Month: March 2015

Movado Movado Museum Series 70th Anniversary Grand Release, Tribute To Genius Design

The famous Swiss watch brand Movado MOVADO launched the 70th anniversary of the Movado Museum series with Design Genius as a tribute to genius design. It was held in Shanghai Film Plaza. The famous actor Mr. Yu Wenle and many media guests were invited to come and witness the 70-year-old immortal legend together.

From left: Mr. Jc Broyelle, Senior Vice President of Movado Group Asia-Pacific Region Ms. Du Miner, Senior Vice President of Movado Group Asia-Pacific Region Ms. Le Jier, President of Movado Group Asia-Pacific Region Mr. Chen Xueqin Visual Artist Mr. Lin Zinan Famous actor Yu Wenle Mr. Xiong Jinhua, Chief Operating Officer of Movado Group Asia Pacific Region Mr. Shi Zhenxing, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Movado Group Asia Pacific Region, celebrated the launch of the new product. The picture is from Movado

Tracing the origin and the collision of genius and genius
Shanghai Film Plaza, a place hailed as the dream of carrying the development of Shanghai film, here, thousands of historical works show people the charm of art and culture; just like Movado, it has developed for 136 years. Throughout the process, we have always insisted on interpreting the charm of time with a unique design. On September 7, Movado perfectly interweaves with Shanghai Film Plaza, a fantastic light show that kicked off the 70th anniversary of the museum series.

Light show, picture from Movado

Aerial scene of the event, picture from Movado

At the event, a grand light show opened the curtain of the conference. The flash of light in the dark is like the classic panel layout of the museum series. There is nothing except the dots at 12 o’clock on the black panel. The era-like scene layout is everywhere in the exhibition hall. Show all this, from 1947.

Event scene, picture from Movado

Looking back, the dial of the Movado Museum came from the hand of industrial designer Nathan George Howett. The simple dial contains his understanding of time, that is, the essence of time is where the earth moves along its orbit around the sun. . Therefore, the common digital scales in the traditional dial design disappear here, replaced by golden dots that symbolize the position of the noon sun and pointers that indicate the movement of the earth. Both of them intersect with the black disk surface that symbolizes the vast universe, which explains the mystery of the universe. Such a special design also gained many fans in the following years. Among them, the New York Museum of Modern Art collected it in 1960, and the reputation of ‘Museum Dial’ was born. Even more surprising is that today Movado watches have been collected by more than twenty well-known museums in the world.

original museum dial watch museum dial 1947, picture from Movado

In addition to museums, many elites in other industries in history have also shown a strong interest in the Movado Museum. Albert Einstein is one of them. That year, when he received the original design draft of the dial by Nathan George Howitt, he immediately wrote back expressing high praise and evaluation: ‘When I received your sketch of the brand-new clock, I was succinct. Clear ideas are impressed. ‘

Albert Einstein’s friendship with Nathan George Howett, picture from Movado

Einstein, picture from Movado

In order to witness the friendship between Albert Einstein and Nathan George Howett, Movado not only took Design Genius as a 70th anniversary theme, but also displayed that year at the event site. The correspondence between the two. This precious historical material is also debuted in Shanghai, China. At the same time, the brand also brought the first version of the museum watch designed by Nathan George Howett, as well as the historical classic museum dial limited edition watch to the exhibition, so that guests can experience the amazing design of this genius.

Photograph of Einstein’s reply, from Movado

Tribute to the classic Anniversary grand release
The classic design will never be forgotten in the long river of time. Just like the Movado Museum series, 70 years of time has brought a unique time art to the series. Therefore, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of this museum series, inspired by the genius design and art accumulation from 1947, Movado launched the 70th anniversary special edition of the Movado Museum dial, which once again presents the classic simple dial layout. Before the eyes of the world. Each watch is engraved with the commemorative ’70 YEARS OF MODERN DESIGN ‘on the case back.

Movado Museum Dial 70th Anniversary Special Commemorative Model, picture from Movado

At the event, Mr. Yu Wenle shared his appreciation of the museum series. The most appealing part of this watch is the deep philosophy behind the simple design. ‘A single dot on the disk not only represents the noon sun, It also shows that everyone has their own shining point. ‘Therefore, Yu Wenle, who always likes to collect watches, favors the 70th anniversary of the Movado Museum series: made of PVD gold-plated stainless steel, simple The black lacquered museum dial is decorated with elegant gold-shaped hands and flat dots at 12 o’clock, showing the gentleman’s temperament.
The brand also specially announced at the event site that the 70th anniversary edition of the Movado Museum Series will launch an exclusive limited edition of Tmall, which is only available at Tmall’s official website brand flagship store.

Yu Wenle wore a Movado watch on the spot, the picture comes from Movado

Yu Wenle wore a Movado watch on the spot, the picture comes from Movado

Le Geer, picture from Movado

On the day of the event, Movado also invited artist Lin Zinan to create a special graffiti art work for the brand, and shared his feelings about the Movado Museum series to people in different ways.

Lin Zinan’s graffiti photo created on site, picture from Movado

Movado Museum Dial Special 70th Anniversary Collection, Men’s (40mm)

Movado Museum Dial Special 70th Anniversary Series

Round polished rose gold-plated stainless steel case with flat scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. ’70 YEARS OF MODERN DESIGN’ is engraved on the back of the watch. 30 meters life waterproof performance.
White with rose gold hands and flat dots at 12 o’clock.
White calfskin strap with PVD rose gold-plated stainless steel tongue buckle.

Movado Museum Dial Special 70th Anniversary Series

White with gold bar pointers and flat dots at 12 o’clock.
White calfskin strap with gold-plated stainless steel PVD buckle.
Tmall Exclusive
Combining art, innovation and superb craftsmanship, since its establishment in 1881, Movado has been working hard to promote the modernist design of watches and to sublime watch manufacturing skills into an art form. The 70th Anniversary Watch of the Museum Dial launched this time continues the brand’s classic heritage, incorporates innovative design concepts, and focuses on the future of timepieces. It is even more unique and outstanding.

Earl Possession And Funny Heart

A gaze, a stroke, a breath … Time suddenly stopped. The whispered whispers of ears aroused the throbbing senses into enthusiasm. On this romantic Valentine’s Day, Piaget presents Possession and Funny Heart series watches for everyone. In every unique moment of love exudes joy and joy, it becomes the love word of Jin Jian. Funny Heart, only partial to you
    Limelight Funny Heart series of eccentric jewellery and watches has the ultimate feminine charm and irresistible fashion temptation. The eccentrically shaped love logo is used as the design inspiration, and the bright sparkling diamonds light up the romantic fireworks of love. The chic asymmetrical design shows Piaget’s ingenuity and dedication to the trend, perfectly interpreting Piaget’s glorious and exquisite craftsmanship of high-end jewelry watches, and has become a witness and commemoration between lovers.
Limelight Funny Heart eccentric white gold diamond watch
Ref. G0A29131
RMB: 265,200
18K white gold case and pin buckle set with 183 round diamonds (approximately 3.1 carats), equipped with Piaget 56P quartz movement.
Embrace the perfect relationship, POSSESSION
    The unique design of the rotatable double ring keeps inheriting the Piaget way of love. The two rings that turn freely are like a hug between lovers. They are suitable for looseness. They will not be loose enough to separate the two rings, nor will they enter into a place that suffocates each other and gives love a moderate amount of freedom. In the process of making jewelry, the unique hidden device design in the world is used to make the ring have the brightest light at any time. Like the energy of love, it can overcome all difficulties and make each other shine.
    Possession diamond-set watch 18K white / rose gold case set with 37 diamonds (approximately 0.9 carats total) silver-plated dial, black Roman numerals, Piaget 157P quartz movement, replaceable silk strap
Platinum: Ref. G0A35088 RMB: 83,400
Rose Gold: Ref. G0A35087 RMB: 83,400