Month: July 2015

Sports Watch Chopard Blancpain And Time Race

The emotions brought by sports are always positive, as is a sports watch. In addition to the intimate functions that can be used, just the vibrant appearance has been exciting. Whether it’s for the actual needs of fitness, or the most suitable match as a professional, or just to show off your cool beautiful models. In short, put on your love watch and get moving!
Sports watch: Chopard Blancpain races against time

1.Chronograph precise timing, every minute counts

 Not all chronographs are sports watches, and not all sports watches have chronograph functions, but chronographs are indeed a very suitable function for sports watches. Timing is essential for everything from running to swimming or cycling. Before professional chronographs appeared, speed competitions often conflicted because the gap was too small to distinguish. Often athletes scuffle and rush to the referee, but the referees can only stare at each other with wide eyes. ‘Perhaps the buttons of the chronograph look beautiful, people like the sub-dial, or the sporty nature of the chronograph, or the fact that they can time if necessary, the chronograph shows strong sales momentum.’ Industry sources said.

Jacques Dro Sport Chronograph SW CHRONO

 The watch is 45mm in diameter with a thick and powerful wheel-shaped bezel line design. The small seconds at 3 and 9 o’clock and the large calendar pane at 12 o’clock are perfectly integrated. Two large-sized chronographs stand out on the dial, and the white Super-LumiNova luminous reading guarantees that the hour, minute and hour indices are clearly visible even at night.

2, racing watch interpretation of speed cross-border cooperation

 Racing watches is a branch of sports watches. Its birth comes from the cooperation between watch brands and racing brands. This cooperation is expressed in two forms: one is that the watch brand becomes a sponsor of a world-renowned racing competition, and the other is The watch’s spokesperson or propaganda ambassador is a star racer. At the just-concluded F1 event, you can see TAG Heuer and Rolex. In the design of the dial, you can clearly see the inspiration from the car. The two play the game of racing against time together.

Chopard Classic Racing Series

 Since many years ago, the Chopard brand has been a loyal partner of classic legendary racing, and the classic racing series draws inspiration from the racing world. The hour, minute and second timers are also reminiscent of the dashboard on an antique sports car.
Sports watch: Chopard Blancpain races against time

3.Dive watches to feel the beauty of another world

 A water sports watch should be at least 100 meters waterproof, but if it is to be a true swimming watch, it should be at least 200 meters waterproof, taking into account the strength of the wearer’s arms when paddling or snorkeling. The countdown function of a sailing watch can’t be more intimate. Omega, Hamilton, Breitling, Audemars Piguet, Citizen and other companies all have special yacht and sailboat watches, including countdown counters, tide information and other functions. Today’s most popular water sports watches are diving watches. This type of watch, originally designed for military and professional use, has become very popular today, which is related to its appearance and function.

Blancpain diving into Bathyscaphe

 The watch is equipped with Blancpain’s extraordinary modern movement, which is reliable, durable and durable; the mechanical automatic winding movement that powers it has a vibration frequency of 28,800 / hour. The Blancpain watchmaker, who has always focused on creating the perfect movement, uses a silicon hairspring to enhance the accuracy of the movement. The sapphire crystal caseback can be used to see it. Silicon is a non-magnetic element, which has anti-corrosion function and strong resistance to wear and aging.

4.Special sports glory off the field

 One type of watch is geared towards specific sports. There are watches specially designed for men interested in golf. There are also models that were originally designed for a particular sport, but have since become popular with the public outside the sport. For example, the Jaeger-LeCoultre flip watch, which was originally invented for equestrian, has long lost its strong athletic properties. Other sports watches are designed for supporters, such as Tissot’s ice hockey and hockey tables. These watches do not have functions related to the sport, but wearing such a watch, in addition to finding fellow people, also has the glory of being in the field.

Tissot PRS200 Special Hockey

 Last year, Tissot was officially designated as the timekeeper of the IIHF International Hockey Federation World Championships. It provided a special Tissot PRS200 watch for the best athletes of each team in the World Hockey Championship to fully express and support the long-term cooperation with the International Hockey Federation and Sports Partnership.

 The outer ring is made of reinforced ceramic hard material, and the bezel safety lock with one-way steering function can calculate the oxygen limit of the diver. The crown is screwed into the locking device with precision, and the space is compressed by rotation to achieve a complete Watertight state to prevent water seepage and damage, equipped with a replaceable strap design that has been hot in recent years.

Audemars Piguet Millennium Series Limited Edition Watch

 To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Audemars Piguet Cup, Audemars Piguet’s latest watch is released with only 100 pieces. Since 1999, Audemars Piguet has become the title sponsor of the distinguished Queen’s Cup, attracting the participation of countless top jockeys, horse owners and trainers around the world.

Jacques Dro’s Automatic Doll Clock Sets A Record High Auction

Antiquorum recently sold an original work engraved with the signature ‘Jaquet-Droz & Leschot’ for CHF 1,025,000.00. Such an extraordinary auction result reflects Jacques Dro (JAQUETDROZ) works of high inheritance value.

   The hand-carved works made by Pierre Jaquet-Droz and his sons, usually with the assistance of their partner Jean-Frédéric Leschot rare. Therefore, such works have immeasurable value and are often sought after by senior collectors.

   Yesterday, one of the rare treasures was auctioned publicly, which is an event not to be missed by senior collectors in the world. The ‘L’ oiseau Privé’ clock displayed on the screen on May 11, 2019 shows the creative realm of the Jaquet-Droz family reaching its peak around 1795. This neoclassical style clock is likely to be an orphan, shaped like a perfume bottle, twenty centimeters high, and sold at an auction price of CHF 1,025,000.00.

   The ‘L’oiseau Privé’ clock set is a masterpiece of the era, which is a masterpiece of decorative arts, watch art and clock art. Driven by Pierre Jaquet-Droz (1721–1790), these arts and crafts achieved significant development. Pierre Jacques de Ronaldo is recognized as the ‘father of mechanical dolls’ (watches, table clocks, snuff bottles, automatic robot puppets), and his works also present outstanding watch aesthetics. The brand has remained bold after 280 years The avant-garde design shines in the watchmaking industry (Jacques de Grande Second).

   This rare treasure is the crystallization of mechanical art and aesthetics at the end of the 18th century. This work is entirely made of gold, bringing together most of the craftsmanship that has today established Jaquet Droz’s reputation. The bird is located on the back of the clock. It is driven by a sophisticated and complex automatic doll movement. It can pop out from the dark grid as needed, flap its tail, and open its mouth to sing. The clock on the front of the clock is equipped with Jaquet Droz’s usual enamel dial. In addition, the work uses a number of decorative techniques, including carving, painting, gold leaf carving, and pearl inlaying on the dial’s outer ring. To this day, these craftsmanship continues in the Jaquet Droz art workshop.

   The L’oiseau Privé clock embodies Pierre Jacques Dro’s innovative spirit and constantly injects creative energy into the brand’s unique concept.