Month: November 2018

2014 Big Watch ‘color’ Show You

DIOR VIII Fine Watch Pink Sapphire, Blue Metal Strap

Two new black high-tech precision ceramic watches with self-winding mechanical movement, feminine and innovative, opening a new chapter for the Dior VIII series. Using a combination of different materials and colors, the new watch design is modern and maintains an elegant style, inheriting the spirit of high-level customization of the Dior brand.

33The 33mm dial is decorated with pink sapphire, and the 38mm dial with pink, orange and blue combination is set with sapphire, and is matched with blue, sea green and pink. Adhering to the design concept of internal and external beauty, the Dior high-end watch is the first time to use a metallic leather strap with a corresponding color of rubber lining, leading us into Christian Dior’s extremely exquisite color universe.

Louis Vuitton Escale World Time Watch

色彩 This colorful world and the spirit of personalized service have become the inspiration for the design of the watch surface in the Escale world. In the La Fabrique du Temps fine watchmaking workshop, the craftsmen spend a full 50 hours creating this distinctive surface. Louis Vuitton uses oil paints to create miniature paintings. More than 30 colors are drawn up little by little with brushes, and finally placed in the oven and baked at 100 degrees.

The results can be imagined. Presented in front of people is a world with bright colors and unrestrained contrast. The color is more charming after being refracted by the surface of transparent sapphire. The surface consists of three layers, each of which is an independently rotatable disc, so the black triangle with the yellow hand (the only fixed device on the entire surface, the yellow hand indicates the time and the city it is in) is It is directly fixed under the surface glass to prevent the rotation of each disc affecting the surface.

Harry Winston Premiere Precious Marquetry 36mm

Zhuo Shi Premier Series Precious Marquetry 36 mm watch is inspired by the beautiful flowers and animals of nature. The upper dial is like the colorful wings of a rare butterfly, and the delicate blooming petals in Eden. Time seems to be still in that tranquility Moment. The intricate decoration of this watch takes more than a hundred hours, and it requires the ingenious craftsmanship. On the platinum dial, different elements such as mother-of-pearl, enamel, and drop-shaped egg-face-cut sapphire are harmoniously and elegantly combined. Various materials are scattered and different in size, forming a three-dimensional layout full of architectural sense. The ring-embossed mother-of-pearl and freshwater mother-of-pearl are three-dimensionally carved, while the white mother-of-pearl is either carved or jewel-shaped, adding a rich visual feast to this miniature painting. Three pieces of carved enamel decoration inlaid with diamonds and egg-faced sapphires have the perfect color, which is attractive. The enamel decoration with gradually changing color is made by firing at a high temperature of more than 800 degrees, and the gold foil is specially added to form a beautiful color change. Eleven faceted cut sapphires and 54 round brilliant cut diamonds bloom perfectly on the dial, and the case is set with 63 round brilliant cut diamonds, making this unique watch.

Hermes Arceau Millefiori

制作 To make the Arceau Millefiori Thousand Flowers, Hermès combined watchmaking with crystal craftsmanship to make this extraordinary 邂逅. The unique Arceau Millefiori watch and pocket watch with crystal dial and cover are made from the millefiori of the Cristalleries royales de Saint-Louis in the nineteenth century. The mechanical movement of the Hermès watch factory in Switzerland reflects each other.

Qianhua crystal only presents the full picture of the pattern at the final cutting stage. The colorful flower bed is unique and will become one of the dials or covers of Arceau watches or pocket watches.

Hublot classic fusion tourbillon watch

Every design comes from simple inspiration: stained glass windows-colorful glass panes filled with Art Deco elements. Hublot boldly displays the inspiration of geometric figures and brilliant colors on the wrist. The unique frame of the skeleton tourbillon movement is the reproduction of the pane structure, and the colorful colors intertwined with the colorful glass, finally creating such a creative and exquisite watch masterpiece.

The 4 colorful tourbillon watches that came out this time are the first to take the lead in red and blue. Given that this technology can now interpret 10 different colors of transparent glass, each color can generate multiple chromaticity changes. This means that thousands of color combinations will eventually be displayed on the wrist, becoming a unique and exclusive watch!

Jacques de Rouge Second Hand Stainless Steel Watch

The iconic eccentric dial design outlines the number 8 with pure lines, which is highly recognizable. The Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde is a legend, and the master craftsman of the brand has performed new chapters on this classic blueprint over the years. The Grande Seconde SW family adds six new members, debuting with 45mm and first 41mm dials. There are three modern colors available: gray, soot and blue. The choice, combined with the same-color crocodile leather strap and Geneva stripes as new elements, adds a touch of luxury to this series.

NOMOS new Tetra Berlin set watch

The new Tetra Berlin Set watch is designed by NOMOS’s in-house creative agency Berlinerblau in Kreuzberg, Berlin, which is a little unusual and exudes endless charm. The new Tetra watch is powered by a hand-wound Alpha movement that has been scrupulously refined. There is one exception: the turquoise green version of Kleene. This watch is equipped with DUW 4301 movement and equipped with power reserve display. This device can display the remaining power reserve of the watch, reminding the wearer to fully recharge the watch by rotating the crown. After all, Berlin is also exhausted.

Releasing Ref.5524t Calatrava Pilot Travel Time Pilot Travel Time Titanium Solitary Watch

Patek Philippe launched the new Ref.5524TCalatravaPilotTravelTime Titanium Orphan Watch. This is the brand’s first and only Ref.5524 Pilot Travel Time Watch made of titanium. On October 15, 2018, the watch will be photographed by Christie’s, and the proceeds will be donated to the “ChildrenAction” group in Geneva.

   The dial is black and has been hand-finished with vertical satin. Through the sapphire crystal case back, you can admire the precise operation of the Caliber324SCFUS self-winding movement, and the movement is decorated with the words ‘ChildrenAction2018’. Comes with a vintage black calfskin strap with contrasting white stitching.

   From May 11th to 13th, 2018, this watch will be displayed in the ‘GenevaRareWatches’ preview. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

There Are Ups And Downs Bao Li After-sales Service Price List

In the price adjustment on April 1, the Swatch Group made a new classification of each brand’s models. Many of the classifications are different from the previous ones. . As one of the top watch brands of the Swatch Group, Breguet maintains a relatively stable after-sales service price. Only in the several categories of full service, prices have increased, but the increase has basically exceeded 10%. Not low. Look at the comparison before and after the price adjustment.

Original after-sales service price list:

   Here we can’t see any categories with price reductions, but according to the models, we can see that this category was originally classified as Tsar alarm clock / automatic winding + alarm clock / two places. Now it is changed to alarm clock ( Tsar’s trouble watch), the two places are no longer counted, but we have not seen it separately classified. We have reason to believe that it should be classified as a small and complex automatic mechanical watch. The price of full service has dropped a lot, but at present there are not many single and two surfaces of Breguet, and most of them combine other functions and should not be counted in this category. For a large and complex watch such as a classic perpetual calendar chronograph, the full service price has been directly increased from 16,000 yuan to 20,000 yuan. If parts are replaced, the price is a small number, which is why many people do not buy large and complex watches. One of the reasons.