mechanism makes this charming visual illusion possible, and the commonly used material has now become sapphire crystal.

   With a linear layout, the coaxial dual barrel is hidden under the Monogram Flower at 12 o’clock, and the central gear carrying the hour and minute hands and the tourbillon frame at 6 o’clock seem to float in the air. The winding crown is not connected to the double barrel. The flying tourbillon frame rotates once every 60 seconds and is decorated with a hollow Monogram Flower, which further enhances the watch’s ethereal and light texture.

   The 45mm diameter Tambour Moon concave platinum case is equipped with a LV 110 manual winding movement with a modern design and a power reserve of up to 8 days. The watch is equipped with a black alligator strap. The Tambour Moon mysterious flying tourbillon watch is developed and manufactured by the workshop of La Fabrique du Temps of Louis Vuitton, and provides customized services for watch lovers: the back of the tourbillon frame can be engraved with the customer’s initials.

Bright’ Real Style Rado Swiss Radar Collaborates With British Designer Bethan Gray To Launch The True Thinline Limited Edition Rivet Limited Edition Watch

For a long time, RADO has maintained close communication with well-known designers around the world, and has continued to carry out in-depth cooperation. As a leading brand on the international design stage, RADO continues to bring watch designs with forward-looking design concepts, unique perspectives and distinctive styles through cooperation with designers. This time, RADO Swiss Rado watches focus on the TrueThinline series, together with the acclaimed British designer BethanGray, add luxury materials and charming design elements to Rado’s thinnest models.

RADO TrueThinline Limited Edition Rivet Limited Edition Watch

   Bethan Gray’s designs are known for their bold textures, sharp patterns and sophisticated materials, a style that has earned her global acclaim, including the ‘Best British Designer’ of 2013/2014 Award (BestBritishDesigner). In collaboration with BethanGray, RADO combines its appreciation of materials and subtlety in detail into the breakthrough design of the TrueThinline series.
Charm of black and gold

RADO TrueThinline Limited Edition Rivet Limited Edition Watch

   The TrueThinline limited edition rivet limited edition bowl watch is inspired by BethanGray’s home and fabric design. The finely inlaid dial glitters with silver-gray luster, which is in line with BethanGray’s unique work style. echo. The gold logo of the RADO Swiss Rado watch is placed directly inside the sapphire glass through metal processing, creating a sense of lightness and space suspended above the dial.

RADO TrueThinline Limited Edition Rivet Limited Edition Watch

   The design of the strap continues the strong contrast of this sharp contrast, and the textured black textured leather complements the golden rivets. The all-in-one case is made of black matte high-tech ceramics, and the dial’s inner ring and crown are decorated with gold elements, which completes the aesthetic implication of the latest collaboration model of this RADO.

RADO TrueThinline Limited Edition Rivet Limited Edition Watch

   As a ‘Material Master’, Rado not only ensures that the TrueThinline Limited Edition Rivet Limited Edition watch has a very aesthetic design, but also gives the watch excellent wearing comfort by virtue of its excellent control over the material. At the same time, this latest masterpiece also retains the acclaimed lightness, wear resistance and hypoallergenic properties of the RADO TrueThinline series.

Co-designer of RADO TrueThinline True Thin Thinline Rivet Limited Edition Co-designer-British designer BethanGray

   ‘I appreciate the strong visual impact of this watch.’ Said Mr. Matthias Breschan, RADO global CEO, ‘The TrueThinline limited edition watch is luxurious and dazzling. Ji Zhenpin. BethanGray’s use of materials and patterns is highly consistent with the design concept of the RADO TrueThinline series. ‘

RADO TrueThinline Limited Edition Rivet Limited Edition Watch

   This watch combines subtle texture patterns, gold details and slim lines, an important feature of the minimalist style advocated by RADO. The new design style and material elements are expected. Fearless years of baptism, shine forever. The RADO TrueThinline is a limited edition of 1,001 watches. In mainland China, this new creative timepiece is only available exclusively at the official flagship store of Tmall RADO.