Month: February 2014

Hublot Johnnie Walker House Hollow Limited Watch Released In China

On April 30, 2014, Hublot, the top Swiss watchmaking brand, never stopped on the journey to explore cross-border art! Today Hublot introduced the latest Big Bang Johnnie Walker House skeleton watch to the media and guests at Johnnie Walker House, located at 23 Qianmen East Street, Beijing. This is a model of cross-border cooperation that Hublot once again created in the high-end lifestyle field with original ideas. This series of watches is limited to 25 pieces and is exclusively available in the Chinese market starting today. It opens the ultimate journey of indulgence and enjoyment for distinguished time.

   This special collaboration is the first time that Hublot, which is known for advocating ‘The Art of Fusion’, has transcended the world’s high-end wine culture. Johnnie Walker is the world’s most prestigious Scotch whisky brand, which has witnessed more than two hundred years of family glory and illustrious legends; and “Residence” is a whisky cultural pilgrimage site established by Johnnie Walker outside Scotland, since 2011 It was inaugurated in Shanghai, Beijing and Seoul, showing the historical tradition and cultural essence of luxury whiskey to the world. Each residence is an outstanding architectural work, becoming a private hall for guests to experience craftsmanship, taste wine and appreciate art.

The decoration of the lobby is extremely sophisticated, and every piece of decoration tells us the profound cultural heritage of whiskey.

Since this event is related to wine, the fight for wine is naturally indispensable.

Before the tasting session began, the wine taster at the residence first introduced us to the types and brewing techniques of whiskey.

In the course of the explanation, we can also watch the whiskey brewing process through the screen on the table.

This background wall tells us the glorious history of Johnnie Walker.

Every little star on this wall represents every winery acquired by Johnnie Walker around the world.

   At the beginning of the wine tasting session, there are 5 different flavors of whiskey in front of everyone, including hazelnut, milk, fresh fruit, rich fruit and smoky flavors. Smell different wines to make us feel whiskey The world is so wonderful.

When I came to the press conference downstairs, the first thing that caught my eye was this shocking wall of wine.

Copper is an important vessel for making whiskey, so the roof is covered with countless copper tubes as decoration.

   Mr. Loic Biver, General Manager of Hublot Greater China, said: ‘There are many similarities between tasting time and taste wine, which represent the elite’s respect for the art of life and the pursuit of great quality. I look forward to The cross-border collaboration between Hublot and Johnnie Walker® Premier ™ will lead a whole new wave in the field of luxury goods! ‘

   Mr. Lawrence Law, Global General Manager, Johnnie Walker ™, Diageo Wine Group, said: ‘There are only a few luxury brands in the world that share the same philosophy as us, while adhering to the tradition of craftsmanship, we are also relentlessly pursuing innovation and development. Nirvana® Premier ™ provides a unique platform to create customized and exclusive experiences for our valued customers and partners. The cooperation with Hublot once again reflects our focus on product innovation and limited collections, in order to comprehensively A new standard for the luxury whisky experience. ‘

Mr. Louis Beaver and Mr. Liu Minghui told us about the birth of this watch.

Mr. Louis Beaver gave this limited edition watch to Mr. Liu Minghui.

   Generally speaking, toasting is champagne, but today is different. Today Johnnie Walker House specially adjusted this cocktail for this watch. The name of this cocktail is ‘The Art of Fusion’. The fusion of the brand, the fusion of the East and the West, the fusion of tradition and innovation to express the value of the two brands.

  To commemorate the sincere cooperation between the Swiss watch brand and the whisky maker, Hublot has given the dial a timeless ‘John Walker & Sons’ logo, while engraving the logo with the head of the founder John Walker on the back.

   Precious time is accompanied by the art of fine wine, life becomes an extraordinary journey of indulgence and indulgence, bringing a luxurious experience of time and space interlacing, spiritual and sensory integration, which is what made the Big Bang Johnnie Walker House skeleton limited edition watch Design inspiration. It has the most symbolic Big Bang classic look of Hublot, a 44 mm diameter all-black ceramic case, equipped with an Aero skeleton movement, showing a tough and domineering style.

   The black ceramic is like a smoky scent that belongs to Scotch whisky alone; the copper hands that record the time are a tribute to the pure copper distiller made of pure Scotch whiskey; through the sapphire dial, the precise operation of the movement can be seen; the golden alligator The leather strap brings nobility to the wrist.

  Hublot joins hands with Johnnie Walker’s “Residence” in a cross-border collaboration with the Big Bang Johnnie Walker House Hollow Limited Watch, a perfect fusion of top Swiss watchmaking philosophy and the distinguished fine wine art from Scotland. Respectful exquisite craftsmanship and dedication, pay tribute, and constantly challenge ourselves on the road to innovating the future, always moving forward!

Professional Watches For Professionals Bell & Ross Br 03-92 Diver Black Matte Watch

Bell & Ross, a model brand in the field of professional aviation timepieces, is brave enough to challenge the rules and take the aircraft cockpit dashboard as the inspiration to create the iconic classic design dial with a “circle in the middle”.

Watches designed for specific environments

   If you dive into the sea, the pressure becomes deeper—the watch’s readability becomes particularly important at this time—the Bell & Ross dive watch is a watch specially designed for such extreme environments. .

   Each Bell & Ross watch is designed to fit its specific use environment. For divers, Bell & Ross has developed professional watches that are perfect for underwater environments, and they can effectively assist divers to measure time in extreme environments. Readable, practical, accurate and reliable-fully meet the needs of professional divers.

Practical Essential ‘Tools’

   Bell & Ross’ expertise in the field of diving watches is the crystallization of the experience and knowledge of many brand designers, watchmakers and professional divers.

   Bell & Ross has a long history of development in the field of diving watches. HYDROMAX®, designed by the brand in 1997, set a record of 11,100 meters in water resistance. In 2002, Bell & Ross developed the DIVER300 chronograph equipped with two chronograph dials; then released the BR02 series in 2007; the BR03-92 Diver diving table debuted in 2017, the iconic BR square and practical lines in the field of diving watches It caused a huge sensation and once again proved the brand’s extraordinary ability to create professional underwater watches.

   This square diving performance has been developed into a separate series, and now two new works have been added to this series: BR03-92DiverBlackMatte and BR03-92DiverGreenBronze.

ISO6425 Standard: Safety First

   Not all watches can be dive watches. Not all watches can be dive watches. To define a true professional diving watch, there are very detailed standards set out in official regulations. The ISO6425 standard lists a lot of technical parameters necessary for professional diving watches, including the waterproof performance of the watch is at least 100 meters. It requires a unidirectional rotating bezel with a graduated scale, an operation indicator and a luminous coating mark. Maintain legibility in dark environments and require excellent shock and magnetic protection.

Dive watch series introduces black ceramic material

   The new watch made of this ceramic case of the BR03DIVER series once again demonstrates the brand’s avant-garde watchmaking vision.

Inspired by cutting-edge military technology

   BR03-92DiverBlackMatte matte black ceramic perfectly fits the aeronautical style that is crucial to Bell & Ross design concept. In aerospace engineering, especially in the field of aerospace, ceramics are the most commonly used materials for parts that have high temperature, acid and corrosion resistance requirements, such as heat shields and rocket heads.

   The Swiss factory of Bell & Ross, which is continuously pursuing excellence, has improved this high-tech ceramic and developed a special manufacturing process to enhance the inherent characteristics of high-tech ceramics: truly scratch-resistant, wearable Comfortable, soft to the touch and capable of temperature regulation, that is, the user can reach human body temperature immediately after wearing. In addition, the hardness of the high-tech ceramics developed by Bell & Ross is comparable to that of diamonds. It has amazing wear resistance, resistance to deformation, and is lighter than stainless steel and less sensitive.

New tools for purists

   BR03-92DiverBlackMatte The matte black ceramic modeled on the anti-glare coating of the aircraft dashboard perfectly fits the aeronautical style of Bell & Ross design concept. The minimalist design, the combination of a black dial with large white numbers, the shape of the hands, and the fluorescent coating all help users to read the time immediately in any light condition.

   This new ceramic watch once again confirms the brand’s concept of functionalism and pragmatism, and highlights the brand’s pioneering and innovative spirit. By introducing high-tech materials to professional underwater watches, Bell & Ross has created a new functional watch that reinterprets the original value concept of the brand’s iconic BR01 watch.

Reference number: BR0392-D-BL-CE / SRB
Movement: Movement number BR-CAL.302. Mechanical self-winding movement.
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds and date.
Case: 42 mm in diameter. Matt black ceramic. Unidirectional rotating ceramic bezel with 60-minute graduation.
Dial: black. Metal applique numbers and hour markers filled with Superluminova®.
Mirror: Sapphire crystal with anti-glare coating.

Water resistance: 300 meters.
Strap: black rubber and super stretch black synthetic fabric.
Buckle: pin buckle. Black PVD * coated steel.