Month: November 2013

Conversation With Mr. Murray Sascha Moeri, Ceo Of Bucherer Brand

2018 is a particularly important year for Bucherer. In order to commemorate the 130th anniversary of the brand, Bucherer launched a number of surprising watch works this year. CEO Sascha
When talking about the efforts of the brand, Mr. Moeri talked about many unknown details. On the way of Bucherer’s watchmaking, are there any secrets we don’t know?

Mr. Sascha Moeri, CEO of the Bucherer brand

Question: The Marly Dragon Double-Edge Tourbillon Watch is equipped with multiple technologies, including a floating tourbillon, automatic edge-winding technology, silicon escapement system and stop-second function. Watch with technological elements. What do you think of this watch?
Mr. Sascha Moeri (hereinafter referred to as Sascha)
Mr. Moeri): I am proud of this remarkable development and my team. It took my team four years to finish this great watch. The Maliron Tourbillon Double-Edge Tourbillon watch demonstrates our creativity and spirit of innovation. This watch is the number one in the world in many respects, and the price is very suitable. I believe it will attract the attention of watch lovers in the world. Personally, I like this watch very much. It’s like a perfect companion always by my side.

Question: Bucherer is the first brand to successfully mass-produce an outer-winding automatic movement. Since then, other brands have also developed the same technology. Compared with other brands, how does Bucherer’s automatic winding system differ?
Mr. Sascha Moeri: Yes, Bucherer was the first watch brand to successfully put a self-winding rim movement into mass production ten years ago. Today, there are other Swiss watchmakers using similar technology that is just as advanced as ours, apparently inspired by the outer edge of Bucherer. Therefore, we can proudly say that we are leading the outer edge automatic winding technology. Other companies have changed their original automatic winding technology to our recognition.

Question: Bucherer owns three independently developed movements, all with self-winding oscillating weight on the outer edges, namely A1000, A2000 and T3000. Does Bucherer plan to further increase the development and production of the movement?
Mr. Sascha Moeri: The gene of Bucherer is a combination of a long tradition and a spirit of innovation. Therefore, we have a clear decision: we want to develop the new technology and expand our movements and product lines, and to convey the brand spirit of Bucherer to the public. In 2016, the expansion of the watch factory gave us a good position in the watch market. Our watchmaking factory has the world-leading technical level, so we can develop watchmaking technology and related expertise steadily. We are proud to help the Swiss watchmaking industry through the continuous development of the brand.

Q: How will Bucherer celebrate the 130th anniversary?
Mr. Sascha Moeri: The 130th anniversary means a lot to us. It marks an important milestone in the history of the brand: Since 1888, Bucherer has spent time integrating the 130 years of tradition, passion and innovation in the Swiss watchmaking industry. At the beginning of this year, the Mario Dragon Tourbillon watch with double outer edges was brilliantly presented at the Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show. This is a brand-new product that has attracted the world’s attention. The watch perfectly combines two technologies-equipped with an automatic winding system with a oscillating weight on the outer edge and a tourbillon that floats in the air using outer-frame mounting technology. It will be unveiled again at our US event at the end of October and will definitely be a highlight of the event.