Month: April 2017

2019 Patek Philippe Watch Art Exhibition Singapore

Following Dubai in 2012, Munich in 2013, London in 2015, and New York in 2017, in 2019, Singapore will become the host city of the fifth Patek Philippe Watch Art Exhibition, which will bring in-depth exploration of Patek Philippe for local people. Opportunities for the world of watches and clocks and their masterpieces. The exhibition time is from September 28th (Saturday) to October 13th (Sunday), 2019. At this time, collectors, art lovers and the public of fine watchmaking can come to watch the exhibition and immerse themselves in the wonderful world of Patek Philippe. Come to the historic Patek Philippe Salon on Geneva’s Rhône Avenue, the Planeaux watchmaking workshop and the Patek Philippe Museum. With this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, viewers will get a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes story of the only independent family watchmaking business in Geneva today.

   This grand exhibition will be held during the 200th anniversary of Singapore’s opening of the port, highlighting the significance of Singapore and Southeast Asian markets to Patek Philippe. This market has a large number of watch art collectors and enthusiasts, and it also plays an important role in improving people’s appreciation of precision mechanical watchmaking works. Because of this, whether it is Thierry Stern, the president of Patek Philippe, or his father, Philippe Stern, the honorary chairman of the company, attaches great importance to this large-scale watch art exhibition in Singapore, in order to ensure this. The event was a complete success. This exhibition will not only display limited edition timepieces, but also present a series of masterpieces of timepieces made with rare craftsmanship, most of which are inspired by cultural and artistic expressions in Southeast Asia and Singapore.

In more than 1800 square meters of exhibition space, 10 themed exhibition halls reinterpret the wonderful legend of Patek Philippe

   The ‘Singapore Watch Art Exhibition 2019’ is open to the public for free. The exhibition will be held at MarinaBaySandsTheater in Singapore, which is the first time that the venue has hosted such an event. The 1800 square meter exhibition space is divided into 10 unique themed exhibition halls, creating a unique exhibition atmosphere. Viewers can watch movies about Patek Philippe’s history, enjoy all the works of Patek Philippe’s current series, or indulge in a selection of sophisticated timepieces and a series of stunning mechanical devices. Watchmakers and artisans will show their superb skills on the spot, so that the audience will have a deep understanding of the watchmaking process and the artistic skills mastered by professional artisans such as enamel painters. They have been very close to the watchmaking industry for hundreds of years. After viewing the exhibition, visitors can also relax at Patek Philippe Cafe.

   In the themed exhibition hall to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Singapore’s opening of the port, Patek Philippe displayed a selection of timepieces and important milestones after Stamford Raffles came to Singapore.

Patek Philippe Museum Collection

   With the opportunity of the 2019 Watch & Clock Art Exhibition to be held in Singapore, Patek Philippe hopes that ordinary audiences will appreciate the many selected collections from the Patek Philippe Museum, including some rare rare timepieces. This is also the first time that this famous Geneva museum has displayed so many timepieces in Singapore. The museum exhibition hall is divided into two parts according to the layout of the Geneva Museum. The “Antique Timepieces Collection” displays the first portable timepieces from the middle of the 16th century, gorgeous enamel pocket watches, automatic musical instruments, and craft timepieces made by the most talented watchmakers in Europe. A long history of watch craftsmanship. The Patek Philippe Collection showcases Patek Philippe’s most famous selection of watches and clocks from 1839 to the present. Of particular interest are the royal timepieces (especially a wall watch dedicated to Queen Victoria at the Universal Exhibition in London’s Crystal Palace in 1851), the first Swiss watch (1868), and several Patek Philippe world-renowned ‘ Super complicated timepiece. ‘

10 themed exhibition halls
Film and television exhibition hall
Play Patek Philippe history videos.
Production series exhibition hall
The timepieces of Patek Philippe’s current series are exclusively displayed, and the decoration is inspired by the Patek Philippe Salon on the Rhone Avenue in Geneva.
Napoleon showroom
The charm of this exhibition hall is that it can make the audience feel like visiting the Patek Philippe Salon in Geneva, and enjoy the magnificent panorama of Lake Geneva through the film. A special limited edition watch for the Singapore market will also be on display in this showroom.
Museum showroom
This exhibition hall is divided into two parts according to the layout of the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva, one is the ‘Antique Timepieces Collection’ exhibition area, and the other is the ‘Patek Philippe Collections’ exhibition area.
Rare Crafts Hall
Masters of craftsmanship will display many exquisite craftsmanship here, especially the enamel craftsmanship for watches and clocks. These ancient craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation are indispensable for creating exquisite timepieces, which just underscores Patek Philippe’s commitment to guarding rare craftsmanship.
Watchmaker’s showroom
Patek Philippe’s watchmakers invite viewers to take a close look at the internal craftsmanship of mechanical timepieces.
Super Complexity Timepiece Showroom
Visitors can enjoy the most complicated and innovative Patek Philippe timepieces here. It is these super complicated timepieces that have established Patek Philippe’s reputation.
Movement Exhibition Hall
This exhibition space is created for all types of Patek Philippe movements, ranging from simple basic movements to precision movements created for extremely complex timepieces.
Interactive showroom
Visitors can experience Patek Philippe’s watchmaking workshop in-depth here and learn about the precision of the movement.
Singapore’s 200th Anniversary Exhibition Hall
Here is a selection of timepieces and events in Patek Philippe’s history, as well as important milestones in Singapore’s history.

My Swatch My Own Swatch And Wang Ziwen Held A New Store Opening Ceremony And 2017 Swatch X You New Product Launch Conference

On November 12, 2017, Swatch, a well-known Swiss fashion watch brand, joined hands with the popular movie star Huadan Prince Wen to hold the opening ceremony of the brand’s Shanghai Xintiandi Concept Store and cut the ribbon at the scene. As the special event ambassador, Wang Ziwen wore the new SWATCH X YOU series watch with Ms. Molly Gu, brand manager of Swatch China, and Mr. Chen Qun, executive director of the owner Ryan Group, to attend the ribbon-cutting opening of the new store and work with the media here Witnessed the wonderful moment of the new store opening. Later, at the House in Xintiandi, Shanghai, the SWATCH X YOU custom series watch was wonderfully released. This is also the first time that Swatch has opened a full range of designs to fans around the world, creating Swatch watches with unique designs and talents.

The special ambassador Wang Ziwen and Ms. Molly Gu, brand manager of Swatch China, and Mr. Chen Qun, executive director of the owner Ruian Group, attended the ceremony to cut the ribbon for the opening of the new store.

The special ambassador Wang Ziwen and Ms. Molly Gu, brand manager of Swatch China, and Mr. Chen Qun, executive director of the owner Ruian Group, attended the ceremony to cut the ribbon for the opening of the new store.

 This time, the brand new Swatch Concept Store is located in the north part of Xintiandi, Shanghai. The appearance continues the architectural features of Shanghai Shikumen, and it is corresponding to the overall style of Xintiandi. At the same time, its interior decoration style is also very interesting. The watch display area is divided into a small box, just like the medicine bucket in a Chinese pharmacy. The twelve earthly branch timekeeping method is refreshing.

 Not far from the new store is the site of the Shanghai Xintiandi THE HOUSE, which also has the characteristics of Shikumen, with many new and interesting interactive devices, various parts of the watch on the wall and Cute and fun icons come alive, and guests can walk into the hollowed out area and take photos with them. Guests can also turn the concentric disc surface to design their new Swatch.

 The specially invited ambassador Wang Ziwen made a mysterious appearance at the event site, and together with Swatch performed the ‘Designed by You, Designed by You’ SWATCH X YOU customized series, expressing individuality with unlimited creativity. Regardless of various film and television dramas, variety shows, or fashion blockbusters, the ever-changing and lively, quirky Wang Ziwen always expresses his fashion personality with a positive rebellious attitude. ‘Fashion is an expression, and what truly expresses my talents is the fashion in my mind.’ Wang Ziwen said bluntly. She shared the design dreams from childhood and designed a special SWATCH X YOU Christmas watch on the scene. She warmly invited everyone to become a Swatch watch designer and design a unique and heart-warming Christmas. A surprise for yourself or your family and friends.

 How to make your own SWATCH X YOU watch? Just five simple steps: pick your favorite strap, head, buckle ring and pin buckle from the pre-designed styles, and combine them to create a Swatch watch designed by yourself. The guests at the scene devoted themselves to developing their wild imagination, constantly trying different combinations, and giving unlimited creative designs to their wrists.

Summary: The design is delegated to consumers, and this time the SWATCH X YOU watch has won everyone’s praise again. The design tide is one after another, and the endless stream of creative works reflects the essence of the Swatch watch. It mobilizes the enthusiasm and creativity of the wearer, and creates new watch design works of #Swatch Xme #. If you also like to design your own watch, then you may go to the Swatch official website or physical store to create your own exclusive SWATCH X YOU watch!

Inventory Of Parmigiani Bugatti ‘seven Sects Most’

Successful cross-border cooperation is not uncommon, especially the cooperation between the horological and automotive fields has a long history, but the true combination of the two is seamless. Swiss fine watchmaking Parmigiani Fleurier and super running brand Bugatti have been working together for more than ten years. The cooperation between the two parties is not just a commercial alliance, but a true and reliable fusion of outstanding craftsmanship in their respective fields. A masterpiece of performance and unique and innovative timepieces. This year, Bugatti introduced a new version of the Bugatti Chiron with great performance. As its official watch partner, Parmigiani certainly live up to expectations to create a new version of the Bugatti Type 390 watch, which condenses the essence of a supercar and casts the soul of Chiron in the shape of a watch. Let’s take a look at the seven ‘most’ of this amazing timepiece!

Parmigiani’s new BUGATTI TYPE 390 watch

Parma Gianni BUGATTI TYPE 390 Design Manuscript

One of the most: 12 ° hinged case
   The case design of the Bugatti Type 390 is derived from the fluid curve of the Bugatti Chiron. The case is built around the cylinder structure and can be rotated 12 ° around its drive shaft. This technology is patent pending and can be described as a bold innovation in the field of watch design.

Parmigiani BUGATTI TYPE 390 movement design

Two best: inspiration from the engine, interior and body structure
   The design of the Bugatti Type 390 is inspired by the Bugatti Chiron’s vehicle engine, interior and streamlined body structure in simple terms. Through the sapphire crystal glass, you can deeply appreciate its incredibly complex structure ‘heart’. The openings above and below the dial not only reveal beautiful movement gears, but also facilitate time reading.
The three most: Forge the soul in the core
   The PF 390 cylinder mechanical movement was specially developed for the Bugatti series, comparable to the 1500-horsepower four-turbocharged engine W16 in the Bugatti Chiron supercar. The patented movement resembles the engine is connected to the dial and the vertically positioned display (interior) through worm screws. It incorporates a precious metal case and sapphire crystal glass (body), allowing the wearer to enjoy the continuously operating machinery through the mirror The installation is like standing in front of a transparent hood and admiring its amazing mechanical charm.

Parmigiani PF390 Cylinder Mechanical Movement

Four most: superburning engine
   The PF390 cylinder-type mechanical movement uses a triangular coupling design to achieve automatic centering of the two barrels, while a tandem connection guarantees constant energy transmission-just like the Chiron Super Run fuel pressure regulator, which can achieve speed adjustment To ensure optimal timing.

Parmigiani Bugatti Type 390 planetary gear

Five most: Perpetual motion time
   The patented movement uses three planetary gear trains, including the world’s smallest ball bearings: only 1.28 mm in diameter, including 12 ceramic balls with a diameter of 0.2 mm. It may be very different in size from the ball bearing used by the Bugatti Chiron, but technically very similar. Bearings do not require lubrication: They offer significant advantages in terms of reliability and maintenance.

Tandem barrel engraved with the name of legendary rider LOUIS CHIRON

Six most: tribute to legendary drivers
    The Bugatti Type 390 is equipped with two barrels in series, which provides an 80-hour power reserve. Each barrel is engraved with the signature of the legendary driver Louis Chiron who has won numerous championships for the Bugatti Super Running brand and his nickname ‘le vieux renard’ (old fox).

Parmigiani Bugatti Type 390 white gold case with black synthetic carbon fiber elements

Mapping the new Bugatti Chiron supercar body
Seven Best: High-end Customized Services
   Customized services can reflect the artistic sensitivity of the brand, as well as fully independent manufacturer characteristics. Parmigiani Bugatti Type 390 opens high-end customization service. In addition to the PF 390 patented movement cannot be customized, the appearance of the watch can be customized according to customer’s specific needs: first select the case, buckle, leather strap and its edges. Material; then choose the dial structure, hour markers, and decoration on the side of the case; finally determine the color of the sapphire crystal glass.

Top Diving Watches ‘precise’ Deep Sea

The waterproof depth of the diving watch is actually just a cloud-like data for you, because according to records, the diving world record of human beings relying on Dantian without a diving tool is currently 162 meters, deeper May be hanging up. So we can think of it this way: sporty men wear a ‘deep’ diving watch in order to distinguish themselves from those business otakus.

Certina diving series, diving depth: 330 meters
Before cooperating with the F1-Sauber Petronas team, Certina has won sports stars such as the first-generation boxer Ali and Moto GP, such as Mick Duhan, which made their influence in the sports watch industry. In other words, the diving series is equipped with a DS + (Double Insurance +) system with screw-down case back and crown. This water-resistant watch with a depth of 330 meters has a special overpressure relief valve and a unidirectional rotating bezel with toothed edges for easy use, and the luminous markers improve visibility in dim light conditions. The black dial shows exquisite surface workmanship, and the exquisite texture on it is reminiscent of the distant and mysterious underwater world. It is the legendary double champion in Xiuwaihuihui.

IWC ‘Galapagos Islands’ chronograph, diving depth: 120 meters
This professional diver’s watch, with a matte black rubber coating, is made through a complex vulcanization process. It is equipped with a newly developed rotating diving bezel, a mechanical chronograph movement, a day and date display, and a small second hand. It has a stop function, a new bracelet quick-change system and a bottom turtle embossed. The case is pressurized and heated in a special mold, which is permanently fused with this tactile warm, collision-resistant and non-slip material. It can withstand a pressure of 12 bar. When the chain is fully wound, the power reserve can reach 44 hours and the accumulated recording time 12 hours. The bottom of the sapphire glass is coated with a thick Super-LumiNova®, even if there is no lighting, it can shine through the unprinted surface or the numbers of the sapphire glass ring.

Tissot Intelligence Series, diving depth: 200 meters
Wearing this watch, people all over the world will know that you are a diving lover. Although the eye-catching fluorescent orange and blingbling silver are not eye-catching in the colorful underwater world, they are actually used by black and white and gray men. It is a high-profile debut. In addition, the Tissot, which is famous for its “touch” technology, has not made the Sublime Series an exception. When you touch the dial with your index finger, you not only get the depth of dive, the speed of the dive, the date of the perpetual calendar. , Compass, dual time zone, digital countdown timer, alarm, and temperature measurement. At the same time, it has become the focus of everyone’s attention. The information that you are a junior diving enthusiast will be accurately and completely transmitted to everyone. .

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master watch, diving depth: 300 meters
腕表 This watch is a commemoration of the partnership between the Jaeger-LeCoultre brand and the US Navy’s elite underwater combat unit, the SEALs. This watch is equipped with a metal-sensitive pressure-sensitive membrane, which is extremely sensitive to water pressure. It can transmit water pressure information to the teeth, and then the teeth to the hands. The depth data can be read through the scale placed on the inner bezel, and the original 40-meter depth scale is more fine. The stainless steel sensor covered with black PVD reinforces the simple design style of this watch. In addition, the watch’s Jaeger-LeCoultre 979 automatic movement guarantees the accuracy of the watch. This movement vibrates at 28,800 times per hour and has a 48-hour power reserve.