Month: November 2015

Watch House Watch Friends Visited Beijing Watch Factory Full Record

Initiated by Watch House to commemorate the 55th anniversary of the establishment of the Beijing Watch Factory, the event of inviting table friends to visit began on the afternoon of June 4, 2013, and many table friends passed before Various ways to actively participate in the registration, we can see that everyone’s enthusiasm is extremely high. Of course, this visit was also very successful. Although the heavens were not beautiful, and it was overcast from the morning, watch friends still attended this meaningful event on time. The Watch House is here for everyone. Thanks for your support. At the same time, friends who have not come to participate in this event can feel the different charm conveyed by the Beijing Watch Factory, which is known as the ‘Living 798′ through the following articles.

 For this event, the Watch House has carefully prepared gifts and drinking water for watch friends. Although these are minor matters, it can also be seen that the editors’ good intentions.

 Everyone gathered around 1:15. After the staff distributed the gifts for everyone, they were driven by the special bus to the destination of the event, which is located in Changping’s Beijing Watch Factory.

 After arriving near the Beijing Watch Factory in Changping District, there was a clear accumulation of rain on the road, but thankfully the weather has gradually cleared up when we arrived.

 After arriving at the watch factory, the first thing that caught my eye was the most distinctive building of the Beijing Watch Factory, the portrait of Chairman Mao. The Beijing Watch Factory was established in 1958. After 55 years of time polishing, it seems to be richer in precipitation. sense.

 The main building of the Beijing Watch Factory faces north and south. From the appearance, it can be intuitively felt. The red brick wall is covered with green creepers. The strong color impact also makes the overall artistic style. It is understood that choosing the site for the Beijing Watch Factory at that time can be said to be painstaking. The alternative locations are multiple locations in Beijing, but Changping District, commonly known as the Beijing Back Garden, is known as the place closest to the Swiss Jura Valley. Settle down.

 The five characters ‘Serving the People’ on the main entrance of the building are particularly conspicuous, of course, this is also a unique product of the era.

 A 10: 1 model of a dual-axis three-dimensional tourbillon is placed in the hallway facing the gate. A tourbillon assembly is rotated around two mutually perpendicular rotation axes at the same time. The shaft rotates once every 7.5 minutes. This mechanism is equipped with the Tai Chi watch, a two-axis three-dimensional tourbillon developed by Beijing Watch in 2009.

 Everyone showed a strong curiosity about this magical mechanical combination, and they stepped forward to take pictures and communicate with the staff.

 First of all, everyone came to the first visitor room, which is like a big timepiece about Beijing watches, displaying every important watch since its establishment.

 At the same time, in order to welcome table friends from afar, Ms. Ma Hongquan, the general manager of sales of Beijing Watch Factory, explained the whole process. Of course, friends who were familiar with her kindly called her sister Ma.

 Before the whole tour started, Ms. Ma showed us two promotional videos about Beipiao for the first time. These two videos have not been released yet, so I will not spoil them for you here.

 After the short film screening, Ma Ma began to tell the story behind each watch in the showroom and the 55-year legend of Beijing Watch Factory. The cousins ​​present listened very carefully.

 This all-gold Athena watch was born in 2008. The dial is carved from pure gold and is currently priced at 1,980,000. This watch embodies the extraordinary engraving process. The toes of the goddess Athena are magnified several times A is clearly visible.

 Some of my cousins ​​suggested that I wanted to hear the sound of the three-question meter, and Ma immediately agreed to the request and began to prepare for everyone.

 Although the minute repeater is not very loud, it can be heard clearly and pleasantly in a quiet environment. This minute repeater is the Beijing animal party minute repeater.

 Next, everyone came to the second visit room. The main display here is some watches with high cost performance. At this time, the watch friends also tried them on.

 Each of our cousins ​​can be said to be hidden, and this one knows from the posture that he is a master.

 The production on the watch assembly line is also the place to focus on this event.

 I believe that many watch friends also watched the watchmaking process for the first time at a close distance, so everyone seemed extra serious.

 After putting on professional dust-proof clothing, everyone entered the dust-free assembly workshop, and it was a zero-distance contact with the watchmaking process.

 Of course, at the end of this event, many watch friends have chosen to buy a beloved Beijing watch for their own memory.

 The time has been unknowingly approaching 5:30 pm, and our activities have ended accordingly. Everyone said that they felt very shocked, and our own national brand was so powerful. However, as a 55-year-old Beijing watch factory, it also showed its most advanced technology and cutting-edge design concepts. I believe that with the love and support of everyone, Beijing Watch will definitely go further and wider in the future.

Ulysse Nardin Freakwing Tourbillon Joins Artemis Lucky Color

UlysseNardin, a Swiss Athenian watch, is a partner of the Artemis regatta in the America’s Cup. In the creative and cutting-edge ‘FreakWing Tourbillon’ watch, the Artemis regatta team lucky colors, as Like the AC45 catamaran known for its superb skills, this Swedish challenge team sailed with the team.

To celebrate the 35th America’s Cup Artemis Regatta team, Athens Watch specially added the most representative decoration on the high-tech catamaran to the newly launched ‘FreakWing Tourbillon’: the upper bridge board is sturdy by the sail The internal structure of the watch is inspired by the design, displaying the minutes; the hour-turning disc is designed with the silk screen structure of the multihull as the idea; carbon fiber is an essential element of top sailing boats, and the Athens watch uses carbon fiber to create the bezel and watch Bottom cover. Finally, ‘FreakWing Tourbillon’ with the representative color of the Swedish challenge team Artemis emphasizes the common values ​​of the two brands-excellence, innovation, precision and technology. Now, you can also put the spirit of a sport sailboat on your wrist!
The Artemis Regatta represents one of the five most historic yacht clubs in the world-the Royal Swedish Yacht Club-to become the challenge team for the America’s Cup. The AC45 catamaran used in the competition is unique in design. The hull has sturdy airplane wing-shaped sails and airfoils, which can reach an amazing speed of 45 knots (equivalent to 80 kilometers per hour). The ‘Freak Whimsical Tourbillon’ series of Athenaeum follows the same concept and has produced the boldest creations and the most avant-garde structures for fifteen years. In 2001, ‘Freak Whimsical Tourbillon’ first introduced the silicon escapement, then launched the diamond escapement in 2005, and also launched the Athens two-way escapement in the same year. The watch has no dial and hands, and the time is displayed through the movement of the entire movement. The lower bridge is connected to the center of the watch as an hour display, while the upper bridge contains a set of gears, a silicon hairspring and the unique bidirectional silicon crystal escapement of Athens to display the minutes.

The Artemis Regatta represents one of the world’s five most historic yacht clubs, the Royal Swedish Yacht Club, for the America’s Cup regatta. The design of the AC45 catamaran is unique.
At the center of the watch is a magnificent tourbillon. The Artemis logo is printed on the back cover for a more eye-catching design. The new Freakwing Tourbillon has a highly readable hour and minute display with a calendar window at four o’clock. In terms of technology, the watch uses the world’s first UlyChoc safety system. This new generation of shock absorber is completely designed, developed and manufactured by the Athens Watch Factory. It replaces three micro parts in the traditional suspension system with one silicon part. The brand has already Apply for a patent for this structure. This solution can avoid any friction or loosening of the parts. When the watch encounters an impact, the balance shaft core can return to its original position perfectly.
The case is made of black diamond-like-carbon (DLC-diamond-like-carbon) titanium, which is stronger than ever, with a carbon fiber check strap with yellow stitching. The ‘FreakWing Tourbillon’ is easy to operate. The watch does not have a crown. The upper and lower bezels are combined with the movement to perform various functions. First, a bezel safety lock is provided between the lugs at 6 o’clock. Turn clockwise to set the hour and minute. Turn counterclockwise to adjust the date. Second, the back of the watch can be wound on the mainspring. Assume.
The America’s Cup, dating back to 1851, is the oldest international sporting event, even before the first Olympics (1896), and the next game will be held in June 2017. By then, the Artemis Regatta and Athenian Watch will be like two crew members, each exhibiting their expertise in their professional field, working closely to create a classic milestone.

Technical Information
Limited: 35 pieces
Model: 2103-138 / CF-ARTEMIS
Movement: UN-210 movement, the time is displayed through the movement of the movement, 1 hour tourbillon, UlyChoc safety system is used to adjust the part
Power reserve: 8 days, sliding spring
Vibration frequency: 4 Hz (28,800 times per hour)
Rotational inertia: 8 mg * cm2, adjusted by 4 screws
Hairspring: Silicon hairspring, unique design of Athens watch
Escapement: Athens’ unique bi-directional silicon escapement, no need for oiling
Trajectory: one revolution per hour
Winding method: Manual winding, the winding mechanism is driven by turning the bottom case cover. One rotation of the bottom case cover is equivalent to storing 12 hours of power
Functions: hour / minute display, date display through movement
Time setting: release the locking device and turn the outer ring
Date setting: Turn the clockwise bezel counterclockwise to adjust the date
Case: black titanium, carbon fiber bezel
Case diameter: 45 mm
Strap: black leather strap with carbon fiber pattern
Case: 18K white gold material