Month: July 2018

Felix Baumgartner, The Zenith Brand Ambassador, Challenges The Limits Of The Human Body

The Zenith brand ambassador Felix Baumgartner (Felix Baumgartner) wears the new El Primero Stratos Stratus Flyback 1/10 Jump Second Chronograph, the Austrian skydiver from A cockpit suspended by a balloon jumped down to the stratosphere at a height of 120,000 feet / 36.5 kilometers, which was nearly four times the normal flight altitude of a passenger aircraft. The mission, called ‘Red Bull Stratos,’ will be conducted at the margins of space. It will try to exceed the human limit of more than 50 years and break four world records: including the highest free-fall height and the longest free-fall. Distance, the highest flying height of a manned balloon, and the first time in history that a human body has broken the sound barrier. Zenith Brand Ambassador Felix Baumgartner
    Felix Baumgartner was born in Salzburg, Austria in 1969. He began skydiving at the age of 16 and then learned about techniques when he joined the Austrian military performance and competition team. In 1988, he began skydiving for Red Bull. Red Bull’s innovative ideas and the adventurous spirit of Felix Bogatner hit it off. The two sides have been working together to this day. By the 1990s, Felix Bougatner felt that he could not find a breakthrough in traditional skydiving, so he turned to fixed-point skydiving-jumping from fixed objects or terrain, and continuing to study skydiving techniques. He found that skydiving at such a low altitude required the quick response ability and precision skills to also improve his high-latitude skydiving skills.
The equipment used by Felix Bougartner for training uses carbon fiber wings to fly over the English Channel in an unprecedented free-fall flight mode. It is the most familiar of Felix Bougartner. He has set a world record for fixed-point skydiving He has been nominated in two categories, the World Sports Award and the NEA Extreme Sports Awards. He is also a significant supporter and licensed helicopter pilot of the non-profit Wings for Life Spinal Cord Research Foundation. Although he agreed that the Red Bull Stratos skydiving mission is a step towards unknown territory, his determination to move to the margins of space and break through the speed of sound has not wavered. ‘If the Red Bull Stratos mission is completed, we can get information we have never had before,’ said Felix Bogartner. ‘I’m proud of what I can do.’ Felix wears the new El Primero Stratos Stratus Flyback 1/10 Jump Second Chronograph
    On March 15, 2012, the first Red Bull Stratos test jump with high-latitude balloons and pressurized cabins: a free-fall skydiving from 71615 feet / 21828 meters over Roswell, New Mexico, USA. Top speed: 364.69 mph / 586.91 km / h. Felix Bogartner is the third person to survive this jump. Next, with the support of a team of experts, Felix Bogatner will take a stratospheric balloon to an altitude of 120,000 feet / 36576 meters for an unprecedented free-fall skydiving-from acceleration to 700 miles Per hour (1125 km / h), or even faster, and rushed to the ground at supersonic speed before landing with a parachute open. This brave attempt to challenge the limits of the atmosphere will fulfill this adventurer’s lifelong dream and provide valuable medical and scientific research materials for future pioneers. Zenith is one of the main sponsors and exclusive timekeepers of this extremely dangerous mission.
El Primero Stratos Flyback 1/10 Jump Second Chronograph Watch for the Ultimate Aviation Challenge: El Primero Stratos
    Accurate and reliable is the slogan of the Zenith Watch Factory, which has manufactured aviation timekeeping equipment for the civil and military aviation industry since 1865. One of the watches worn by Felix Baumgartner will soon become the first timepiece to break through the sound barrier in near-air environments, once again proving the brand’s reliability in extreme environments. Zenith watches are accustomed to facing severe tests. For example, the famous El Primero was installed on the landing gear of a Boeing 707 airliner in 1970, flew across the Atlantic Ocean, and flew from Paris to New York on AF015. Under extreme temperature and pressure changes and severe vibrations, the watch always maintains its normal frequency of 36,000 vibrations per hour, without adjustment, accurate to the nearest second-except for the unavoidable time zone change.
    Like all models of the brand series, this model fully demonstrates the reliability, adventure and joy that the watch factory values. Reliability reflects the brand’s pioneering spirit and outstanding traditional watchmaking skills. The spirit of adventure is reflected in its conception and design. Of course, there is also a sense of joy, because the watch is designed to bring joy to the wearer in fulfilling his dream. As a loyal successor to the ‘Rainbow Flyback’ model developed for the French Air Force in 1997, Stratos is equipped with the world’s most accurate automatic chronograph movement-the famous El Primero-also with 1/10 jump seconds and flying speed. This performance makes it the best companion for Felix Bougatner’s adventure. Watches and cockpit flight instruments need to withstand sudden pressure changes, severe vibrations, and rapid acceleration-from 9G to 11G. Thanks to its sturdy construction, the El Primero Stratos Stratus Cloud Watch can withstand all of this-it will also accompany the watch when Felix Bougatner tests the limits of humanity.
Trinity faceplate for Zenith
   Visually, three different chronograph dial colors echo the first El Primero chronograph watch launched in 1969. This watch dial contains three shades and was an extremely rare design at the time to improve readability . The darker anthracite gray hour counter at 6 o’clock highlights the length of time recorded. The light gray small seconds counter at 9 o’clock symbolizes the ephemeral qualities of time, while the dark blue at 3 o’clock The colored minute counter represents the degree of timing between the first two.
    In addition to timekeeping performance, the El Primero Stratos Strato Watch is also equipped with 1/10 second jumping performance, which can display 1/10 second readings. In combination with the flyback mode, this mode is particularly useful in the aviation industry. The action can be redesigned immediately, and it is also popular with pilots.
El Primero
    This mission in the stratosphere will test the reliability of Zenith watches in the most extreme cases: temperature, low pressure, speed, friction, collision, etc. If this jump is completed, Zenith will become the first watch factory to have a watch that can break through the sound barrier in near air. Zenith CEO Jean-Frédéric Dufour explains what prompted him to participate in this mission: ‘We are pioneers in unexplored fields and often play the most incredible projects An adventure partner for different people. It is this ability to conceive innovative ideas and then complete them with new technologies before others start. This is the most fascinating charm of Zenith. ‘
    ‘The Zenith watch has been involved in some of humanity’s greatest adventures, including explorer Roald Amundsen’s exploration of the North and South Pole, and Mahatma Gandhi’s peaceful struggle for Indian independence The knowledgeable Prince Albert I of Monaco lays the foundation for ecology, the flight of Louis Blériot over the English Channel, the political actions of John F. Kennedy, the fearless Colonel John Blashford-Snell’s recent Nepal expedition and many previous explorations, as well as Johan Ernst Nilsson’s Pole2Pole expedition. Felix Bogatner With the same characteristics as the pioneers above, and we are all very excited, seeing the El Primero Stratos Strato High Frequency Flyback Chronograph 1/10 second jump can accompany him in this exploration. ‘