Month: December 2015

Tonda Calendrier Annuel Flyback Date Display Calendar

‘Calendar is a man-made system designed to correspond to the seasons and phases of our planet. The earth revolves around the sun, bringing day-to-night alternations, and we record as an obsessed observer .Almanac and moon phases reflect the cosmic order that rules us. ‘Michelle Parmigiani
   Parmigiani launches TondaCalendrierAnnuel Flyback Date Display Almanac, demonstrating Michel Parmigioni’s passion for advanced complications. The Parmigiani watch factory developed the PF339 movement, with a flyback date display calendar and accurate moon phase display, in tribute to Michel Parmigiani. The combination of these two complications ensures that the new TondaCalendrierAnnuel flyback date display almanac becomes a complete astronomical watch, as it records the rotation of the earth relative to the sun and the moon.

Flyback date display

PFC272-1002401-HA1442 (rose gold); PFC272-1201400-HA1442 (platinum)

   The real charm of the annual calendar function of the flyback date is that the wearer only needs to adjust the watch once a year. The date is automatically adjusted according to the number of days in the month, whether it is 30 or 31 days; in February, it is always calculated as 29 days, whether or not it is a leap year. Therefore, once a year or three times in four years, at the end of February, the TondaCalendrierAnnuel flyback date shows that the almanac wearer can remove it from his wrist and manually set the date to interact with this delicate mechanical device again. Then, in the next 365 days, the watch will run perfectly on its own. The flyback date display never blocks the moon phase at 6 o’clock, showing a highly poetic complication. The day of the week and month are displayed in 9 and 3 clock positions, respectively, ensuring perfect legibility.

Precise moon phase display
   TondaCalendrierAnnuel’s return date display almanac has added moon phase display. Is the famous ‘Precise Moon Phase’ function, because it only needs to be corrected once every 122 years-the accuracy is amazing, only the typical monthly transport period (29 days and 12 hours) and the actual monthly transport period (29 days and 12 hours and 44 minutes) 2.8 seconds). The TondaCalendrierAnnuel flyback date display almanac shows the two phases of the moon when viewed from the northern and southern hemispheres to meet the needs of wearers anywhere. The moon phase display and the pure rose gold moon phase are very dazzling in the background of the gold-glass sky, evoking the poetic charm under the starry sky.

New look
   Compared to the previous representative TondaQuator launched in 2011, this TondaCalendrierAnnuel flyback date display almanac is known for its low-key features and readability. The designer enlarged the bezel to show as many dials as possible. The minute track and hour markers are external, creating a floating effect and ensuring highly accurate time readings. The numbers in the flyback date display are arranged inside, harmoniously surrounding the day and month display. The dial structure is divided into several layers, and each small display panel presents a three-dimensional and three-dimensional layout, creating a delicate relief feeling. The pointer scale is exactly the same as the golden ratio that Michel Parmigiani loves, but the pointer is thinner and longer than before. The TondaCalendrierAnnuel flyback date calendar is available in two styles: a rose gold case with a white frosted dial-a brand-specific design; a white gold case with a black dial.

PF339 independently developed movement

   Parmigiani developed the PF339 movement based on the PF331 self-winding movement. In addition, it is equipped with an additional module for the annual calendar with the flyback date display and accurate moon phase function. This self-winding movement has a 50-hour power reserve and is unique in that it is equipped with a double barrel. This barrel stabilizes the energy distribution and ensures a constant level of transmission to the regulator. The movement is decorated with fine watchmaking standards, with a hand-chamfered bridge with a Geneva corrugated decoration and a pure rose gold automatic rotor with barley grain pattern. On the TondaCalendrierAnnuel flyback date display calendar, the craftsmanship is exemplary and meticulous, even the hidden details are no exception.