Month: May 2016

The Rolex China Sea Regatta 2018 Officially Sails!

The Rolex China Sea Regatta 2018 officially set sail at 11:20 this morning. The blue sky and blue sea, Victoria Harbor blows 8 knots of wind per hour. The starting point of the race was set out of the sea opposite the Gillette Island Club of the Hong Kong Yacht Club. Most of the participating boats chose to set sail on the side of the referee boat. Several boats collided slightly at the start, and the referees also sent individual recall signals to the Rampage 2, Sea Wolf and Sitka.

ALIVE © RolexDanielForster

   The race started on Hong Kong landmark Victoria Harbour, and the fleet sailed eastwards to Lei Yue Men Gorge. The Alive first passed the Lei Yue Men Gorge (the shortest distance between Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsula). It is the current record holder with a score of 47 hours, 31 minutes and 08 seconds, followed by KarlKwok’s Mod70BeauGeste. After sailing through the gorge, ModBeauGeste immediately led, currently sailing at 24 knots.

KINGSMAN © RolexDanielForster

   All participants are on a 565 nautical mile voyage across the South China Sea to SubicBay in the Philippines; it is expected that the wind will increase to a maximum of 20 knots at night. It is expected that the fleet will be able to Have a fast journey.

MODBEAUGESTE © RolexDanielForster

   Rolex China Sea Regatta 2018 has a total of 29 sailing ships from 22 countries and regions, including from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Mainland China, Denmark, United Kingdom, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, New Zealand , Norway, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, and the United States.

EngravedOysterPerpetualYachtMaster40presented totheLineHonourswinneroftheRolexChinaSeaRace2018 © RolexThomasHensinger

   If there is no accident, the first one to arrive will be ModBeauGeste, Karl Kwok and his team are expected to cross the line tomorrow afternoon; Captain GavinBrady said: ‘At present, we expect to arrive at noon on March 29, we hope Can arrive before the wind weakens. What’s special about this event is that no matter how hard you work on the schedule, once you miss the best time to enter SubicBay, your previous efforts will be in vain. In fact, this is very similar to the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, because the participants must take the best time to enter Tasman Island. I think it is very important to enter the Philippine waters during the day because the wind direction can be clearly seen .We have n’t participated in this competition for a while, most of the crew have forgotten the size of the coastline, hills and gorges here, so it is relatively good for us to finish the competition during the day. ”

Seiko’s Shining Star In The Japanese Watchmaking Industry

Seiko, founded in 1881, is the oldest watchmaking brand in Japan and one of the oldest brands in the entire watchmaking industry. Hattori Kintaro established the Hattori Timepiece Store (predecessor of Seiko) in Ginza, Tokyo. His main business was repairing and selling imported clocks, and then gradually turned to independent clock and watch production. Although the early positioning of high-quality mechanical watch manufacturing, but really made Seiko’s reputation is the release of the first quartz watch in 1969, the global watchmaking industry has also completely changed.
   From the perspective of global market positioning, Seiko’s strategic focus is on the quartz (kinetic) and kinetic (human power) series, while continuing to produce high-quality mechanical watches, Grand Seiko and Credor series for the domestic market. Among them, the Credor series is mainly sold in Japan, and there are several points of sale in Asia, not for the European and American markets.
   Today, Seiko’s timepiece products cover the brand’s four main watchmaking technologies: mechanical (mechanical), quartz (quartz), kinetic (electric energy) and Spring Drive.
Japan, not Switzerland
   Although the founder of the brand has visited Switzerland many times to watch and Seiko has benefited a lot from learning Swiss watchmaking, in essence, Seiko is still a unique Japanese brand. Unlike Japan, Switzerland does not have a traditional small watchmaking workshop, so Seiko cannot rely on a network of suppliers specializing in the production of parts. All watchmaking processes are completed in the brand’s own watch factory, including the mainspring in mechanical watches. And balance spring. As a result, Seiko has become one of the few vertically integrated watchmaking brands in the world.

Brand Image Ambassador: Now No. 1 Novak Djokovic in the world’s men’s tennis singles

   Quality is at the top of Seiko’s philosophy, which is reflected in products at all stages of the brand. In addition, unlike many other watchmaking brands, Seiko is not tied to a particular technology and craftsmanship. For example, when Seiko foresaw the great potential of GPS in watchmaking, the brand put all its efforts into investing a lot of resources in research and development, ending the fruits, and launching the landmark Seiko Astron watch; at the same time, Seiko was making fine watches In the field there is no less than Swiss expertise and craftsmanship. This variety of technical applications can be said to be quite rare in the watchmaking world.
   Seiko is backed by one of the largest companies in the watchmaking industry, and it should be stable in the future. At present, Seiko has occupied the high-end market of quartz watches, but it is precisely in the field of mechanical watches that can create more surprises. Seiko also has reasons to believe that the production of professional mechanical watches is also part of the brand’s DNA. In 1998, Seiko launched the first watch equipped with a Spring Drive movement. This mechanical innovation has received worldwide recognition and praise. Seiko has the ability to leave its own unique mark in the field of mechanical watch manufacturing. The existence of Seiko entry-level mechanical watches is also good news for the entire watchmaking industry, because the large scale of Seiko watchmaking is conducive to the popularization and spread of mechanical watch culture. At present, Seiko is preparing to explore a broad market outside Asia with Grand Seiko and Ananta series mechanical watches, which deserves the attention of other watchmaking brands.

Brand President and CEO: Shinji Hattori

   The great-grandson of the founder, Kintaro Hattori, Shinji Hattori is now the president and CEO of Seiko. He is eager to use modern thinking, technological innovation, and a long history to continue the brand into the future. ‘In many people’s consciousness, Seiko is modern, but we are actually 133 years old,’ explains Shinji Hattori. ‘When Seiko was involved in watchmaking, machinery was the only one. In the 1960s, we The development of a quartz movement was successful and became a leader in this field. However, we did not stop there. Instead, we sought to perfectly integrate mechanical and electronic watchmaking through innovation. Therefore, the Kinetic (People’s Power), Spring Drive and GPS Solar series products were applied It was born, and all the production processes were independently completed by Seiko in its own watch factory. The flourishing today is born from a long history. Today, we have developed into a leading brand that is proficient in all areas of watchmaking technology and technology. In this sense, , We will rely on brand history to create a more brilliant future. ‘

The Promise Of The Prom Dior Viii Grand Bal Series

The Dior VIII Grand Bal series of high-end watches perfectly combines exquisite technology and excellent design, which is not only the crystallization of watchmaking technology, but also the decoration embellished with Hao wrist.
 The Dior VIII Grand Bal series, born in 2011, was inspired by Mr. Dior’s love for gorgeous dances. It is equipped with a ‘Dior inverse’ movement. A practical pendulum is placed on the dial to reproduce the dance dresses.
Dior VIII Grand Bal Collection ‘Plissé’
 This special edition works with diamond-studded jade as the dial, white mother-of-pearl practical oscillating weight, set with beautiful diamonds, is a classic masterpiece of fashion and charm. She is like a perfect woman, dressed in a flawless black high-tech precision ceramic coat, showing her graceful gestures in her hands, and showing off at night.

Amazing Time Instar Amastacia Star Flower Series Women’s Watch

Elegant and exquisite women’s watches without losing practicality have become an indispensable accessory for urban women. A beautiful watch will accompany the ‘her’ in your heart to spend every minute, remember every happy moment.
Elf Flower
Swiss Innag Amastacia Star Flower Series Women’s Watch

Amastacia (Amastacia) means the flower of the star, and is the head of the surname of the elves in Nordic legends. Based on this beautiful and dreamy name, Innag, Switzerland, for the first time, launched the Amastacia star flower series women’s watch, which is as delicate and delicate as a fairy. In addition to adhering to Inag’s fine craftsmanship and excellent mechanical watch movement quality, the Star Flower series has the most dexterous 21.5mm body in the world’s women’s mechanical watches. The bezel dotted with glittering crystals makes the wearer fly as if in the vast universe of stars and seas; the vortex pattern in the middle of the dial is like the elves spinning and dancing happily among the interstellar flowers, exuding the moonlike elegance and soft light, naturally Exuding the unique temperament of crystal clearness and wisdom. The stainless steel rose gold and stainless steel strap has a dual-track design, which is comfortable for ironing, while creating a soft mid-band rigidity that highlights women’s outstanding achievements.
Whether paired with daily commute clothes or casual clothes, the Inner Star Flower Watch can show the elegance and wisdom of women and the vivid image. Like Yang Mi, the new spokesperson for Innager, she has a sweet and lively appearance, and is diligent and dedicated in the face of work, always exuding unique charm. In the new Innager commercial series, Yang Mi, dressed in a soft gauze gown, wearing an Innag star flower watch, dancing in the Prague Palace Garden, immersed in floral fragrance and breeze time, truly interpreting the spirit of the elves. Flower connotation. This also makes the Ininger Star Flower Women’s Watch extremely popular.
Flower of Liberty
Jaeger-LeCoultre Grande Reverso 1931 Rouge large red dial flip watch

Red is the color of Christmas flowers, red is the color of joy, and red is the color of freedom. At the end of 2012, Jaeger-LeCoultre celebrated Christmas with a fire-like enthusiasm and launched the Grande Reverso 1931 Rouge large red dial flip watch again. The Reverso watch series has been enthusiastically sought after since its birth. Many artists and elites have chosen the red dial. This large red dial flip watch reinterprets the red dial of the 1930s, in order to pay tribute to the unruly people of that era, inheriting its stylish and firm free style. It is equipped with a Jaeger-LeCoultre 822 manual-winding movement. The case is atmospheric and slim, and it combines passion, classicism and creativity. Just like the models of the 1930s, while expressing original elegance and expressing a firm and free style.
Elegant Flower
Prestige Ling Ni series 10090 women’s watch

名 Swiss Baume & Mercier’s Lingni series always has perfect curved lines, and is equipped with a unique number engraved bezel and interchangeable strap design, which shows elegance and feminine charm. Since its birth in 1987, the Ling Ni series has been one of the brand’s must-have models. In the autumn and winter of this season, the celebrity inherits the charming temperament originally designed by the Ling Ni series, and has launched 3 beautiful and elegant classic watches, showing nobility and elegance. The new surprise comes from the first two models of 18K red gold launched by the Lingni series. The weight of the red gold of the Ling Ni series 10090 model is about 24 grams. The timepiece shines brightly and exudes noble temperament. The watch’s brown sun-satin-finished dial is set with 12 diamonds, paired with a charming brown strap. Wearing it to the dance party is enough to immerse yourself in the harmonious atmosphere of amber. At 12 o’clock midnight, it will bring you a shock like never before!