Month: October 2017

When Detective Ii Hits Old Airmaster, Which Rolex Watch Will You Choose?

Recently, when I visited Dongfang Watch Store (Beijing Jinyuan Lufthansa), I saw the classic blockbuster old air fighter with triangle pits and two Explorer II Rolex watches. Since it appears in the eyes of the author together, then it must be played carefully. As one of the world’s focus brands, the two classic funds, which one do the friends like more? Personally feel that the previous classic models have a slight advantage.
Rolex Oyster Perpetual 114210-70190 watch

   The Rolex Old Airmaster is a more classic watch that was incorporated into the Oyster Perpetual series in previous years. Compared with the new Airbus, the outer ring of the old Airbus is a traditional pit pattern of Rolex. The design of the blue dial, Roman numerals and three rows of links is integrated. Fashionable, stylish, and unconventional. If there is visual fatigue on the new model, it is also a good choice to have an old air fighter.
Rolex Explorer 216570-77210 black dial and Explorer 216570-77210 white dial

   Since 1971, Explorer II has traveled around the world and participated in countless expeditions. Its 24-hour hand allows speleologists and polar explorers to easily distinguish day and night, which is especially valuable. The latest Explorer II, with a 42mm case, is indeed the ideal equipment for today’s expeditions to challenge the limits. The accuracy of the watch depends on the built-in balance wheel. The general balance spring is made of a strong magnetic alloy, which is difficult to resist magnetic fields and impacts. After five years of research, Rolex used paramagnetic alloys to create blue Parachrom hairsprings, which are not only affected by magnetic fields, but also have a tenfold increase in seismic resistance. Historically, blue hairsprings will only be deployed on the most accurate timepieces to show respect; now, innovative hairsprings also emit blue light to ensure that Rolex is accurate and perfect.

Rolex Explorer 214270-77200 black dial watch

   Rolex Explorer watch, commonly known as ‘Explorer One’ (Explorer generation). It was particularly noticeable in 2010, because this classic model was to be considered a popular model at that time. It appeared in a highly anticipated posture and was well received by everyone. Many of the watch’s technical enhancements are hidden, and its solid and elegant style has always remained the same. The most significant change, if the case is enlarged to 39 mm (compared to the previous 36 mm diameter), makes the new model look more stable.

Oriental Watch Co., Ltd.Beijing Jinyuan Lufthansa Rolex counter

Summary: It is reported that Rolex’s popular Water Ghost series models have been sold out as soon as they are on the shelves. Green Water Ghosts are even more difficult to find. Although popular models are temporarily unavailable, a classic Rolex watch is also good. The second generation of Explorer and the old Air Fighter are more classic Rolex models. In comparison, which one would the table friends choose? If you are interested in the above models, you may wish to check it out in the store.
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