Month: August 2018

Unexpected In Sihh

The annual SIHH Geneva Haute Horlogerie Salon has come to an end. Compared with previous years, this year there is still a deeper exploration and exploration in terms of materials, women’s watches and high-level complexity. Therefore, the overall technology and The design content is constantly rising, but the price of watches has remained relatively stable for the time being, and has not been significantly increased as in the past. Throughout the entire SIHH, there are many unexpected models this year. What I am referring to is unexpected. It is purely from the creative and functional aspects of the model, not the price. Most watches can be seen at a glance The appearance, but there are some watches, only when it ‘moves’, you can see the hidden treasures in it.
The noble pet Cartier Panthère Joueuse

   If you want to talk about creativity, I think the entire SIHH, Cartier can rank first, whether it is the number of ideas or the amazing degree of ideas. And Cartier’s creativity is at a high level every year, and this year is no exception. Cartier’s Cheetah series this year is undoubtedly a representative product of the brand’s creativity, one of which is the Panthère Joueuse watch. From a fun perspective, this may be the most fun watch in this edition of SIHH. In addition, Cartier’s extraordinary creativity this year also includes the flame gold craft Ronde Louis Cartier watch, and Rotonde de Cartier double mysterious tourbillon minute watch and so on. Therefore, Cartier has very good masterpieces in craftsmanship, complex technology, jewelry use, and creative design this year. I have to say that this luxury brand is indeed very powerful.
Simple is just appearance. Vacheron Constantin Les Cabinotiers Attic Artisan Symphony 1860 watch

   Vacheron Constantin this year can be described as a big year, with super complicated and high-tech watches emerging endlessly. Vacheron Constantin launched 57260 pocket watches for more than a year, and brought a large number of high-tech watches. Except for the few obvious complicated watches, I think this attic artisan symphony 1860 watch is a dark horse this year. This watch is not beautiful on the surface, but it has hidden treasures, just like the peerless master in Jin Yong’s novels. Da Yin is faint, but he shot extraordinary. The dial of this watch is very simple, with only two power reserve indicators and a small second zone, as well as two central hands, the dial of a chronograph or annual calendar watch may be more complicated than it. However, it is an advanced and complex watch with three self-timer functions: big, small, and three questions. By rotating the bezel, you can achieve one of three: big, small, and silent. You can also switch from time to time, and at the same time, you can press the crown button to realize the time reporting on demand. Of course, this just achieves its best performance, and what really needs to make it work as a watch is a lot of protective structures. For example, all the sounding devices are locked when adjusting the time. Use, when any sounding device is turned on, other sounding functions and time adjustment devices will be locked and cannot be used, and the sounding function will not be turned on when the power is insufficient.
A grand blueprint for time Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysical Observatory Series Tourbillon World Time Watch

   For Jaeger-LeCoultre, Hybrids is a unique collection of world-leading timepieces, and the applied ideas are gradually gaining popularity in other high-end collections. This year’s Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysical Observatory series watch brings a high-level complex watch. In the past, this series is very similar to the concept of a Tool Watch. It has very clear reading time and simple functions. the concept of. At first glance, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysical Observatory series tourbillon world time watch does not seem to be amazing. It is nothing more than the addition of a tourbillon to the world time function. This is not difficult for a top watch factory like Jaeger-LeCoultre. It may not be as difficult as a three-axis three-dimensional tourbillon. However, what makes this watch really amazing is that Jaeger-LeCoultre uses the astronomical tourbillon design concept. This design used to be a frequent visitor of Hybrid Artistica. Its special feature is that the tourbillon can not only rotate, but also surround it. The center of the dial “revolves” and rotates once every 24 hours. Following the rotation of the world map in the center of the dial and the indication of the world time, the new Geophysical Observatory World Time watch has a magnificent momentum, and it is an original masterpiece that shines in the new works of Jaeger-LeCoultre.
Trio of Materials, Craftsmanship and Technology Lange ZEITWERK DECIMAL STRIKE

   After the start of SIHH, most of the sounds were concentrated on those advanced and complicated models, so that many interesting innovations can only be gradually revealed in the tide. The Lange Zeitwerk series launched a new watch this year, which has been discovered by discerning collectors during the exhibition. For a long time, Lange’s ‘Owl’ series is a very special work of Lange’s high-end watches. The word-jumping digital display has become the heart of many Lange watch lovers. This year’s new work has a great deal with previous years. different. In terms of case material, the new Zeitwerk watch uses Lange’s unique 18K honey-colored gold. This material has been used in 2010 by Lange in the most special models, maintaining a mysterious, rare and unique special. Attributes. In terms of features, the new Zeitwerk watch uses a ten-minute self-timer system, that is, it will tap once every hour and every ten minutes to remind the time. In terms of craftsmanship, Lange applied the ‘Tremblage’ hand-carving technique to present an unparalleled artistic charm. Among them, for the mechanical structure, it is the biggest difference to change to the tenth system. It may be more reasonable to think about it carefully, because ‘owl’ is a digital display. The minute and ten dials are jumped every ten minutes. In addition, the self-sounding system is very coordinated, but the original fifteen-minute report system is more suitable for analog watches.
The sexy face of the Athens table dancer asks the timepiece

   The Athens watch is participating in SIHH for the first time this year. It has always been following the group’s brand to participate in Basel, but whether it is participating in SIHH or Basel, it will not affect the rhythm of its new product launch. This year’s Athens watch There is a watch that was previewed before it was launched, which is very interesting. During the watch exhibition, when the watch is displayed there, the heartbeat will still accelerate, that is, the dancer asks the timepiece. The dial of this watch is very beautiful. In addition to the hands, the completely empty dial, there is only a dancer and a fluttering peacock. This peacock echoes the peacock skirt on the dancer. The Athens watch enamelist draws and depicts it by hand. The ultimate subtle colors and charm of peacocks and dancers. Of course, the most important thing is that this single questionnaire, after the time is turned on, the peacock feathers on the dancer will swing, revealing the dancer’s sexy posture. This kind of extremely restrained temptation compared to the Spring Palace adds more to it. For charming colors.
Summary: Of course, in addition to these creative works, this year’s SIHH has many incredible masterpieces, such as the cheese watch made by Henry Moser in order to resist the ‘low’ standards of the existing ‘SWISS MADE’, Pei The new type 700 watch (up to 50 years warranty), which is made of high-tech materials in the movement, is used by Nahai. Richard Mille launched the world’s lightest and most sophisticated McLaren team watch (with insufficient weight) 40 grams) and so on.