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2013 Baselworld Show Preview Chopard Superfast Stainless Steel Watch Series

Chopard’s classic racing series draws inspiration from the racing world. Each watch has a timeless value like a classic sports car. Chopard strives for excellence and launches three superfast watches with excellent functions. Each movement is made by the Fleurier Ebauches workshop, showing the brand’s outstanding watchmaking skills.

Baselworld 2013 preview: Chopard Superfast stainless steel watch collection
   Chopard has brought its long history to a new milestone with excellence. The brand has created a classic racing series to pay tribute to the racing world, and has recently launched a new collection to launch three distinctive Superfast watches. These three works are Superfast Automatic, Power Control and Chronograph. Their shapes are full of sports style, embodying noble style, interpreting surging power, and showing excellent style. In addition, all three new works are equipped with a movement independently developed by Chopard. This is the first time that the classic racing series is equipped with a movement produced by the Fleurier Ebauches workshop. Its outstanding performance demonstrates the brand’s determination and ability to become independent. Create a new chapter.
多 The Chopard brand has been a loyal partner of classic legendary racing since many years ago. Chopard participates in events including the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique and the Mille Miglia Thousand Miles. The latter’s 1,000-mile racing track departs from Brescia, Italy, arrives at the stop-over capital Rome, and then returns to the starting point along another route. If the former cars are mainly contemporary cars such as Draghi, Bugatti, Aston Martin and Ferrari, then the latter attracts Formula 1 antique cars manufactured before 1979, including Brabham, Lotus and Williams led the race. These cars are so powerful that they can be discerned from many sports cars at a glance. And the drivers in charge of the steering wheel are all enthusiastic, willing to accept challenges, and have extraordinary strength.

Noble style and excellence style
Superfast models show excellent style, clean lines and clean, masculine design. Superfast models not only possess the above characteristics, they are also equipped with a carefully crafted Chopard movement, created for watch lovers who love fine watchmaking. Because only true watch fans can drive the watch’s irresistible sense of power.
三 The design of these three new Superfast watches contains a variety of iconic symbols from motorsport. Let’s start with the dial: each watch is equipped with a black dial with dark gray vertical stripes, reminiscent of the famous ‘racing stripes’. Racing stripes are usually located on the roof and hood of a racing car to separate the car from the general vehicle. On the dial of the new Superfast model, the minute numerals are designed with decorative sports car tachometer and speed indicators. In addition, the hour, minute and second timers are reminiscent of the dashboard on an antique sports car.
Natural rubber strap draws inspiration from Formula 1 racing car, and it is designed with highly recognizable smooth slick tires. The strap is matched with 18K rose gold folding clasp, which is even more magnificent. In addition, many details on the watch are closely related to motorsport: the gold crown is decorated with a rubber mold steering wheel logo; the grooves engraved on the sides of the lugs and buttons are reminiscent of the sports car’s heat sink; The screw design is inspired by the rims. Put on your watch as if you are in a racing world.

Carved skeleton bridge with surface finishing like never before
The watch not only has an ingenious exterior design, but also has a finely crafted watchmaking movement. All the bridges are carved and carved with parallel pinstripes, reminiscent of the radiator grille blades of an antique sports car. Through the open case back, the beauty of the movement is clear at a glance, and you can enjoy this unprecedented surface processing.
The new Superfast Automatic is equipped with the Chopard 01.01-M self-winding movement. This movement has been designed, developed and produced by the Fleurier Ebauches workshop from beginning to end. The movement is certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC) and has a power reserve of up to 60 hours. The 18K rose gold case has a diameter of 41 mm and is water-resistant to 100 meters. The watch is equipped with hours, minutes and seconds, and the date is displayed in a window at 6 o’clock.
Superfast Power Control watch is also equipped with another model of this outstanding movement-Chopard 01.02-M. Chopard 01.02-M movement with hour and minute display function, small seconds at 6 o’clock position, date window at 3 o’clock position, power reserve is in the display area at 9 o’clock position. The 18K rose gold case of this watch is even more magnificent, with a diameter of 45 mm.
The diameter of the Superfast Chronograph is also 45mm, showing the same grandeur. This watch is equipped with a Chopard 03.05-M self-winding mechanical movement with hour and minute display. The small second hand is at 6 o’clock, the date window is at 4:30, the bezel is engraved with a speedometer scale, and the chronograph is equipped with a center. Small seconds, the minute timer is at 3 o’clock, and the hour timer is at 9 o’clock.

道 Towards independence
For the first time, the classic racing series is equipped with Chopard’s own movements, these are from the Fleurier Ebauches workshop. The Fleurier Ebauches workshop is a property owned by Chopard and was established in July 2008. It is located in the city of Fleurier in the Val-de-Travers region of the state of Neuchâteau, Switzerland. A few months ago, in December 2007, Chopard purchased an area of ​​6,000 square meters, which already has an industrial plant with a production area of ​​5,100 square meters. Chopard renovated the plant and set up new machine land. The building was put into use in February 2009.
In 2012, the annual production of the Fleurier Ebauches workshop was 5,000 movements (expected to reach 15,000 / year in 2015). The establishment of this workshop embodies the expectations of Mr. Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, one of Chopard’s co-presidents. Mr. Schöfer wants to consolidate the vertical integration of the group, taking Chopard’s independent production as Long-term goals and hope to increase the production of the brand. In view of this, Chopard established the Chopard Watch Factory in 1996. The Chopard Watch Factory is located near the Fleurier Ebauches workshop. It is an excellent development company for fine watchmaking, specializing in the development, manufacture and assembly of L.U.C. movements. Today, Chopard employs about 160 employees in Fleurier, responsible for about 15 different professional fields.

Three Brands And Three Fashionable Women’s Classic Watches Are Introduced

The newly released Omega Constellation Coaxial 27mm Women’s Watch is refined from 18K red gold. The bracelet is made of the same material with frosted links and polished chain pins. The bezel is set with 32 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 0.50 carats. The dial offers white mother-of-pearl with sun rays and stylish gold mother-of-pearl. Eleven single-cut diamonds are set on the hour scale, and the total diamond weight is 0.12 carats.

  Piaget’s work has always won with novel ideas, lively and generous, and the Limelight series of high-end jewelry watches is an eye-opener. The original watch can be as surprising as a technological product. The Limelight Magic Hour watch in white gold and diamonds shows us the many faces of magic time. The barrel-shaped case has a rounded outline and sensually subtle lines. The Limelight series of high-end watches will undoubtedly make the time more radiant. Both sides of the case are inlaid with a whole row of diamonds, which highlights the striking 18K white gold bezel, the slender and detailed dial, and the unique Arabic numerals on the dial. The oversized dial design is feminine Sensual elegance.

 Louis Cartier was inspired by the new Renault tanks on the Western Front during World War I, creating a great design for this war aesthetic. The Tank series has led the trend of square watches, and its innovation and extraordinary design have won the hearts of the people. There are three different specifications of the watch, coupled with its wide range of styling and appearance features, including quartz watches and fully automatic watches, it has become synonymous with the Cartier brand and French elegant tradition.

Blancpain Sports Watch Opens A New Chapter Of The Brand

Blancpain new sports watch special movement
Established in 1735, Blancpain is one of the oldest brands in the watch industry, with many excellent traditions. For example, it only produces mechanical watches, it only produces round clocks, and it also deeply respects traditional watchmaking techniques: these make Blancpain a certain charm. People who know watches know at a glance that those watches will not be Blancpain’s work. Of course, continuous research and innovation is also one of Blancpain’s traditions.
However, the Super Trefeo Chronograph we saw this year made people feel as if they had lost their souls. ‘Is this watch from Blancpain?’
改变 This change stems from Mark, the current president of Blancpain. Hayek. He is a racing driver who likes to excite, and he is also one of the drivers who will drive a Lamborghini to participate in the Lamborghini Super Single Production Car Race on the British Silverstone Circuit. ‘You can like it or not,’ he said. ‘But this watch represents a new chapter for Blancpain. We need to change to a new strategy to satisfy more customers.’
The design of looking at the watch is really good. The positive statement is the breakthrough of this brand. I just do n’t know if loyal Blancpain fans will need a period of adaptation to start this change.

Blancpain new sports watch
Another new series has actually caused controversy over ‘Is this Blancpain?’ Following the launch of the Calibre 13R0 and Calibre 1315 movements in 2006 and 2007, Blancpain successfully developed Calibres 13R5, Calibre 66R9 and Calibre 5025 movements. All three movements are based on Calibres 13R0, expressing Blancpain’s firm determination to develop high-quality movements for new watches. And it is fully reflected in the new L-Evolution series, but this series of Blancpain, the appearance is also non-traditional, it includes moon phases, two timepieces, tourbillon and other different models. At the same time, the fourth new movement this year, Calibre 5215, will power the newly launched 500 噚 Fathoms GMT diving watch.
We can still see that Blancpain has preserved its brand philosophy, that is, continuous innovation and respect for tradition. Whether the new style of Blancpain is accepted by the market remains to be tested.

Baoji And Ocean Conservation Foundation: A Review Of The First Anniversary Of Cooperation

On December 6, 2018, Breguet, the Swiss watchmaker, and Race for Water, a company specializing in water conservation, held a meeting in Lausanne, Switzerland to celebrate cooperation. The first anniversary, and in-depth discussion of feasible innovative solutions that can effectively curb the pollution of the marine environment by plastic waste.
   In March 2018, Breguet entered into a partnership with the Marine Conservation Foundation and became the main sponsor of the five-year Odyssey sailing project (Odyssey 2017-2021) from 2017 to 2021. The cooperation was announced by Marc A. Hayek, the global president of Breguet, and Marco Simeoni, the founder and chairman of the Marine Conservation Foundation. Long-term strategic vision. Breguet pledged its full support to the Marine Protection Foundation’s Global Navigation Project, which aims to raise awareness of decision-making and the public’s marine protection and enhance environmental education for the younger generation.
Watching in 2018, the ‘Marine Guardian’ relies on clean energy such as solar energy, hydrogen energy and wind energy to sail, and docks in multiple islands and coastal cities, proving the clean energy transition can be achieved. The ship left Panama in March, moved to Peru and Chile by wind and waves, and then roamed the Pacific Ocean, visiting Robinson Crusoe, Rapa Nui (formerly known as Easter Island), and French Polynesia arrived in the Samoa Islands in November and the Tonga Islands in December. Since the launch of the Odyssey sailing project, the Ocean Guard has visited 9 countries and opened its arms to receive more than 3,200 children and more than 8,500 government officials.

Ocean Guard

Plastic waste is the source of pollution and the solution
   Research from the Marine Conservation Foundation shows that ‘plastic islands’ do not exist. In fact, most plastics exist in the ocean in the form of particles, and only 1% of the plastic floats on the surface of the ocean. In 2010, Swiss entrepreneur Marco Simeoni founded the Marine Protection Foundation to focus on preventing marine plastic pollution and find effective solutions to avoid global environmental disasters.
   “The solution still needs to be found on land,” said Marco Simeoni, founder and chairman of the Marine Conservation Foundation. The synergy between sustainable social models and business models that promote recycling is the only way to go. It’s vital to prevent plastic waste from entering waterways and the ocean. By working with Breguet, we will continue to achieve our vision of building a better world. ‘
   Mr. Simeoni said frankly: ‘At present we propose the advanced technology concept of converting waste plastic into gasoline or electric energy. The sale of energy is used as compensation to pay community recyclers to encourage them to collect waste plastic.’
   The implementation of this program requires long-term investment and attention. It takes at least two years from the start of the project to the commissioning of field equipment. Mr. Simeoni added: ‘By 2020, we will be very happy if our project can enter the ‘proof of concept’ stage and the feasibility and applicability of this technical solution can be demonstrated.’

More than promise: dock at Rapa Nui in September 2018
   While the Ocean Guard was docking at Rapa Nui, an hour-long Beach Cleanup operation was launched at four coastal garbage collection stations. Through this operation, the Ocean Conservation Foundation team and about 50 volunteers collected a total of 528 kg of plastic waste. Artist Nano IKA used the plastic waste collected this time to design the first ever Moai made entirely of plastic particles. The design of this giant portrait was inspired by Nicolas Yancovic, who is also dedicated to environmental protection, and a local organization called ‘Ka‘Ara Conciencia Ambiental ‘.
   The Marine Conservation Foundation signed a draft agreement with the local government of Rapa Nui Island and the local power production and distribution management operators, marking that the “Biogreen 300” pyrolysis technology has begun to be put into practical use. Thanks to this, plastic waste and domestic waste on Rapa Nui will be able to be converted into energy. It is expected that by 2020, this advanced technology can provide the ultimate sustainable solution for the local community to effectively deal with the severe plastic waste pollution problem.

Breguet Marine Series: Marine Timepieces
   The Breguet Marine Sailing Series sings the passion and passion of the wind and the waves, and integrates the traditions to this day into a timeless aesthetic and superb skills.
   Marine nautical series is rooted in the treasure, and the brand heritage is more than just the search. As early as the end of the 18th century, the father of modern watchmaking, Abraham-Louis Breguet, established reliability and legibility as the basic principles of watchmaking. Among the many technological innovations of Breguet, taking the tourbillon as an example, the aim was to improve the accuracy and stability of the timepiece at the beginning. Equally important is the simple and neat aesthetic design to ensure clarity during reading.

   In 1815, Mr. Abraham-Louis Breguet was able to create exceptional quality marine precision timepieces, and was awarded the honorary title of ‘Royal Watchmaker of the Royal French Navy’ by King Louis XVIII of France. Since then, the reliable Breguet astronomical clock bears glory and responsibility, helping the Royal French Navy to stretch the vast ocean. In 1840, the Breguet timepiece arrived with the explorer Jules Dumont d’ Urville in Antarctica, becoming the first timekeeping device to land in Antarctica. Breguet’s deep relationship with the French Navy is well known and time-honored.
Breguet Marine series calls for exploring the unknown and mysterious world

Breguet Marine 5887 Time Equation

   The Marine series 5887 time equation watch pays tribute to the past, that is, the navigator determines the current years of navigation by comparing the port of departure with the position of the star. The special solar hour hand can read the real solar time at a glance. The exquisite battleship pattern is carved by hand on the back of the movement. The time equation cam is placed on the sapphire disc above the ultra-thin tourbillon. This superb complication watch perfectly reflects Breguet’s commitment to creating extraordinary timepieces.

Breguet Marine 5517

Breguet Marine Series 5527 chronograph

Breguet Marine 5547 Music Alarm Clock

   In 2018, Breguet launched three new masterpieces to enrich the new Marine nautical series: the Marine nautical series 5517 watch features a simple three-pin design with a date display function; the Marine nautical series 5527 chronograph can accurately measure short time intervals; Marine The Marine Series 5547 music alarm watch is equipped with an alarm function, date display and second time zone display. Each watch is available in titanium, rose gold and white gold. Titanium models are elegantly styled with rock-gray gold dials with sunray patterns; the rose gold and white gold cases feature wave-shaped engraved floral patterns specially designed for this series, with blue and silver-plated gold, respectively. Quality dial.
Nautical aesthetics
   The fine engraving highlights the roundness and fullness of the Marine Marine series case. The coin decoration on the outer edge of the case follows the creation of the Breguet timepiece. The master of watchmaking has enhanced the readability of the dial through superb craftsmanship. The mirror-polished hollow moon-shaped Breguet hands make time clearer and easier to read. The five-minute scale of the pointer tip and the Roman numeral time scale are covered with luminous material for easy reading at night.
   The homage to the spirit of navigation extends to many details of the watch. The movement splint is hand-engraved with the ‘Côtes de Genève pattern’, inspired by the ship’s deck. The tip of the second hand is adorned with the letter ‘B’ based on a maritime signal flag, which represents the nautical term ‘Bravo’ and also represents Breguet. The folding buckle balance is inspired by the rudder. The Breguet Marine Marine Collection accompanies contemporary explorers to inspire creativity in elegant explorations.