Month: December 2016

Exquisitely Crafted Tasting Piaget Altiplano Watch

The grand event of the watch industry——SIHH Geneva International High-level Watch Salon has been opened. This event attracts the attention of many watch lovers every year. Based on the superb wood inlay and wood / mother-of-pearl inlay craftsmanship, Piaget exhibiting this year launched a fine rose watch, the official model: G0A41209.

   The above is a detailed display of the 2016 Piaget model of the SIHH Geneva Haute Horlogerie Salon prepared by the staff in front of the Watch House. In the future, we will continue to provide you with more and more intuitive watch salon related reports, so please pay attention.

Zenith Released The 2012 Espada Watch

Zenith released the new Espada series at the Basel Watch Fair this year, adding a new work to the brand’s classic El Primero series. Its design is simple and generous, very stylish. Eight watches carry the historical elements of Zenith, with hour, minute, second and date display performance, and a frequency of 36,000 vibrations per hour. This Espada series is the first three-hand version of the El Primero series, turning the brand’s history into a new chapter.

   Since 1969, El Primero watches have symbolized the extraordinary creativity of Zenith. El Primero comes from Esperanto, which means that the humanistic spirit has universal universality. The naming of this series instills its spirit into the brand’s tradition and becomes synonymous with innovation and change. The new Espada collection continues the glorious history of this extraordinary collection. Simple design, noble materials, exquisite machinery and beautiful watchmaking craftsmanship embody all the essence of El Primero watchmaking from the inside to the outside. The name Espada is related to El Primero, inspired by a historical model from Zenith. The stylish design has already appeared on the first watches launched in the 1970s. In addition to the comfortable wearing of the new Espada series watches, its case shape, strap shape, and the unique design of the case and the strap interlocking with each other make it have ergonomic excellence, reflecting El from inside to outside The essence of all watchmaking in the Primero collection.
   Technically, the new Espada line inherits the precise characteristics of the famous El Primero movement. Its design follows nearly academic-level precision sketches, and does not affect performance due to auxiliary components. Its movement combines precision and reliability with a square inch of space, perfectly integrated into the watch; each plate, each gear set and each Each part is installed in the most ideal position. The watch contains at least 210 parts to drive the El Primero 4650 B automatic mechanical movement. Like all movements in the El Primero series, the El Primero 4650B has an excellent frequency of 10 vibrations per second, which means that it vibrates 36,000 times per hour. The power reserve of the movement often reaches 50 hours and its diameter is only 30 mm.

   The new Espada collection is subtle and understated, reinterpreting Zenith’s traditional style: round case, rustic surface, perfect legibility, and clean lines. Eleven rhodium-plated hour-markers are covered with Superluminova, and the time is indicated by two hands that are clearly legible, providing the best time-division display performance. The second hand, under the guidance of the Zenith star, made regular and precise graceful dance steps along the surface. The date window is at 3 o’clock and the date is clearly displayed. The watch adheres to the brand’s main design principles and uses sapphire crystal glass, allowing viewers to cleverly grasp the working mechanism of heaven and earth from the front and back of the surface. In addition to the above-mentioned aesthetic features, the case is water-resistant to 100 meters and equipped with a screw-in crown, which is absolutely reliable.

Eight watches with a passion for aesthetics

   The Espada series pays tribute to the past and opens up the future, demonstrating Zenith’s pursuit of excellence in the field of timekeeping. This collection reflects inspiration from the 1970 model and is a modern interpretation of the brand’s landmark timepieces. There are eight models in the Espada collection, each of which is aesthetically poetic and timeless.

Espada stainless steel model with silver finish

   The first watch was equipped with a stainless steel case, showing a simple and elegant design style. The silver-colored surface and the finely polished and sanded stainless steel bracelet complement each other, highlighting the modern style. Inspired by the time-honored 1970 model, the watch presents an immortal classic on the wrist. This watch witnesses Zenith’s cultural heritage and exquisite craftsmanship, making the El Primero series, which has a history of more than 40 years, a fertile ground for future creativity.

Espada steel, black finish

   The second watch is a timepiece with a distinctive design. The black case has a strong color contrast design, which is unique. Its charming charm extends to the polished and sanded stainless steel bracelet. The surface is clear and easy to read, allowing you to focus on the main time display such as hours, minutes, seconds and date. Convenient reading will surely make this watch a good companion for real people.

Espada 18-karat rose gold and steel watch, white finish

   Espada’s 18K rose gold and stainless steel models have adhered to the design concept of this series and opened up a whole new world. The shape of the watch is both elegant and creative, presenting a distinctive beauty. The bezel, crown and central part of the bracelet are made of rose gold, with hands and hour markers made of the same material, perfectly matching the stainless steel material of the case and the outer link of the bracelet. This model combines the exquisite dual design into one, fully reflects the brand’s innovative spirit, noble temperament, fine tradition and exquisite craftsmanship, and conveys the brand’s unique passion for beautiful timepieces.

Espada 18K rose gold and steel watch, brown surface

   The Espada 18K rose gold and stainless steel model inherits the essence of this collection with a brown surface. This watch is elegant and distinguished, making the watchholder understand the superb Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship of the timepiece on the wrist. With a unique and delicate design, this watch is subtle and elegant, comfortable to wear, and has its own chapter every moment.

Espada 18K rose gold watch, rose gold watch

   From an aesthetic point of view, 18K rose gold models advocate the ultimate simplicity of aesthetics. From the brown surface to the finely crafted 18K rose gold case and bracelet, the watch as a whole symbolizes impeccable beauty. The shape of the lugs, the polished and polished straps, and the delicate bezel are like a carol, praising the watch’s ability to be elegant and noble, simple and restrained, and subtle.

Espada 18K Rose Gold Watch, Alligator Leather Strap

   The brown alligator strap blends harmoniously with the dynamic lines of the case, bringing a touch of fashion to the 18K rose gold model. This watch follows the aesthetic principles that other watches in the Espada series uphold and inspire collectors, showing a unique and exquisite design and solid spirit.

Espada 18-karat rose gold model with mother-of-pearl and diamonds

   The surface of this watch is set with 11 rectangles, which perfectly combine elegance and reliability. The brown alligator strap extends the magical charm of the 18K rose gold case. The polished ripples show a mirror effect on the mother-of-pearl surface, further highlighting the elegance of the watch. The hands are subtle and restrained, displaying the hours, minutes and seconds with ease.

Espada 18-karat rose gold watch

   This watch’s case, lugs and bezel-set bezel are all crafted in 18K rose gold, bringing beautiful visual effects; the lines are concise and subtle, and the inlays are exquisite (the total weight of the inlay-set is 0.7 carats). Watchmaking process. A total of 22 diamonds are set on the delicate time scales, which makes the time flow more chic and elegant. The calendar window at 3 o’clock witnesses the change of day and night. This watch is unique in that the brown dial and the belt use the same color tone, reflecting the beauty of harmony. The watch combines elegance, unique personality and exquisite craftsmanship. For Zenith, the most important thing is exquisite craftsmanship.

Adam’s Butterfly Couple Watch Witness The Eternal Love

In the 1960s and 1970s, Piaget was proud of the spring breeze, and the pleasure of these years reached its peak in 1979, because the Piaget Polo watch was born. Polo not only once again proved Piaget’s position in the entire ultra-thin watch movement, its unique shape is also refreshing: Polo’s strap is integrated with the case, plus the interlaced polishing of shiny and matte surfaces, you can see at a glance Think of it as a bracelet rather than a watch. Because Polo draws inspiration from polo, since the 1980s, the Earl brand has established close ties with polo: funding the World Cup Polo Tournament of the same name, strong support for charity polo tournaments and so on. In 2009, just 30 years after Polo, Piaget also launched the Piaget PoloFortyFive model forged from titanium. And this Valentine’s Day, the pair of diamond-set white gold watches we recommend for you is not only more like the original Polo, but also precious (the male and female models are limited to 150 pieces each, each watch has an independent number). Leading 30 years of Piaget Polo Piaget Limited Edition
    Men’s watch 523800 yuan (right) Women’s watch 387400 yuan
Note: Large men’s models are equipped with Piaget 534P automatic mechanical movement; women’s models are equipped with Piaget 690P quartz movement. Men’s watch 135,500 yuan (right) Women’s watch 120,500 yuan
Simple and generous from the small town Blancpain Villeret classic ultra-thin series
The name Villeret is a bit strange, it is actually the name of the town where Blancpain originated 275 years ago. The reason why the brand base camp is named is because the Villeret series expresses the simple and generous basic characteristics of Blancpain. Just looking at the appearance, you can see the simple and simple lines and the light and thin body. Although there is no extra detail and decoration on the surface, it is very elegant inside: the Villeret movement is a machine with only 3.25 mm thickness Gem, absolutely accurate and reliable. Although the movement is small, the 175 division of labor has included a highly efficient automatic mechanical design. Even the slightest hand movement is sufficient to supply standby energy that can run continuously for 40 hours. In addition, it won the title of best ultra-thin watch in the Geneva Timepiece Awards in 2004. For you, because this watch is very thin, it is suitable for daily carrying by you and your lover.
    Men’s watch 237,000 yuan (left) Women’s watch 159,000 yuan
Gold cross pattern Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Classique gold bracelet
If you look at the Vacheron Constantin website, you will find that the Patrimony series ranks first in all watch series. Patrimony represents classic design and also reflects Vacheron Constantin’s own value. The two slightly grand 18K gold watches you see are perfect for surprise your girlfriend. This watch has been re-interpreted. Its light silvery milky dial with bar-shaped hands has a simple and elegant design. Its cross-shaped bracelet is hand-woven to better fit your wrist; with the hidden buckle, it is natural. . These two watches are equipped with Poinçon de Genève Geneva 1400 manual winding movement (menswear) and 1202 quartz movement (women), which are waterproof to 30 meters.
   Men’s watch 52400 yuan (right) Women’s watch 47600 yuan
New constellation, your choice? Omega New Constellation 2009 Series Stainless Steel Red Gold
米 Omega is good at advertising: ‘My Choice’ advertising is popular. It was 1995, the beauty Cindy Crawford wore a watch to tell you that her choice was the Omega Constellation series. Since then, you remember Omega, and you want to choose Constellation Dai Dai like Cindy. This classic watch series actually originated in 1982. The constellation’s ‘claw’ design made it one of the most recognizable models in the world. ‘Claws’ still worked in the past: the sapphire crystal glass and washer were firmly fixed to the case to ensure water resistance, but today this claw has become a sign of the constellation. The constellation series in 2009 was a milestone, because it was replaced with an Omega movement with a coaxial escapement system (this system is incredible, ‘Mr. Fashion’ introduced it in January this year, it is more than two centuries The first practical new escapement system), which keeps your watch extremely stable for a long time.