Month: July 2017

Mystery Of The Emperor’s Secret Mythique

According to ancient legends and myths, there is a saying of ‘totem worship’: ‘dim’ is a comprehensive totem fetish, a symbol of the Chinese nation or a symbol of imperial power, and ‘dim’ has a kind and mysterious charm. Juvenia’s Emperor’s Ingenuity is inspired by the ‘obscurity’ totem, creating an altarpiece that combines imperial power and totem fetishes. The precious characteristics of 18K white gold or gold set off the imperial spirit. Unparalleled in the world
    Every year, JUVENIA releases some unique and highly collectible works. In 2005, to celebrate the 145th anniversary, I sincerely presented Mythique watches. JUVENIA captures the inspiration of ‘dim’ as a design, and uses ingenious clock technology to delicately depict the royal character of the ‘dim’ totem, showing the power of the royal lords to the fullest, leading a group of watch enthusiasts to China’s long-established history In the torrent of history, witness the spirit of ‘ambiguity’ since ancient times. Mythique is a precious watch produced in limited editions in the world (one for 18K yellow gold and one for 18K white gold). The unique piece is engraved on the back of the watch, which shows its unique and exclusive dignified meaning, which is highly collectible.
    The essence of the Mythique watch is found in the ingenious pattern arrangement and meticulous engraving. At 12 o’clock on the surface of the watch, with the superb hand-carved craftsmanship, two noble giant hazy heads were carved. The composition of the hazy head and the face opposite the fireball marked the confluence of hazy veins, which contained power and prestige Hold the momentum. At 10 o’clock on the back of the watch, there is also an obscured head. The obscured body is sculpted vigorously and powerfully. The obscured body part surrounds the entire internal organs of the movement, marking the source of strength and inspiration. More ….
Enamel Bloodstained Crystals
    Since the ancient Egyptian culture, the art world has always regarded enamel color as a noble material, so it is favored by art masters. The enamel color has the essence of glass-like raw materials. Once fired, the color does not change over the years, representing eternal significance. The enamel color raw material is a silicide. After grinding into powder, the impurities are washed with water, or the fine enamel color powder is spread evenly on the concave part of the engraving pattern with a small painting knife or a brush. Gently absorb the water contained in the fine powder of enamel with a dry cloth, and then fire it in a kiln at 850 to 900 degrees Celsius to restore the transparent appearance of enamel glass. After kiln enamel, there is no moisture at all, plus the density of solid is higher than that of powder, the volume naturally shrinks. Therefore, the process of first painting and then firing has to be repeated again and again and again and again, until the polished enamel surface is at the same level as the other metal parts, and reaches the state of perfect integration as a whole.
    There are two types of enamel color: transparent and opaque. The transparent one will change depending on the thickness of the enamel. Therefore, it is most suitable for combining with the art of carving to show the delicate three-dimensional space created by hand carving. Mythique is using enamel color technology, the head is carefully carved by hand, the top of the three-dimensional body is transparent enamel color, and the fine enamel color is carefully polished. Under the light, the color is like a leap in the sea of ​​clouds, lifelike. The shape symbolizes the vitality of the movement.

Challenging process technology
    Top watchmaking artisans have always regarded piercing technology as the highest challenge in watchmaking. The master watchmaker of JUVENIA uses superb craftsmanship, unparalleled patience, and meticulous perfect piercing technology to manually sculpt the mechanical movement of Mythique into a pierced watch. More than half of the metal of the movement is removed, and every angle of each gear is carefully trimmed, polished and decorated, which is an immortal proof of combining extraordinary craftsmanship and perfect art.
    Diamonds have a long-lasting charm, and their flashing light can resist the experience of time and make them permanently beautiful. The Mythique body and lugs are set with 26 trapezoid-cut diamonds (total weight 1.85 cards). The setting method of the trapezoid-cut diamonds is meticulous with enamel color. The arrangement shows the careful design.

The perfect crystallization of texture and color
    The charm of Mythique watches stems from perfect construction. 18K yellow gold watch: 18K yellow gold with red enamel on the surface; brown alligator leather strap with 18K yellow gold folding buckle set with 23 diamonds (total weight: 0.29 cards); crown with ruby ​​and red The hands of the watch show the style of the emperor. 18K white gold watch: 18K white gold with blue enamel on the surface; blue crocodile leather strap with 18K white gold folding buckle set with 23 diamonds (total weight 0.29 cards), revealing the timeless and precious Traits. In addition, the blue hands and the sapphire crown are even more distinguished.

    Mythique penetrates ancient and modern cultures. Through the combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology, it exudes perfect design power and shows endless light. Become a rare handicraft, sought after by watch lovers and watch collectors.

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